Tyler Joseph’s New Haircut 2024

by Helen Sroski

Tyler Joseph’s new haircut has everyone talking. See the photos and get to know all the details here.

Tyler Joseph is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, and musician known for being a part of the band Twenty One Pilots. He and Josh Dun won the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards.

Tyler Joseph was featured in the song Live by Joseph Michael Langston. He was part of the mockumentary titled The (moderately inspiring tale of the) Longboard Rodeo Tango in 2011.

He was part of the internet-use awareness video in 2012 and the following year, he performed at Five14 Church’s Christmas with the Stars in New Albany. A talented musician, Tyler Joseph followed his passion and has found immense success.

Tyler Joseph’s New Haircut
Source: Instagram

Who Is Tyler Joseph?

Tyler Robert Joseph was born on December 1st, 1988 in Columbus, Ohio. He was interested in playing basketball since his childhood. He played the position of point guard for Worthington Christian.

His handle slushieguys is where Tyler Joseph started to upload videos such as skits on YouTube starting in 2007. He got a scholarship to play basketball at Otterbein University but he rejected it after he saw a performer at the High Street Club.

His interest in music peaked and he started practicing on the old keyboard which was at his house, a gift from his mother. He recorded an album from 2007 to 2008 called No Phun Intended.

Source: Instagram

Tyler Joseph, along with Chris Salih and Nick Thomas, formed Twenty One Pilots in 2009 in Columbus. The band released its debut album on Dember 29th, 2009. Fast forward to two years, Chris Salih and Nick Thomas left the band.

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It was now just Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun. They released the second album called Regional at Best in the same year. The third album from the band was called Vessel and it was released in 2013.

The fourth album, Blurryface, was released two years later and the fifth studio album was released in 2018. The band also released many singles while touring the world after the release of their albums. The sixth studio album was released in 2021 called Scaled and Icy.

What Is The Name Of The Latest Tyler Joseph Haircut?

tyler joseph haircut name
Source: Instagram

Tyler Joseph has a crew cut. When he is performing on stage, he prefers to style the hair on top in a quiff. When he is out with his family, he prefers to naturally part his hair by combing it so that the hair on the top portion of his head rests on the side.

The long top and short sides haircut is a cool one because of the contrast in the two lengths. The sides are neater and don’t require any styling leaving only the top to style. It is best for men who are not ready for a buzzcut yet and want to enjoy styling some long hair on top.

Famous haircuts of Tyler Joseph

Tyler Joseph has rocked numerous looks and here are some of the best ones that his fans love.

Buzzcut With A Long Top

tyler joseph new haircut
Source: Instagram

Tyler Joseph had a buzzcut at one point with a much longer top. This resembles his current haircut but the length of the hair on top was much longer than it is now. He styled the longer hair in a quiff and the hair curled naturally making it look fabulous.

Medium-Length Hair

Tyler Joseph Haircuts
Source: Instagram

His medium-length hair parted from the center is a look we cannot get enough of! His beautiful tresses fell to mid-ear length and he styled them messily creating a tousled effect that is super cool. What do you think of this haircut?

Medium-Length Haircut With A Long Top

Tyler Joseph Hairstyles
Source: Instagram

Tyler Joseph likes to play around with hair length and this picture is proof of that. With a medium haircut throughout his head, and the top of the head has much longer hair. He styled it by naturally parting his hair from the side so the hair fell on the other side perfectly.

Steps In Getting A Crew Cut Haircut

You can get the crew cut like Tyler Joseph by following the tutorial below. No need to go to the salon!

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Step 1: Section hair into two parts

Section the top of the hair as it will be longer than the sides. You can use alligator clips to secure this part of the hair or hair ties. Whatever works for you, use it as long as it is out of the way because the shortest section will be cut first.

Step 2: Cut the shortest length

Use clippers with the number 1 guard with the lever completely open, go in with the clippers and outward starting from the nape to the temple area.

Make sure you are careful not to touch the hair on top. You want to do this in horizontal sections so that you get an even cut throughout your hair.

Step 3: Cut the next shortest length

Use clippers with the number 2 guard with the lever completely open, go in with the clipper and then flick it outward so that you don’t cut the hair on top by mistake. Again, do this horizontally so that it can easily blend in with the top later on.

Step 4: Fade the hardlines

Now it is time to fade the hardlines. Use the number 1 and a ½ guard with the lever open and work on the hardline that you see between the cut done by the 1 guard and the cut done by the 2 guard. Do this slowly and with patience.

Step 5: Cut the top

Using scissors, take horizontal sections of the hair on the top, and then using your fingers to hold the section, cut straight across until you get the length you want. Make sure you trim a bit at a time to avoid cutting too much hair.  

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Step 6: Clean the perimeter

Clean the perimeter of the hairline using a trimmer if you have hair in those areas. Use another mirror to see the back area properly so that you don’t accidentally cut more than you need to.

Don’t forget the ear area too. You can use scissors in this area if that is more comfortable for you.

Source: Instagram


Tyler Joseph’s crew cut is sharp and he looks dapper in it. Having experimented with many styles over the years, we think he is going to continue to try different haircuts.

The crew cut is a haircut that can be easily done at home with some supplies. So you really don’t need to go to the salon anymore to get a haircut like Tyler Joseph because it is possible to get it right at home. Do you plan on cutting your hair like him anytime soon?

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