Markiplier’s New Haircut 2024

by Helen Sroski

Check out Markiplier’s new haircut and see if you agree that it looks amazing. The YouTube star has gone for a completely different look and we think it’s really cool.

Markiplier is famous for his videos on YouTube, which are known for their high quality and engaging content. His channel focuses on video gaming, but he has also branched into other genres such as educational videos.

His polished production values and comedic approaches have made him one of the most popular YouTubers today, with over 2 billion cumulative views across all his channels combined!

He started to imitate, learn from, and decide how to set himself apart from other video game producers by studying their films.

Under the alias “Markiplier” on the internet, he swiftly gained popularity for his eccentric, commentary-heavy playthroughs of independent and survival horror games.

Markiplier began his YouTube career in 2012 and has over 28.6 million subscribers.

One of the main reasons for Markiplier’s success is his humorous remarks while playing video games. At the beginning of his career, he rose to fame for his plays through horror games.

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Markiplier’s New Haircut

Who is Markiplier?

American Internet and YouTube personality Mark Edward Fischbach is better known online as Markiplier, his primary YouTube handle. Fischbach, originally from Honolulu, Hawaii, started his career there. 

Currently, he resides in Los Angeles, California. He became famous for his gaming videos. He also makes occasional vlogs and produces other content in his spare time. 

Source: Instagram @markiplier

His popular series include “Markiplier’s Daily Challenge” (in which he challenges himself with new tasks), “The Breakdown” (where he dissects a celebrity or topic), and “Mind Reader” (which investigates conspiracies or unsolved mysteries), and more. 

What is the name of Markiplier’s haircut name?

Markiplier’s signature haircut is called the “Wavy Medium Length.” It was popularized by Markiplier and can be styled with a lot of variations, including side swept bangs, fringe framing, or a high taper on the sides.

Famous Markiplier Haircut

The famous Markiplier haircut is a wavy medium-length hairstyle that’s popular among teenage boys. I feel it’s got a slight part on the side, and it’s styled into a sloppy bun on top.

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The reason this particular hairstyle is so popular is that it looks really cool and fashionable.

It also has a lot of personalities, which makes it perfect for anyone who wants to look their best. This hairstyle can be worn casually or formally, and it goes well with any outfit.

Markiplier Wavy Medium-length Haircut

Markiplier’s Wavy Medium-length Haircut may be the perfect option for you. This stylish cut combines layers with waves to create an easygoing look that is both modern and versatile. 

You can style it straight or curly, and its versatility makes it ideal for any occasion. Markiplier’s wavy medium-length haircut. I like the way this style is perfect if you want to emphasize your features and add volume to your hair. 

Source: Instagram @susgachagirl

The cut can be easily styled into different styles using hot tools or gel, so you’ll always look fashionably current. Plus, the color palette neutralizes any complexion issues while still looking bold and eye-catching.

This style is easy to maintain and work with, so it’s perfect if you want something that will look good on any instance.

The waves are created by starting at the base of your head and working their way up towards the front.

Be sure to keep your ends blunt or tapered so that they don’t grow out too much and take away from the overall look of your haircut.

You can also add some texture or volume to this hairstyle using products like mousse or gel serum.

What are some of the steps involved in getting a Markiplier haircut?

When it comes to getting a Markiplier haircut, there are several steps that you need to follow

  • Step 1: To get this style, you will need to start by washing your hair thoroughly with soap and water.
  • Step 2: Next, use a good-quality shampoo that contains sulfates to remove excess build-up and moisture from your hair.
  • Step 3: Afterward, work in a conditioner that conditions while protecting against damage caused by sweat or chlorine exposure.
  • Step 4: Once you have conditioned your hair, it’s time for the haircut! Start by cutting off all of your locks above your ears (or where ever you want the cut).
  • Step 5: Then proceed to cut around the sides of your head so that everything below ear level is completely removed. To aper the sides gradually until they reach a blunt point, then fade them back to your natural hairline. For an extra edgy look, add some shaved or buzzed areas on top. get this haircut, start by styling your hair on the far side from where you want your bangs to end.
  • Step 6: Be sure not to go too deep or close to any sensitive areas; just trim enough so there isn’t anything tangled or matted down at the bottom end of your head.
  • Step 7: Take a section of hair and make it into a coil, and then flip that coil over so it’s hanging down in the opposite direction. using a small brush or your fingers, brush through the hair in that direction to create waves.
  • Step 8: To finish off the look, use some hairspray to keep everything in place and give it some lift!


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So, there you have it. All we can say is that it’s refreshing to see Markiplier change up his hairstyle. Not only does it make him more fashionable but he looks good as well!

To sum up, one of the things that make Markiplier’s videos so popular is his hilarious commentary. As he says himself, any new haircut can be an upgrade from a bad hairstyle.

However, in this case, it looks like Markiplier has finally decided to embrace his hair’s natural wavy and wavy texture. 

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