11 Stunning Johnny Depp Hairstyles 2024

by Helen Sroski

Are you looking for stunning Johnny Depp hairstyles? Check out this roundup of Johnny Depp’s latest hairstyles and see which one suits you best!

Johnny Depp is one of the most celebrated actors of this generation and has been appreciated for his versatility and courage to take up challenging roles.

His characters have often marked a page in cinematic history, and something that has always stood out is his hairstyles.

He has donned various edgy hairstyles throughout his career that have consolidated the various eras of visual and fashion culture. Read along to find out if you can recreate some of his most iconic looks!

Johnny Depp Hairstyles

Johnny Depp’s Quiff Hairstyle

The quiff hairstyle is a classic hairstyle or men and is still very popular. Johnny Depp would rock this hairstyle in his younger days. But men of any age can pull this hairstyle off. For a quiff hairstyle, you style your hair upwards and backward in the front and leave it slightly longer on the sides and top.

Johnny Depp’s Short Hairstyle 

johnny depp hairstyles

Johnny Depp’s has experimented with a lot of short hairstyles – pixie cuts, bob cuts, and messy short hair. You’ll see Johnny Depp in a lot of short hairstyles, especially during formal events like award ceremonies. You can also get one of these short hairstyles like Johnny Depp and add highlights to style it further! 

johnny depp short haircut
johnny depp hairstyle

Side Parted Blow Look 

Johnny Depp Hairstyles
Source: Instagram @johnnyddepp_

Depp reinvented the 70s style with his look in the 2001 film ‘Blow’. He grew out his hair that ended just above the shoulders. He parted his hair to the side, and let the relaxed waves do the rest of the job.

The blonde hair gives some major beach day vibes and it could also be accessorized with a hat for a sharper look. Make sure to apply mousse for a softer texture and finishing. 

johnny depp ponytail hairstyles
Source: Instagram @secrets_de_tournages

For women: If you have naturally wavy short hair, you can easily recreate this look with a side partition and a blow dry. Getting caramel highlights or a balayage tint may accentuate the look. 

Gel With A Twist

Depp’s look in the 1990s movie ‘Cry Baby’ had also garnered several eyeballs because of its sleek and sensual finish.

johnny depp hairstyle 2021
Source: Instagram @lauri_elara_m

You can find the influences of Elvis and 60s men’s hairdo styles in this particular hairstyle. It has a rock and roll vibe to it, and is well suited for proms or themed events. 

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The hair can be recreated by opting for a faded cut towards the side and then the top portion using hair gel to form a floppy quiff. Of course, bonus points if a single strand stands out and rests on the forehead.

johnny depp ponytail
Source: Instagram @criticadelcine

To get the desired effect, make sure to blow dry your hair backward while pushing it up. You can use pomade to enhance the quiff and make sure to flatten the rest of the hair. 

Layered Style

John Dilinger’s hairstyle in the movie Public Enemies exuded his masochistic personality. Depp received great appreciation for Dilinger’s character in 2009, and his haircut made the headlines too.

johnny depp haircut movie
Source: Instagram @depp_perfection

This layered vintage cut has been back again multiple times and men are sporting this look in the recent Netflix specials too! It would be great for your next black tie event. 

This hairdo is a tricky one so make sure to consult your hairstylist to get it done properly. The top portion of the crown will have longer strands than the rest along the temples too.

johnny depp hairstyle 90s
Source: Instagram @vampireaddict

The hair towards the bottom half will be cropped and sleek. Overall, it is a faded cut. You can use various hair products like wax, hairspray, or pomade to make the texture shiny and smooth. 

Messy Ponytail Look 

Depp played the role of a ‘river rat’ Roux in the movie Chocolat (2000). For his role, he moved away from his conventionality and opted for a ‘mysterious stranger look’ with a low tangled ponytail.

johnny depp hairstyle name
Source: Instagram @johnny_depp_fan_club

Tying the grown-out hair that way may not suit everyone, but Depp had the right physique and facial structure to pull it off. 

To get the messy effect in the strictest sense, avoid using a brush throughout the process. Push your hair back manually with fingers and secure it in a low and slightly loose ponytail with an elastic.

johnny depp hairstyle young
Source: Instagram @angelicamatacotta

Flick out some strands from each side to place it behind your ears. 

For women: This Depp look is a female staple hairstyle for not just busy work days, but also for long travel plans.

All you have to do is tie your hair up in a loose ponytail and you’re one step closer to recreating your favourite actor’s look.

Untamed Waves

Deep’s relationship with grown-out waves runs deep in the film ‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape’ released in 1993.

johnny depp hairstyle long
Source: Instagram @locurapordepp

He went for a 90s run-down wavy look that aptly suited the characters of jilted lovers or warriors. Present-day travelers and artists opt for a similar look. 

To achieve this nonchalant look, make sure to not wash your hair too many times and retain a slightly oily texture. Based on your preference you can either centre or side partition your hair.

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Do not forget to apply some pomade to add texture to the hair and have those flickers coming out. You can also use hair spray to retain the effect. 

johnny depp hairstyle public enemies
Source: Instagram @locurapordepp

For women: Follow the same process with your short or medium-length hair. If you are a brunette, streaking your hair with a golden shade may enhance the look. 

Slicked Back Look 

Depp’s heartthrob image can be dated back to his look in the 1997 film Donnie Brasco. Be it Brando’s look in Godfather or Travolta in Grease, this hairstyle was immortalised through these characters.

johnny depp hairstyle tutorial
Source: Instagram @filmatic

This back-brushed look appears effortless like sliding one’s wet hair back right out of the shower, but it has a process in place.  

Start by combing the entire hair back and making sure the hair partition is not visible.

johnny depp hairstyle images
Source: Instagram @johnnyywinona

Add a considerable amount of pomade and apply it in a backward direction covering the roots as well as edges. Comb the hair once again to make sure it settles in that greasy slicked position. 

Tousled Hair Style 

Men can opt for tousled looks too, and Depp proved that during his appearance at Art of Elysium‘s 9th Annual Heaven Gala in 2016.

young johnny depp hairstyle
Source: Instagram @locurapordepp

It was a fluffier take on the usual back-brushed hairstyle and was much appreciated by critics. 

You need slightly grown-out hair to achieve this look. Start with an intense hair wash and the blow drying process is extremely crucial.

what is johnny depp's hairstyle called
Source: Instagram @_rosedepp

Push the hair upwards while doing so and let it dry. Hold the edge of your hair in the upright position and comb in the reverse direction (edge to roots), to enhance the tousled effect around your temples.

Don’t forget to apply hair spray after the process to secure its volume. 

Textured Wavy Look

If you have taken the time out to grow your hair for more than a year, this hairstyle is for you.

public enemy johnny depp hairstyle
Source: Instagram @deeplydkpp

Depp in his movie ‘The Tourist’ plays a perfect stranger next door and to add to his vibe, is his chin-length thick wavy hair.

This is another experimental look that demands boldness on the part of its wearer. 

Start with a cold shower to ensure your hair doesn’t end up being frizzy. While the hair is still wet, use a towel to scrunch up the strands since it will help with the thicker waves.

how to make johnny depp hairstyle
Source: Instagram @deeplydkpp

You can either back brush it or centre part of the semi-dry hair. Use sea salt spray to retain the oily wave texture. 

For Women: You can go through the same steps to achieve the look. If your hair dries out during the process, apply some hair serum. 

Fringed Look 

Depp was an impressionable young man while appearing in the drama series ‘21 Jump Street’. During that era, his hair had a royal vibe that was side partitioned with a floppy texture around the crown.

short johnny depp hairstyle
Source: Instagram @depp_dreamz

The top had longer layers, and to add texture the temple area had a tapered cut. The strands falling over his face had softer curls.

johnny depp hairstyles through the years
Source: Instagram @depp_dreamz

The trick for this look is to apply volumizing powder while the hair is still damp. Part your hair in your preferred style and comb in that direction. End the process with some hair serum or pomade.

Slender Partition Style

While it can be recalled to be similar to the back-slicked look, there is a slight difference.

Johnny Depp's Hairstyles
Source: Instagram @johnnydepp_fan_acc

Depp was seen pulling off this hairstyle in the film ‘Finding Neverland. It is a timeless look and gives a suave impression when paired with tux. 

Depp Hairstyle
Source: Instagram @recokokoa

Start when the hair is damp and blowdry it in a backward direction. Create a partition on your preferred side but do not deepen it, and even while parting it, comb in a diagonal manner to make sure it’s still slid back. Use pomade to smoothen the texture at the end. 

Curtain Bangs

During the Pirates of the Caribbean era, Depp sported curtain bangs during his public appearances. It is a long process, so make sure to start with middle parting your hair more often so that it grows in that direction.

Johnny Hairstyles
Source: Instagram @johnnydeppfan_85

Ask your hairstylist to retain the hair length from the front side and start chopping off the bottom and sides.

Johnny Depp
Source: Instagram @johnnydeppfan_85

To style, it, blow dry those bangs while the hair is damp and you can use a rotating brush for slight waves. Apply hairspray for longer retention. 

Johnny Depp Hairstyles: FAQs

What is pomade hair?

Pomade is a gel-like product that helps the hair get a glossy finish. They help hold the hair in a particular manner and retain its shine.

There are several variants depending if you want a matte or sleeker finish or the thickness of the formula to ensure its holding capacity. 

Is pomade harmful to hair?

It is not explicitly bad for the hair and does not cause immediate damage.

But if you do not wash your hair properly afterward, it can get tangled within your follicles and lead to long-term dryness and damage.

If the product is poorly formulated or compromised over ingredients to sell at lower prices, it may have long-term side effects. 

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