15 Best Tom Cruise Hairstyles 2024

by Helen Sroski

Are you looking for the best Tom Cruise hairstyles? Check out this roundup of Tom Cruise’s latest hairstyles and see which one suits you best!

Choosing the right hairstyle is a dream for some of us. Making sure it fits your face ideally is a tedious job.

Especially if you like to experiment with hairstyles like me, then it is imperative to do your research and find the perfect match because finding the right hairstyle for your outfit is truly a god’s blessing. 

Tom Cruise is someone who makes middle age not so bad after all. His handsome face and unique hairstyle make him the forever chocolate boy in Hollywood. 

When it comes to fashion, he has been an inspiration for men all over the world. Now, in this article, let me tell you all about Tom Cruise’s fantastic hairstyles throughout the years.

Hottest Tom Cruise Hairstyles

Pulled-Back And Elegant 

Tom Cruise Hairstyles
Source: Instagram @tomcruise_only

Dressing for the occasion is essential. But imagine choosing the proper outfit and messing up the hairstyle. It would be a total disaster and ruin your look dramatically. 

As easy as it seems, it takes a lot of time and patience to perfect a hairstyle suitable for your outfit. In the search for choosing a good, unique hairstyle, don’t forget the simple and less complicated ones. 

tom cruise hairstyle top gun
Source: Instagram @tomcruise_only

Tom Cruise is seen on one too many occasions with a classy, elegant look where he has grown his hair a little bit and then pulled it back to the side and backward. This gives him an effortless clean look. 

Spikes Are Cool

tom cruise hairstyles images
Source: Instagram @tomcruiseofficiall

To create incredible spikes in his bangs, Tom Cruise often combs his hair upwards and pulls it to the side. This gives him the cool guy glance. 

tom cruise long hairstyles
Source: Instagram @tomcruiseofficiall

If you ask me, I’d say that this hairstyle makes him look much younger, and with a good pair of sunglasses and a nice jacket, the look can be significant.

Blonde Highlights

Tom Cruise is the most handsome for various reasons, but the most prevalent cause is his luscious green eyes. 

tom cruise short hairstyles
Source: Instagram @tomcruiseofficiall

A change from his naturally brown hair was refreshing, I think change is necessary. His blonde highlights during Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol premiere in 2011 made the ladies fall head over heels in love with him. 

Casual And Slick

Men in their thirties loved the casual slick look of Tom Cruise. He proudly flaunted his cowlick and his medium-length hair that somehow fell on his face perfectly all the time. 

tom cruise all hairstyles
Source: Instagram @tomcruiseofficiall

He was photographed with this hairstyle at the beginning of the decade, and people still keep talking about it. Well, at least I still do. 

The Shaggy Hair

what is tom cruise hairstyle called
Source: Instagram @tomcruiseofficiall

Tom Cruise is someone who keeps different kinds of fashion in trend. One such trend he created was the shaggy hair look.

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It was a shaggy razor-like cut with layers that were angled and a bit side-swept to highlight his masculine features. 

how to get tom cruise haircut
Source: Instagram @tomcruiseofficiall

Shaggy hair also requires some kind of styling, and the correct type of outfit can take you to places. 

Tapered Hairdo

Mr. Cruise is not the man to be seen with the same hairstyle often. Sometimes he prefers a side part to add volume to the hair and lift the hair.

best tom cruise hairstyle
Source: Instagram @tomcruiseofficiall

Other times he is seen with a pinch of color added to his hair which creates depth in his chestnut locks. 

The most elegant of them all was the classic tapered hairdo with a short side and on the crown there were slightly more lengths left.

how to get tom cruise hair
Source: Instagram @tomcruiseofficiall

Side-swept angled forelock was his thing for a while, and then he started loving bangs like me and sported the fringe with longer bangs. He looked like an Aphrodite to me.  

Buzz Cut

Tom Cruise has acted in so many different movies, and to suit his character, he has to experiment with his hairstyles as well.

how to ask for tom holland haircut
Source: Instagram @tomcruiseofficiall

To portray his character and to retain a fresh look, he works on his hair for almost every movie. 

how to style hair like tom cruise
Source: Instagram @tomcruiseofficiall

Being born with good healthy hair worked to his advantage in this area. Once, he was seen with a buzzed clipper cut that enhanced his rugged facial hair. 

The Classic Tom Cruise

tom cruise hairstyle long
Source: Instagram @tomcruiseofficiall

Like every other actor in the industry, Tom Cruise also has his very own classic look. He was seen as a little bit older in 2018, and his hairstyle wasn’t changed at that point either. 

tom cruise hairstyle last samurai
Source: Instagram @tomcruiseofficiall

Nonetheless, he is Tom Cruise, and anything he does is in trend and fashionable, so people immediately loved his look, and that is how his signature look was created. 

Simple And Short

tom cruise young hairstyle
Source: Instagram @tomcruiseofficiall

Tom is so handsome that even a simple, clear look makes him look attractive and sexy. He proved this theory in 2022 when he appeared for the premiere of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

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The actor styled a short, straightforward haircut, slightly slicked to the side to match his classy suit. 

He proves he is indeed a gentleman with this look. Men in their middle-age usually have a little short hair and are often confused about how to style it.

That is when Tom Cruise comes to the rescue. Every kind of hair can be styled if done correctly. 

tom cruise best hairstyles
Source: Instagram @tomcruiseofficiall

Short and straightforward looks are often overlooked as people think it doesn’t add much volume to your hair. But when you are wearing a suit or an elegant dress, a short and simple hairstyle is for the win. 

Bedhead Hairstyle

Long hairstyles and Tom Cruise go hand in hand all the time. At the premiere of his film Super 8, he styled a sexy bedhead hairstyle.

Top tom cruise hairstyle
Source: Instagram @tomcruiseofficiall

At this premiere, it was proven that Tom Cruise would improve with his hairstyle as the days move forward. 

Tom Cruise keeps going back to long hairstyles because, theoretically, long hair makes a man look younger, and it does not require effort on a daily basis. 

tom cruise best hairstyle
Source: Instagram @tomcruiseofficiall

Take it from me, styling long hair is not a cup of tea for everyone but if you cracked the code and made it work for you, then keep going. Grow out your hair and try on this hairstyle as well. 

Messy As It Is

Other than the movie premiers, he is also seen out having fun and enjoying his day on and about.

tom cruise hairstyle name
Source: Instagram @tomcruiseofficiall

On such occasions, Tom’sTom’s hair seems to be having fun too. On several occasions, he was seen with a messy and stylish hairstyle. 

This is a crucial point to remember. Dressing and styling according to the event are essential. The fun day requires fun hairstyles too.

tom cruise messy hairstyle
Source: Instagram @tomcruiseofficiall

For example, if you are going out with your friends, you can opt for relaxed, blown-out hair. This gives the idea of fun and relaxation.

Graying it out

The biggest fear of any middle-aged man is gray hair. But Tom Cruise, in his movie Collateral, sported a gray hair look. I ain’t saying this just because I am a Tom Cruise fan, but he aced the look. 

tom cruise bangs hairstyle
Source: Instagram @ilsignorcinema

He himself told in an interview that he loved the look and also confessed that if he started graying, he would go for it. 

Brown Layers

In movies like Legend, Born on the Fourth of July, Magnolia, etc., Tom Cruise is seen sporting long hair that pops him out as a handsome young gentleman. 

tom cruise with short hair
Source: Instagram @tomcruiseofficiall

In The Last Samurai, Tom was seen with a long brown layered hairstyle which, according to his fans, was the best look so far.

tom cruise with long hair
Source: Instagram @tomcruiseuniverse

He grew out his hair and had them in an extended layered wavy cut with a lighter shade of color. 

Textured Hairstyles

tom cruise hairstyles
Source: Instagram @_cruise_62

Tom Cruise, in his mid 30’s, is handsome but imagine him younger. Breathtaking isn’t it?. The young Tom Cruise looks incredibly unique and famous. 

tom cruise hair
Source: Instagram @_cruise_62

One such renowned look includes his favorite textured hairstyle. It was notable for a reason. Remember to wear the right outfits for the textured hair look, as it is a little bit complicated. 

Short Bangs

Adding twists to hairstyles is another one of Cruise’sCruise’s signature moves. His short spiky hairstyle is a must-have when it comes to short hairstyles.

tom cruise young hairstyle
Source: Instagram @tomcruiseofficiall

Blunt bangs or fringes in the front are the main motive of this look and trust me on this one. When Tom Cruise styled his bangs, the world went crazy, and so did i. 

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He looked dashing with his short length, sharp look, and snipped fringes. One thing about Tom Cruise that all stylists admire is his unique skill to portray any look with a charm.

His gentleman-like features and fantastic eyes make these short bangs the fashion trend of the time. 

Widely known for his movies Top Gun and Mission Impossible sequels Tom Cruise has been a style icon for years.

His impeccable features make him even more impressive. With his long hair, he has been creating fashion statements for years now. 

The hairstyles mentioned above are easy to do and are much more presentable if you ask me.

tom cruise
Source: Instagram @tomcruiseofficiall

Who knew military cuts and slick hair could be a good fashion statement for men? As you age, the one thing men and women want the most is dignity. Tom Cruise is famous and loved by all because of his pride.

The way he portrays himself and provides impressive performances in his movies makes him the GOAT(the most outstanding person of all time).

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