Aaron Rodger’s New Haircut 2024

by Helen Sroski

Aaron Rodger’s new haircut has everyone talking! Check it out and tell us what you think about the new style.

Aaron Rodgers is a professional American football player who plays the quarterback position. He is considered among the best quarterbacks ever in the NFL.

He has received many honors such as the 2003 Insight Bowl Offensive MVP from the NCAA, Super Bowl XLV Champion, and NFC Offensive Player of the Month 10 times.

Aaron Rodger's New Haircut
Source: Instagram

He has also earned the PWFA NFL Offensive Player of the Year in 2011 among many other accolades. When it comes to his style, Aaron Rodgers knows how to dress for perfection on every occasion. His haircuts have also followed this trend as he has sported many cool haircuts.  

Aaron Rodger’s New Haircut

Who Is Aaron Rodgers?

Aaron Charles Rodgers was born on December 2nd, 1983 in Chico, California. He was a brilliant player from the start as his skills were recognized when he attended Pleasant Valley High School in Chico.

However, he did not get recruited much to play for the teams. He played football for one year at Butte College in Oroville before shifting to the University of California.

There he played for the Golden Bears which brought the team to the 9th position in the Associated Press poll. Aaron Rodgers was picked by the Green Bay Packers and was the 24th overall pick in the first round of the 2005 NFL Draft. He has stayed on the same team since then.

Aaron Rodger
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Aaron Rodgers did not appear much at the start of his professional career in the NFL. He played a total of seven games from 2005 to 2007. It was from 2008 onwards that he proved his skills when he replaced Brett Favre.

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He signed a 6-year contract and the next year proved to be a better year for him as he led his team to an 11-5 record. He has been a crucial part of the Green Bay Packers as his presence has guaranteed the team’s success.

He has won several honors and accolades in his career. These include the Most Valuable Player awards in 2011 and 2014. He also made an NFL-record of 122.5 passer rating.

What Is The Name Of The Latest Aaron Rodgers Haircut?

Aaron Rodger's Haircut
Source: Instagram

Aaron Rodgers has a lob haircut at the moment that reaches his shoulders. He is currently sporting it by combing his hair back and leaving it open. He has naturally straight hair and he parts his hair sideways.

A lob haircut looks stunning on every hair type and you can even cut it in layers if you want to add texture to your hair.

The straight-cut haircut is sleek as you can see on Aaron Rodgers and it gives off a sophisticated vibe. Men who have always wanted to have long hair should try the lob haircut which is simple and classy.

Famous Haircuts Of Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers has had a number of amazing haircuts over the years. The following are some of his best hair looks.

Short Hair Fade

Aaron Rodger's New Hairstyle
Source: Instagram

The short hair fade is one of the best short haircuts for men who want to look sharp and dapper. Here, Aaron Rodgers is sporting a short hair fade and he has styled the hair in a quiff.

Although the hair is short on all sides, the hair gets even shorter on the sides close to his face creating that amazing fade effect that people love.

Short-Length Haircut

Aaron Rodger's Haircuts
Source: Instagram

The short-length haircut is one of Aaron Rodgers’s looks that was appreciated for its simplicity. A short haircut is an inch or two of hair and it is uniform throughout. Aaron Rodgers has a quiff so the hair on top of his head is a little longer than the rest of his hair.

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The messy quiff is looking good on him and men who want to increase their style quotient can try this trick for an effortlessly cool vibe.

Medium-Length Haircut

Aaron Rodger's Buzz Haircut
Source: Instagram

Aaron Rodgers had a medium-length haircut and the length of his hair was uniform throughout his head. He combed it back after applying some product looking dashing.

The medium-length haircut looks good on every person and every hair texture. Parting it neatly from the center or sideways will give you a more refined look.

Steps In Getting A Lob Haircut

Do you want to get a lob haircut like Aaron Rodgers? Then follow this tutorial to get the perfect lob haircut.

Step 1: Wash and straighten hair

Wash your hair to ensure it is free of oiliness and dirt. Then protect your hair using a heat protector product. Then fully straighten your hair if you have wavy or curly hair.

If you have naturally straight hair then simply skip the straightening part and just ensure your hair is clean and dry. Then comb it to ensure no knots are present.

Step 2: Part and section hair

Part your hair from the center or however you plan to wear your hair post the haircut. Then bring the part to the back. Lay your comb on your head and then check where it balances to find the apex.

This is the tallest part of your head. Then section it from there to the bottom which will probably be a part close to the back of your ear. Repeat on the other side. You should have four sections.

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Step 3: Cut each section

To secure the sections in place use some clips. Then put an elastic band where you want to cut your hair on the first section. Try to avoid lifting your ponytail so that it lies straight for the precise cut of the lob.

Then cut your hair using hair-cutting scissors. Repeat this on the other sections then remove the elastic to check if any strands are longer than the rest and trim until the same length is achieved.

Aaron Rodger
Source: Instagram


Aaron Rodgers’s haircut is a popular haircut among sportspeople because it is great for every occasion. The straight-cut haircut is versatile and you can wear it in several ways.

You can make a ponytail, do a half-up and half-down hairstyle, or you can simply leave your hair open in its natural state. The options are endless and this allows you to get your creativity flowing.

As you read from the tutorial, the lob haircut is easy even for a beginner although even experts recommend that you take your time when cutting your hair. Are you inspired to try a lob haircut like Aaron Rodgers?

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