Blonde Highlights In Brown Hair 2024

by Helen Sroski

Want to add a touch of blonde highlights in brown hair? Check out these blonde highlights for hair colors that go well with brown hair.

Blonde highlights are neither a fresh fashion statement nor a hair color that has everyone yearning. They have been in fashion for a long time and have been improved using modern coloring treatments.

Brunettes are aware that bleaching their hair to a blonde color may cause considerable hair damage.

If you have brown hair naturally or have just colored your hair brown, adding blonde highlights is the next best thing.

It’s a classic mix that complements both shy and outgoing personalities. Dark hair with blonde streaks adds contrast and interest without committing.

Blonde Highlights In Brown Hair
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No matter what shade of brown your hair is, from light to dark chocolate, there is a paler shade that can bring life to even the richest shades.

There is a gorgeous new hue just waiting to be taken to the salon, whether you are inclined to beautifully blended looks like tortoiseshell brown, subtle changes like a caramel blonde color melt, or surprising tones like smoky ash bronde.

blonde highlights on brown hair black girl
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For amazing ideas and tips on highlighting your dark hair with blonde and maintaining it. Read the following recommendations for brunette shades to find inspiration for a sophisticated appearance.

Blonde Highlights That Stand Out In Brown Hair

Blended Balayage

Thanks to the delicate blonde highlights scattered throughout the top layer of brown hair, you will be entirely satisfied with how you look overall.

blonde highlights on brown hair curly
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Focus mostly on the ends; you can use various hair colors, such as chocolate brown, caramel, and honey blonde. This gorgeous combination is brimming with character.

Brown Hair With Chunky Blonde Streaks

Solid hair color has become somewhat outdated. While leaving your roots naturally darker, add high-contrast blonde streaks to add complexity to your thick hair. The richest highlights will draw attention to your radiant face.

blonde highlights on brown hair with curtain bangs
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Brunette With Honey Blonde Highlights

The best choice for brunettes with warm skin tones is honey-blonde highlights. Your transformation won’t go ignored. The look gives charm in long hair. 

blonde highlights on brown hair to cover grey
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Brown Hair With Silky Waves And Creamy Blonde Highlights

For individuals who want simple upkeep and a softer impact on their hair, going blonde in the front rather than the perimeter is a wise choice.

blonde highlights on brown hair medium length
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However, adding extra honey sparks here and there guarantees more enjoyable and infrequent touch-ups.

Blonde Highlights On Short Brown Hair

A cool-toned brown bob gets some matching cool-toned blonde, giving it the ideal sandy hue. The top strands’ lighter tones create the appearance that they have been in the sun for a long time.

blonde highlights on brown hair shoulder length
Source: Instagram @mertayyildizogl

Brown Money Piece In Platinum Blonde

Simplicity is key if you want to give dark brown hair a very faint golden zing. Platinum blonde should be used to highlight the face-framing features and incorporate them around the face. Simple brown gains elegance right away.

blonde highlights on brown hair front
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Warm Bronze

If you can’t decide whether you want your hair to be red or blonde, go for a tawny toffee blonde and enhance the balayage. Bronze undertones give the combination a subtle personality.

natural blonde highlights in brown hair
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Platinum Babylights

Dark brown hair is given tremendous character by adding ultra-subtle platinum highlights. Tread carefully since highlights this light compared to the base color can go too far if applied heavily.

icy blonde highlights in brown hair
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Ice Blonde Balayage

Adding balayage in other cool tones like ice blonde, darker cool-toned brunettes can stay in style. Keep the roots dark and smoothly blend them down.

red and blonde highlights in brown hair
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Heavy Golden Blonde Highlights

This is a terrific low-maintenance choice if you are naturally brunette and want blonde highlights.

ash blonde highlights in brown hair
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Request a strong golden color from the middle of the head to the ends that are merged with the dark roots to minimize grow-out lines.

Soft Blonde Ombre In Chestnut Brown Hair

This haircut looks buttery soft, and silky because of the sun-kissed lower half. The warmer brown tint and the blonde’s butterscotch tones go together beautifully.

heavy blonde highlights in brown hair
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Caramel Melt

It nearly seems like you’re going from brunette to blonde, but without any treatment or uncomfortable grow-out.

subtle blonde highlights in brown hair
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Maintain a shadow root in your original shade and add a soft melt of caramel blonde color to finish.

Buttery Blonde Highlights

The mane’s ruffled appearance enhances the hair’s natural thickness. Starting at the top and moving down to a dazzling blonde with artistic balayage strokes, the stylist got to add a hint of golden highlights.

light blonde highlights in brown hair
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Copper Blonde Highlights

Copper and blonde highlights look great in this cinnamon brown hair, especially around the face. The highlights give the spicily brown base an even more appealing appearance.

dirty blonde highlights in brown hair
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Strawberry Blonde Balayage In Layered Brown Hair

This chunkier balayage starts closer to the dark brown roots and makes a bold, cherry-cola impression. The strawberry blonde highlights in this blend bring out the red.

blonde and burgundy highlights in brown hair
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Beach Bronde

Blonde and brown combine to create a stunning sandy mixture that looks amazing in the sun. It’s ideal for your next beachside summer holiday.

blonde and red highlights in brown hair
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Driftwood Blend

Much like this stunning ombre, its top layer is brown, but as you chip away, you see a lovely platinum blonde. Keep your endings choppy to intensify this impression.

blonde and auburn highlights in brown hair
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Sandy Blonde

This sandy blonde on brown hair look has such a faint gradient that you hardly even see it.

blonde and caramel highlights in brown hair
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Go as natural as you can with the roots, and give the center a lovely, rich red tone. Then go from dark to sparkling blonde, adding a bit of platinum for extra effect.

Beige Balayage

If you have pale skin that is also rich and warm, beige tones are preferable for your skin. There aren’t a lot of brassy tones, and it’s warm but quite subtle.

blonde and pink highlights in brown hair
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Ask your hairstylist to add cool-toned highlights to your dark hair while blending in a darker blonde at the base.

Striped Highlights

Highlights have the ability to produce a cool striped effect when they are evenly mixed in.

blonde baby highlights in brown hair
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This generally produces a fairly even distribution of brown and blonde hair, giving you a balanced appearance without trying. Shorter lengths of hair look fantastic with this type of highlight.

Blonde Sides

This is a unique technique to do highlights that is interesting. There will be a concentration of blonde on the sides of the hair, giving you two strips of blonde on both side and a middle that is a variation of brown tones.

medium brown hair with blonde highlights
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Although bolder and louder, it is a great way to switch things up.

How To Care For Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights?

It’s a good idea to make a few adjustments to your regular hair care routine after coloring your hair to help protect your strands. The care recommendations that you can refer to are as follows:

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  • Use shampoo and conditioner made specifically for color-treated hair: Replace your previous shampoo and conditioner with a system designed for hair that has undergone color treatment. The easiest way to keep your new color is to include a blue-toning shampoo and conditioner in your daily skincare routine. These will aid in avoiding or canceling out unwanted red and orange tones.
warm brown hair with blonde highlights
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  • Add in hair masks a couple of times a week: On days when your strands seem parched, you can replace the conditioner with something stronger. It is suggested that you treat your blonde strands once a week. When using a hair mask, apply it to damp hair, let it sit for three to five minutes, then thoroughly rinse with lukewarm water before patting it dry.
brown hair with highlights
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  • Always apply a heat protectant: Using too much heat while styling might cause your color to fade, so it’s crucial to apply a protectant before using a blow dryer, curling iron, or flat iron.

Tips For Getting Blonde Highlights On Brown Hair

A brunette-to-blonde hair-brightening technique can bring a bit (or a lot) of sunshine to your style, depending on your maintenance goals and the desired look. The versatility of brown hair with blonde highlights makes it fascinating and enjoyable.

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If your hair has a cool undertone, choose a cool-toned blonde hue for your highlights.

blonde highlights on brown hair with curtain bangs
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Warm golden highlights are ideal for giving hair that sun-kissed appearance.

  • Choose intense blonde shades over bright ones if you want to add depth to your hair color.
  • Golden, honey, and strawberry blondes are lighter hues of blonde that give your hair more sheen.
  • You can experiment with different highlight styles. You can choose a balayage or get streaks. Before you take the bronze jump, discuss your alternatives with your hairstylist.
  • Be sure to consider the time of year. Some colors are more vibrant in the fall than in the spring. This is due to how different each season’s colors are. In contrast to the bright colors of summer, there are more earthy hues on display in the autumn.
  • You’ll need to bleach your hair to become blonde, so take good care of it. Every two weeks, deep condition it to keep it from drying out.
  •  After coloring it, avoid using heat-style products for at least two weeks. This will significantly reduce the harm that bleaching causes.

Wrapping Up!

We sincerely hope you enjoyed exploring this extensive list of blonde highlights.

blonde highlights on brown hair curly
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All you need to know about blonde highlights in brown hair and the guidelines you should follow before getting them have been covered. If you got any different look in the blonde highlights feel free to share with us.

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