13 Cute Weave Hairstyles that Make Heads Turn 2024!

by Helen Sroski

Here are some easy weave hairstyles you can create with short, long, straight or curly hair weaves!

Did you know that weaves have been popular for more than 5,000 years? It is no surprise they stood the test of time because they are just so versatile. 

While weaves have evolved (for the better) over the years, their demand hasn’t gone down a bit because women all over the world love weaves for how much liberty they give.

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You can try more hairstyles with weaves and the options are endless. Your real hair won’t get damaged in the process and you get to sport a new look whenever you wish with a weave. 

Here are some top weave hairstyles that are worth a try whether you are a beginner or someone who has loved weaves since forever.

Weave Hairstyles

Curly ponytail weave

This quick fastening wrap around curly ponytail is a dream come true for those who want to show-off long curly tresses. With a length of 24 inches, you can get the long length you have always wanted and flaunt it how you wish. Its Afro Kinky Curly texture is smooth and feels natural to touch.

You can accessorise the ponytail or leave it plain for an iconic ponytail look that looks tres-chic for all occasions. Whether you are late to a party or you want to quickly add length, this easy ponytail is perfect for it all.

Crochet braids weave

These pre-twisted crochet braids come in natural black. They are synthetic but look natural and are great for anyone who wants to try crochet braids weave.

These braids are lightweight which means no pain when you put them on. They are also soft and cannot be split easily which means they are amazing for all-day wear and long hours.

If you are a beginner then this is an excellent way to start with weaves. It adds texture to your look and you can truly make a subtle statement with this look. It suits a majority of face shapes so definitely worth a try if you are looking for some inspo.

Body Wave weave

The magic of waves is never out of style and it is among the most sophisticated looks out there. It is iconic in its own right and this weave proves it. The ombre blonde wavy waves are attractive minus any complication. They are sultry and add noticeable volume to your hair.

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You can rest assured that these weaves won’t tangle nor will they shed which is a major plus of these weaves. If you aren’t into maintenance then this is a good choice because it is soft and tangle-free which makes maintenance quite easy.

Layered weave

Always wanted a layered look but don’t feel like cutting your hair in layers? Then enter, layered weave which will give you that edgy look without any damage caused to your hair! This full hair weave takes it to the next level with a bold statement. The bangs add definition to your hair.

You can style it further if you wish. Want it straighter? Do so with a straightener. Want to curl it a bit? You can do that with a curling iron. The best part is the liberty you have to style this layered weave to suit your personal style and occasion.

Straight weave

The straight weave is simply glam. This particular one comes with highlights to give your hair more character and personality. Jet straight hair has always been in fashion and this straight weave is a testament to that.

The tight and neat hair means it looks glossy and stunning on anyone who wears it. Wear it like a ponytail or leave it out for a breath-taking and effortless style. You can even add an accessory like a hairband to elevate the look of this weave and make it your own.

Spiral curls weave

Take the world on a spiral with this spiral curls weave. It is made of unprocessed Brazilian human hair and the natural black colour looks clean and defined. Go beyond the basics with this spiral curls weave and show your fun side like never before.

Pair it up with bold makeup and you have the secret to looking the best. The spiral curls add an element of contrast which can go a long way in redefining your style. Keep it simple as it is or add some small fun accessories to make it stand out even more.

Wet and wavy weave

Not everyone is comfortable with putting on tonnes of gel on their hair after a shower to get that perfect wet-hair look. While it is one of the most attractive hairstyles, make it easy for yourself by opting for this wet and wavy weave. It gives an excellent wet hair look that looks all natural.

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The wet and wavy look goes well for any occasion. Whether you are going out with your girlfriends or going to work, this style will surely catch everyone’s attention. You can even curl it, style it, perm it, and dye it as you wish to make the style a reflection of who you really are.

Curly bob weave

Lift your mood with this curly bob weave. The ombre burgundy wavy soft bob is for those who want to add playful volume without the use of any damaging products to their hair. It allows you to dye and bleach it if you wish and the healthy ends ensure a clean and tidy look.

A weave to cheer yourself up or make a statement when you are going to a party, this weave is a pretty one for those who want to do something different. It is a fun fit for those who love coloured hair and want hair that expresses their emotions.

Blonde highlights weave

This seamless weave can blend in well with your natural hair. If you don’t want blonde highlights or don’t want to colour your hair, you can try this to see how it will look on your hair. If you have straight hair then this can be used to add volume and style to your hair.

The platinum blonde highlights are spectacular and give it a modern look. This weave can be curled or straightened as per your preference and it can also be dyed if you want it to match your natural hair colour. The no-shedding hair weave ensures you have flawless-looking hair in no time.

Deep wave weave

The Brazilian deep wave weave has a thick end so that your hair looks uniform and voluminous. The wet-hair look shines and looks really natural. You can add it to your natural hair for the extra bounce and texture.

You don’t have to settle for this weave as is because you can easily re-style it and dye it if you want to have highlights or change the colour of the hair. You can also bleach it and perm it if that is more your style for a unique hairstyle.


Want to try dreadlocks but not with your hair? Then try this weave which allows you to twist braids and try dreadlocks without doing anything to your natural and actual hair. You can even dye and bleach these dreadlocks to match your personal style and requirements.

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You can even braid these in your own hair and get instant no-fuss extensions. Use these to make maximum impact and to make it look really intricate. You can do a lot with this weave and take your hair game to the next level.

Blonde curly weave

Ombre curly weave is best for those who want to add that much-loved volume to their hair. The outstanding curls make your hair look luscious and voluminous. With a long lifetime of this weave, you can get a new unique look whenever you wish.

The curls give your hair a bounce and the soft texture makes you feel like it is your own hair. The curl pattern is good as it stays after washing too.

It is close to natural hair so it looks amazing on anyone. Leave it out or try the half-up and half-down hairdo with these tight curls.

Bob weave

Have you ever wanted to get a bob but afraid that your hair will take ages to grow back? If you want to try how you look in a bob, then try this weave. It is easy and quick to install. The light brown hair will lift your face while the bob will give you an uber-modern look.

The bob weave contains straight hair that gives you a polished and tidy look. When you are experimenting, this is one of the sew-ins you will love. It is simple yet demands attention without overdoing it.

So which style are you planning to try on? Weaves have been in fashion, are in fashion, and will always be in fashion. 

Unleash your inner fashionista by sporting new hairstyles without making any damage to your real hair. 

If you are a beginner then ask the help of your stylist or use tutorials to get the look you are going for. You can easily find a wide range of weave hairstyles on AliExpress and Amazon at the best prices.

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