15 Chic Tomboy Short Hairstyles Trending in 2024

by Helen Sroski

Are you looking for tomboy short hairstyles? Check out these hairstyles for women that are trendy, easy to maintain, and look great. Read more here.

Generations vividly from the past or present mutually have and definitely will always still be in love with this famous tomboy hairstyle ruling over the style in women.

Over the years the interesting looks created have not failed to amaze the strong women around.

It is quite interesting that these short hairstyles can potentially help you achieve either your desired look, regardless of whether you like a boy-cut for gender neutrality or gender equality.

While they differ, one thing remains the same; we are all unique and reflect our personalities

The flattering contrast between the strong lines and the feminine features really highlights your pretty face.

This evenly loved hairstyle can also be styled in a variety of ways, like an upward style that makes a beautiful blonde fringe that falls so softly on your face.

The world has witnessed stunning celebrities to fashion bloggers, short hairstyles are all the rage makers.

As opinions vary but honestly the last thing you want to do is think that short tomboy hairstyles make you appear manly.

Tomboy Short Hairstyles

There’s no denying that women love short hair. Those who are willing to shave their long locks should consider the following options:

Slick back Tomboy Hairstyle

For a quick and easy makeover, try out the swept-back hairstyle with some added styling gel and a comb. You can go for a chic look or a basic, simplistic style. whether or not you choose to accessorize further with big and bright pieces, the main focal point of the look will still be your face, eyes, cheekbones and lips. To ensure the attention remains on these standout features, you may choose to leave any additional decorations to a minimum.

Platinum Tomboy Haircut

Today, platinum blonde is still one of the most popular hair colours. Still, there are other trendy options to choose from. Short grey hairstyles are a great choice for those particularly with a cold skin undertone, as the style adds a cool, edgy element to the overall look. Incorporating highlights of different shades of ash, either randomly distributed or in thick bands, can help to create a striking yet natural style.

Shaved Sides Pixie Cut

Chic Tomboy Short Hairstyles

Pixie haircuts are the perfect blend of edgy and modern. This cut is getting pretty popular in 2022 amongst the women. It gives you a carefree, bold, and casual look.

Pixie cut with shaved sides is styled with hair that is longer at the top. And at the back the hair is brushed forward while the hair at the front is combed outwards.

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You can also color your hair to add an interesting twist to you pixie cut!

Short Hair With Bangs

This is basically a neat pixie cut with bangs. The hair falls just above where your neck starts. And the side bangs almost cover your eye but not completely. I love this haircut as it has the perfect blend of boyish yet feminine style.

Tomboy Short Hairstyles trending

This hair style is great for those with round faces. If your hair sits flat then best use a hairspray to add texture and volume to your hair.

Tomboy Short Hairstyles

This is a great hairstyle for not only casual but also formal events.

Punk Boy-Cut

This new school haircut exhibits a revolutionary touch that is deeply reflected in jagged lines, various geometric shapes, differ in angles, spikes, and a combination of contrasting colors, lengths, and shapes.

Tomboy Short Hairstyles

Creating a false Mohawk effect needs the hair to be brushed forward in strong, uneven layers from the crown, giving the style a punk-chic vibe.

Tomboy Short Hairstyles for women

Just a touch of a few loose strands of the fringe form soft side points along the feminine edge of the fringe, which looks great over the forehead.

In terms of punk hairstyles, the three most popular short haircuts are the Pixie, the Mohawk, and the Fauxhawk. Whether you have thick or coarse hair, this is a great way to channel a tomboy look.

Blunt-Cut Fringe

The simplicity of this tomboy style can be adapted by dying it an under powerful hue or by adding exciting, or unconventional balayage accents.

tomboy haircut

When designed correctly, structural shapes can carry the boldness of a vivid hair coloring technique without looking overdone.

Tomboy Short Hairstyles girl

Those with fine or silky hair will like this cut as it allows the hair to fall naturally without adding volume, and it offers many styling possibilities as well.

Piecey Fringe

The Piecey bangs are perfectly known for the precise, with separated strands. These hairstyles create a messy effect through the feathery, choppy cut.

hairstyles for tomboys with medium hair

In order to give your fringe an accentuated appearance and using hair products like a leave-in conditioner are effective. A completely stylish style for thick hair.

This is an update on the traditional roundness of the old bowl cut. Short haircuts often have edgier feathered bangs, giving them an elegant touch.

Simply blow-dry your hair or air dry it and then flaunt it over. This style requires minimal styling and no products.


best tomboy haircut

A full-on bowl-cut was one of the trendiest looks in recent seasons, especially when juxtaposed with graphic accessories.

tomboy short fluffy haircuts

This multi-length style is an excellent example of a modern take on a throwback trend. We love how this cut looks on thick strands as the contrast between the lengths of the look really stand out.

Long Undercut

Women’s undercuts consist of shaving the longer hair on top underneath the shorter hair around the back and sides.

tomboy hairstyles for long hair

The hidden undercut style is often used at this time. Women who want a regular look can wear this slightly edgy hairstyle

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Adding highlights to the hair of a classic undercut is a trend of the season. This generation is fond of this classic look and a fun look.

The hair on top should remain long enough to tie a ponytail in this street-style hairstyle.


Despite the haircut’s widely popularity, barbers and stylists sometimes refer to it by multiple names.

A side part businessman haircut and a traditional side part can also be described. Bowl cuts with cowlicks allow for more versatility between the top and bottom of your hair. This style is chic, breezy, and easy to style on the go.

Soft and Wavy

korean tomboy haircut

It Is extremely attractive that it still resonates with today’s trends. The charm this one kinda hairstyle contributes is incomparable, the 80’s wavy style is still rocking the new generation looks.

Soft Mullet

It’s perfect for anyone looking to increase the texture and volume of their style with a delicate edge, because this cut draws attention to the contrast between disconnected silhouettes and soft perimeters.

tomboy short fluffy haircuts

Taking its cues from the glory years of the ’80s, this thick and tapered mullet is even more sophisticated than the ’80s style.

Tousled Waves

A current hair fashion trend is tousled waves, also known as beachy waves or curls. Those looking to reduce length with thicker hair can choose this short-hair option.

tomboy haircut

Not only is this messy hairstyle sexy, but it is also eminently manageable in terms of conditioning and maintenance. The crown of this boyish haircut is given the proper amount of weight and personality.

Pixie Cropped

A pixie cut is a women’s haircut that’s half an inch to three inches long and can be cut longer or shorter on the sides.

tomboy hairstyle girl

It is the kind of hairstyle that’s incredibly versatile, incredibly fashionable, and perfect for busy women.

It’s easy to manage, cute, and easy to maintain. Pixie cropped haircuts are the easiest hairstyles to manage. If you’re looking for a relaxed short hairstyle, this is your best option. It’s fun and cute.

Tucked Tomboy Cut

Short hairstyles with tucked sides have been popular for quite a while. This is a very feminine iteration of the boyish style, the crop is side-parted and the sides are tucked behind the ear. Even short hair looks feminine.


Today, the original version of the mohawk isn’t used as widely, especially among men. The mohawk usually begins with the sides of your head shaved, leaving a sliver of hair from the center of your forehead all the way back to the back of your head.

tomboy haircut names

The mohawk is known as an iro, which is equivalent to iroquois, who are informally known as mohawks. It is worn as an emblem of non-conformity in the current age.


how to style short hair tomboy

Asymmetric cut lengths can be blended into a cut with layers or undercuts. Women who may not be comfortable with extreme undercuts definitely benefit from a layered cut with asymmetry. A layered hairstyle such as this one keeps the hair bouncy and shapes it.

what hairstyle suits short girl

This type of bob is shorter in length and cut in such a way that one side of it is longer than the other. The all-time fashionable style is back this year and it caters to all hair textures and faces without requiring a lot of maintenance.


The extremely closest and most confident shave you can get, without having to take it all off. This short-cropped style will keep you cool and breezy on those sweltering summer days when longer strands just can’t cope.

what is the best hairstyle for a girl

This bold hairstyle, done by most celebs namely Angelina Jolie, adds definition and softens your facial features.

tomboyish hairstyles for short hair

It may be difficult to realize how much your hair does that. If you have hard features, a buzz cut will accentuate them even more. If you have soft features, the buzz cut can soften them even further


This gorgeous look is where the hair on the top of the head is styled into a fringe and defined by a center part that’s defined by a center part that’s quite strong. It’s floppy, it’s quite high maintenance, and it’s back.

what is a tomboy haircut

Grungy grown-out roots combined with a distinctive middle part define ’90s fashion and the style of wearing a middle part on a short haircut signifies the 90s in the best possible way.

hairstyles for tomboys with short hair

Women are going gaga over the feminine pompadour, and we can’t get enough! The ultimate tomboy hairstyle is one that will hold your attention if you can master this look. Quite easy and simple to create new looks every day for outgoing events.

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Anyone can fashion the twisted, high-contrasted look by brushing forward the top section and applying gel and hairspray to their short hair and experience their bold looks receiving the attention.

Feeling scared of parting from your long hair and not knowing if you would love it as much if you shortened it is okay.

There are things about short hair as well that can’t be done with long hair. But the brightest advantage earned out of manageable short hair is that you wouldn’t have to worry about different hair care problems if you had short hair.

Tomboy Short hairstyles come in different styles but are all pleasant and beautiful. If you like tomboy looks but do not fancy girlish looks, there is the perfect short haircut available for you.

Having a wide variety of short hairstyles to choose from is one of the perks of having short hair. The styles here are breathtaking, elegant, and unique. There is something perfect for everyone here.

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