45 Short Hairstyles For Indian Women 2024 | Latest Haircuts For Short Hair

by Tommy Sroski

If you want to try out short hairstyles for Indian women like the pixie or the bob, here are some awesome examples to show your stylist!

For generations and generations, Indian women have been known for their long hair.

It’s been long understood that a woman with a head full of hair and long hair is a beautiful woman.

But things have changed now and younger women are going for much more unique styles and even shorter haircuts.

Here are some of the best short hairstyles for Indian women.

Short hair is in the trend now and there are numerous ways to have short hair. The advantages of short hair are numerous, it’s super easy to maintain, takes very less time to get ready and it’s also cooling in the hot Indian summers. So let’s see the best Indian hairstyles for short hair. 

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Short Hairstyles for Indian Women 2022

#1 – The Short Ponytail Hairstyle

short haircut indian women
Source: Instagram@melissa_nerovique

So you have medium length hair and you have no clue what to do about it. The short ponytail is the perfect way to go.

  • It’s a super hairstyle that’s easy to maintain and it looks super cute. A short ponytail looks good at work or even when you go to a party.
  • If you want to let your hair down, go for it, your short hair will not be messy. 


Wear eye makeup with this look. Defined eyes with this look is the bomb!

#2 – The Pixie Cut For Indian Women

short haircuts for indian women
Source: Instagram@Mandirabedi

One of the most iconic short haircuts for women is the pixie cut. What is a pixie cut?

  • The pixie cut is a super short hairstyle that is short on the sides and the top is a bit long with a bit of bangs.
  • This is not a hairstyle that will suit everybody, and it takes immense guts to pull this look of. 


  • Keeping them well quaffed at all times is one trick to look fresh all the time!

#3 – Beachy Waves On Short Hair

wavy short hairstyles for women
Source: Instagram@hair_by_emanuel_

Beachy waves is a short hairstyle that is pretty great and very fashionable.

  • It is characterized by messy hair that is shoulder length and generally the hair is wavy.
  • This is a super hairstyle that works great for the workplace, parties and even big events.
  • It’s pretty easy to maintain and also pretty easy to prepare before a big event. 


  • Use hairspray if you want those layers to be evident.

#4 – Round Bob short hair cut for Indian woman

blunt bob indian hairstyles woman
Source: Instagram@Alarnawilsonhair

One of the most classic short hairstyles for girls since the olden days.

  • The Round Bob is that kind of hairstyle that requires some hair maintenance.
  • The round bob is characterized by a bob hairstyle that has a bit of curve all the way throsugh.
  • It’s a super cute hairstyle that can look pretty hep and make the wearer look great. 


Comb your hair at regular intervals so that the sides and edges of your hair are on point at all times.

#5 – Short with Undercut Indian Hairstyle for short hair

funky hairstyle for indian girl
Source: Instagram@Shorthairislove

This is a type of hairstyle that very few Indian women will like, but it’s something that is catching on.

  • The short hair is the typical boy cut hairstyle for Indian girls. The undercut is basically a very short cut on the sides, that is shortened with a razor or trimmer.
  • This is a hairstyle that not a lot of women would like, but it’s still pretty great for those who like short hair. 
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Make sure you consider this choice well. Losing a chunk of hair is not easy for anyone!

#6 – Long and Curly Indian hairstyles for Indian women

curly indian hairstyle for short hair
Source: Instagram@anushkasharma

Having curly hair for super long hair might look a little messy and unkempt, but when you have short hair, the long and curly is a super hairstyle that works great and looks splendid.

  • If you have naturally curly hair, you should just let them grow, while keeping your sides and height short. 


Use a conditioner because the glossier your hair is with this short haircut the better you will pull it off!

#7 – Asymmetrical Chin Length short haircuts for Indian ladies

pixie cut for indian hair
Source: Instagram@ortega_rachel_

One of my favorite hairstyles when it comes to short hair is the asymmetrical chin-length cut. So what is this style?

  • Basically you partition the hair in the middle and one side is longer than the other.
  • The longer side has a slight curve and it’s truly a super cool hairstyle. The asymmetry you think it might be a problem, but it’s not as you can push your hair up and it will still look good. One of the best short hairstyles I’ve seen in a long time. 

#8 – Blunt Bob Short haircuts for Indian women

chin-length indian short hairstyles
Source : Pinterest

A Blunt Bob is your classic medium or short haircut for a woman. It doesn’t have the bubble that a normal bob has.

  • This is one of the best hairstyles for the summer for a woman and it’s an incredible hairstyle
  • For women who are not sure about cutting their hair too short, then this is the hairstyle they need to go for, which is the blunt bob. It’s about cutting your hair shorter than your shoulders.
  • It’s an amazing hairstyle for the Indian summer and it’s a perfect starter short haircut for Indian women. 


This short haircut for wavy hair can sometimes tend to get frizzy, so tend it to it by using the best shampoos and conditioners.

#9 – Side Swept Bangs Indian hairstyle for Indian women

haircuts indian women with short hair
Source: Instagram@melanie.astill

Bangs are a super popular hairstyle for women and have been in-trend since the ’90s.

  • It’s characterized by hair falling over your forehead. But what about short hair?
  • Side Swept bangs are basically a hairstyle that falls slightly to the side, while the rest of the hair is kept short.
  • It’s a super-smart looking hairstyle and it’s one of those styles that is pretty easy to maintain.
  • This is a great hairstyle for the office or any social event. 


Use hairspray to make it flow in the right way.

#10 – Pushed up Pixie Cut short Indian hairstyle for women

boy cut hairstyles for indian ladies
Source: Instagram@shorthairislove

The classic pixie cut has been covered above. But what about the pushed up pixie cut?

  • This hairstyle is basically a pixie cut with a difference. The hair on the front is spiked up and kept up.
  • This is a rockstar like a hairstyle and may not be a great haircut for official work, especially in an old-school office.
  • This is a good haircut for a young girl who is looking to experiment with her hair.
  • If you want to sport a pushed up pixie cut, then you have to be super confident. 


Again, this haircut needs a lot of consideration and mental preparation, especially if you have long hair

#11 – The Buzz Haircut for Indian women with short hair

indian short haircuts
Source: Instagram@shorthairislove

You would think that a haircut like a buzz cut wouldn’t be popular among Indian women.

  • But when it comes to short hairstyles, a lot of women have gone towards getting a buzz cut.
  • A buzz cut is basically a super short cut, that is cut using trimmers. It’s a super nice hairstyle that accentuates the face.
  • Without having to explain, it’s super easy to maintain, keep clean and more.
  • If you are looking for an absolutely new look, then the buzz cut is a great option. 


  • Make sure to oil your head to nourish the scalp regularly since it is more exposed to the sun because of the lack of hair.

#12 – Highlighted Tips for Indian girls with short hair

medium hair cut for indian woman
Source: Instagram@Celebs.salon

Another interesting style that isn’t to do with a hairstyle is the highlighted tips.

  • Highlighted tips on a short hairstyle such as a bob cut or a blunt bob look really great.
  • Highlighted tips are easy to create at the salon and it doesn’t cost much, but immediately gives a lot of character to your hair. 


Visit your salon regularly to make sure those highlights don’t lose color.

#13– Low Side Bun short Indian hairstyles for women

indian hairstyles for short hair with bun
Source: Instagram@hairbyfatemaburmawala

This hairstyle is great for Indian women with wavy hair.

  • It looks chic and classy at the same time, It gives more form to your face and brings out a completely new look.
  • It goes really well with formal outfits.
  • It may not look the best for curly hair as it will tend to appear puffy on the sides. 


  • Make sure to tightly pin it down. 
  • Braiding the sides of your hair and plugging it in the bun is another way of going about it. 

#14–Faux Cornrows for Indian women with Shorthair

indian girl short hairstyles
Source : Pinterest
  • These cornrows go behind your ear which highlights your side profile. You could work on the partitions based on your profile. 

Faux cornrows make it to the top of our most favorite hairstyles with its uniqueness.


  • Make sure to go easy on the volume of the braids. Thick cornrows look lumpy and can give an uneven look, 
  • You could go with three sections of your hair for the braid depending on the occasion and the mood. 

#15–Topknot Indian Hairstyle for short hair

easy short hairstyles for thin hair indian
Source : Pinterest

Indian women with short hair can really rock the top knot hairstyle.

  • Since the hair is minimal, the bun sits well without strands falling over or the bun looking too clumped.
  • It goes with casual and formal outfits and looks extraordinary on all hair types. 
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  • Make sure to use a small scrunchie. Big ones usually take up half the form and dominate your look more than your hair can. 

#16–Fish braid half updo for Indian women with short hair

hairstyle for short hair indian girl
Source: Instagram@paulina_sophiee

This hairstyle is creative and an all-rounder.

  • It can go with anything as long as you accessorize it well.
  • It mostly works well with ethnic outfits.
  • Go crazy on the other adornments because this look is all about being vibrant. 


  • Take the perfect volume of hair for the fish braids. Since it is a half updo it has to remain along the same lines and exude the flowing hair as much as the braid. 

#17–Feathered out Indian wavy hairstyle for short hair 

Feathered out Indian wavy hairstyle
Source: Instagram@Jenniferwinget1x

This nostalgic hairstyle is all about flaunting your mid-length while also giving you a form.

  • It treats your hair and face accordingly.
  • You can go with any partitions as long as it is kind to your profile. 


  • Brush your hair well for the hair to flow free. Greasy hair will not exhibit the look that you want. 

#18–Headband for short Indian hairstyle 

Headband for short Indian hairstyle 
Source: Instagram@kkhhfanpage

Wearing a headband has always been a trend!

  • It frees the rest of your hair while adorning the top of your head and protecting your forehead from those tiny strands.
  • It frames your face well including your ears.
  • This is the most preferred while travelling when you don’t want the hair in your face. 


  • Wear a ponytail if you’re in a more casual mood. Leaving it loose can seem a bit more functional. 

#19–Bohemian braided hairstyle for Indian women 

wavy short hairstyles for women
Source: Instagram@somethingtousled

This is by far my favorite as it gives the holiday vibe while also oozing class.

  • It is perfect for those summer afternoons on the beach!
  • It makes your hair look voluminous and if braided well, can frame your face well. 


  • Take a middle partition and braid it both ways and then pin it together with the bun below. It looks more exotic this way. 

#20–Bright ombre for short hairstyle for Indian women

ombre short haircuts for women
Source: Instagram@wellapro_anz

This color will look beautiful on Indian women with short hair cuts.

  • It highlights your whole profile.
  • While it looks bold, it doesn’t overdo your whole look. 


  • The bright brown ombre is super bold and loud so make sure you can pull it off with your complexion and facial shape before you try it. 

#21–Soft Mohawk hairstyle for short hair

Soft Mohawk hairstyle for short hair
Source: Instagram@Tangles_hairsalon

This is by far my favorite hairstyle given the uniqueness and boldness it exhibits.

  • It looks exotic on the Indian skin tone.
  • With the right amount of eye makeup, you will be sure to love this look. 


  • You can add streaks to this hairstyle as it will only boost the elegance even more. 

#22–Curly Bob hairstyle for Indian Women 

Source : Pinterest

This is a retro hairstyle for Indian women which is sophisticated and can rock a night out.

  • It will do justice to a saree and can be more exuberant with ethnic than with western outfits. 


  • Curl your hair intently in a certain form that will cover your entire facial structure and not just the sides. 

#23–Slick Back Straight Bob

Slick Back Straight Bob
Source: Instagram@Zawe_daily

Ponytails can change the way you normally look with your hair strands out of place.

  • It has a more classy look which changes the way your hair treats your face.
  • It especially favors short hair as the volume of the hair behind is minimal, helping it to settle well. 


  • Use a hair gel to pull it back tightly into a ponytail. 

#24–Twisted braid Hairstyle for Indian Women 

hair cuts for Indian women with short hair
Source : Pinterest

Twisting your hair at even partitions of your hair is very outdoorsy.

  • It strikes every level of sophistication and works well with any outfit. It is perfect for when you’re out partying!


  • Don’t worry about the volume as long as the braids are pinned up within your flowing hair. 

#25–Blunt fringe for Indian women with short hair cut 

Blunt fringe for Indian women with short hair cut 
Source: Instagram@anushkasharma

Fringes look awesome on women with mid-length hair.

  • It can make her look effortlessly charming with the frame of the face. 


  • Make sure to brush those fringes often to make it seem silkier. 

#26 – Natural voluminous short hairstyles for Indian women 

Source : Pinterest

If you have curly or wavy hair and you don’t know how to style it. Here is a tip. Let it be the way it is.

The texture of the waves and curls itself is a style on its own. The structure it creates can be a way of exuding volume. Short hair with volume can be a great style. 


  • Use hair mousse to style your hair and keep it intact. 

#27 – Minimalistic top knot short hairstyles for Indian women 

Source : Pinterest

The top knot is classy and yet sophisticated. But if you can’t comprehend that this holds true for short hair, then check out the picture above.

It goes well with medium length or short length hair and makes a huge impact on your outfits. 


  • Use a hair serum or hair gel to keep the hair gelled. 

#28 – Messy updo with gajra short hairstyles for Indian women 

Source : Pinterest

Hairstyles for indian functions can seem like a very difficult thing to do if you have short hair. This Gajra hairstyle can be pulled off well on short and medium hair length.

If you have a function or wedding you need to attend, this hairstyle will come in handy. 

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  • If you are using flowers, you can attach a good quality wig to help support the floral decorations on your hair. 

#29 – Defined vintage curls short hairstyles for indian women 

Source : Pinterest

Vintage curls, although they are difficult to achieve, have a very nice feature of making you look functional and grand. You will need a lot of products to manage the way your hair appears but otherwise, this is a total hit. 


  • A laser haircut will be perfect to get vintage curls. A curl-enhancing spray will work wonders to keep your hair curly all day long. 

#30 – Seductive curly bob short hairstyles for Indian women 

Source : Pinterest

A curly bob is a visual treat! You can create this with an appropriate hairspray and get a wonderful look. This hairstyle will look great on any occasion including a casual day out. 


Wash and condition your hair before you curl your hair with a hairspray. 

#31 – Bright ombre short hairstyles for Indian women 

Source : Pinterest

Ombre has a great look on the Indian skin tone to make it look radiant and glowy. Some of the best ombre hairstyles can seem very subtle and not too showy. 

If you are planning on getting a bright ombre, make sure your hair is strong enough to withstand the hair colour. 


  • Use the right products to keep your hair colour protected and to avoid it from breaking off. 

#32 – Slick back ponytail short hairstyles for Indian women 

Source : Pinterest

A ponytail is probably the easiest hairstyle for Indian women with short hair as it does not require much maintenance or tending to. 


Use a hair gel to keep your hair slicked back and give your face the right structure. 

#33 – Short Bang Boy Cut

Source : Pinterest

The short tresses are a great hairstyle if you have medium length hair and don’t know what to do with it. 

This goes really well with wavy hair. It works really well if your waves are subtle. 


Use a hairspray to keep the waves intact.

#34 – Middle parted short Indian hairstyles 

Source : Pinterest

It can be intimidating to get a middle parting for short hair. It works well if you have straight hair. If you have curly hair, we suggest you go for one of the above mentioned hairstyles. 


Use a hair serum and comb your hair of good quality.

#35 – Braided half updo for Indian hair 

Source : Pinterest

The braided style can be really subtle and flattering for any occasion. This is really great for wavy or straight hair. Make sure you don’t get the braids too tight but a little loose to give you a comfortable look. 


Use a hair spray to keep the braids intact. 

#36 – Long bob hairstyle for Indian women

Source : Pinterest

If you’re wary of having short hair with an Indian outfit, you can go for longer bob hairstyles. Adding waves will give your hair more character too.

#37 – Curly bob short hairstyle 

Source : Pinterest

We call this a short haircut for Indian women with a twist. Literally. Using a curling wand just curl the ends of your bob to give a fresh, new look.

#38 – Short layered hairstyle for Indian women

Source : Pinterest

Another medium haircut for Indian women is a layered bob. This is a style you can try if you want a longer length at the back. It goes well with Indian outfits too.

#39 –  Slick pixie hairstyle for Indian women 

Source : Pinterest

One of the easy Indian hairstyles for short hair is the slick back look. It’s a good hairstyle for work as it stays away from your face.

#40- Boy cut hairstyles for Indian women

boycut indian women hairstyles
Source : Pinterest

These boy cut hairstyles for Indian ladies give a more masculine vibe if that’s what you prefer.

#41- Short hairstyles for Indian older women

Source : Pinterest

The short hairstyles for older women go well with Indian outfits and look elegant.

#42 – Wavy subtle hairstyles for Indian women with short hair

wavy indian hairstyles for short hair
Source : Pinterest

Adding subtle waves to your bob can make it look more feminine and gives the impression of volume.

#43 – Short hairstyles for dusky Indian women

Source : Pinterest

These edgy and glamorous hairstyles suit women with a duskier skin tone.

#44 – Colored short hairstyle for Indian women

colored pixie haircut
Source: Instagram@sarahmillsstylist

Adding streaks or highlights can make a bob hairstyle stand out.

#45 – Quaffed short hairstyle for Indian women

Source : Pinterest

A quaffed bob is a great look to wear with casual western outfits. It suits women with smaller, heart-shape faces.

How do Indians style short hair?

Deciding to maintain short hair needs to depend on certain factors like face type, your body shape and finally, your hair.

The texture of your hair can be a very important reason for you to style your short hair. Here are some of the top short hairstyles for Indian women that you can try out. 

Short hairstyle for Indian women Face type 
Straight hair with bangs Oval/ round 
Pixie hairstyle Oval 
Mohawk Round/ square shape
Short wavy bob Diamond/ heart shape 
Side pixie hairstyle Oval shape 

How do I style short hair for an Indian wedding?

A lot of Indian women are hesitant to get short hair for the reason that it might not go well with Indian clothes. But this is not the truth.

There are several ways you can wear short hair on Indian outfits or for an Indian wedding function. Here are some:

  • Wear accessories – A matha patti or gajra can steal the attention, no matter what the length of your tresses. So try wearing a matching head accessory with your outfit.
  • Hide the length – If you get haircuts like an asymmetrical bob or a curly bob, you can make your hair length seem longer. You can part your hair to make the hide the short length or straighten curly hair to make extend the length.
  • Match your outfit to your hair – Usually it’s the other way around. But why not pick a outfit that goes wtih the look of your short hair. Think Mandira Bedi’s funky sarees and spaghetti strap blouses.

Tips on how Indian women can flaunt short hairstyles

If you’re going to rock a short hairstyle, you need to know how to take care of it. Here are few tips Indian women can follow to keep their short hairstyles looking good.

  • Never wash your hair too often -This can leave short hair frizzy and looking unkempt.
  • Regularly trim your hair. I suggest going for a haircut every 2-4 months. This will keep your hairstyle in shape and prevent split ends as well.
  • Short hair needs more conditioning to look good. So invest in a good leave-in conditioner and hair serum.
  • Unlike simple longer hairstyles, short haircuts need a lot of expertise to come out well. So always go to a professional while getting a short hairstyle. Do not attempt to do it on your own at home.

We hope these best hairstyles for Indian women with short hair has helped you style your own hair. The Indian hair cutting style for females has gone through several variations over the years.

Nowadays, short hair isn’t just an edgy symbol of rebellion. It’s one of the common Indian hairstyles for women as it’s easy to maintain. There are even hair products like the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron with 0.5-inch plates that are specially designed for women with short hair.

Also, keeping short hair is a great idea if your hair is getting thinner as it helps prevent further damage and can also add volume, giving the illusion of fuller hair.

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