For generations and generations, Indian women have been known for their long hair. It’s been long understood that a woman with a head full of hair and long hair is a beautiful woman. But things have changed now and younger women are going for much more unique styles and even shorter haircuts. Short hair is in the trend now and there are numerous ways to have short hair. The advantages of short hair are numerous, it’s super easy to maintain, takes very less time to get ready and it’s also cooling in the hot Indian summers. So let’s see the best Indian hairstyles for short hair. 

Short Haircut for Indian Woman

#1 – The Short Ponytail 

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So you have a medium length hair and you have no clue what to do about it. The short ponytail is the perfect way to go. It’s a super hairstyle that’s easy to maintain and it looks super cute. A short ponytail looks good at work or even when you go to a party. If you want to let your hair down, go for it, your short hair will not be messy. 

#2 – The Pixie Cut 

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One of the most iconic short haircuts for women is the pixie cut. What is a pixie cut? The pixie cut is a super short hairstyle that is short on the sides and the top is a bit long with a bit of bangs. This is not a hairstyle that will suit everybody, and it takes immense guts to pull this look of. 

#3 – Beachy Waves for Short Hair 

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Beachy waves is a short hairstyle that is pretty great and very fashionable. It is characterized by messy hair that is shoulder length and generally the hair is wavy. This is a super hairstyle that works great for the workplace, parties and even big events. It’s pretty easy to maintain and also pretty easy to prepare before a big event. 

#4 – Round Bob 

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One of the most classic short hairstyles for women since the olden days. The Round Bob is that kind of hairstyle that requires some hair maintenance. The round bob is characterized by a bob hairstyle that has a bit of curve all the way through. It’s a super cute hairstyle that can look pretty hep and make the wearer look great. 

#5 – Short with Undercut 

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This is a type of hairstyle that very few Indian women will like, but it’s something that is catching on. The short hair is cut like a man’s short hair. The undercut is basically a very short cut on the sides, that is shortened with a razor or trimmer. This is a hairstyle that not a lot of women would like, but it’s still pretty great for those who like short hair. 

#6 – Long and Curly 

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Having curly hair for super long hair might look a little messy and unkempt, but when you have short hair, the long and curly is a super hairstyle that works great and looks splendid. If you have naturally curly hair, you should just let them grow, while keeping your sides and height short. 

#7 – Asymmetrical Chin Length Cut 

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One of my favourite hairstyles when it comes to short hair is the asymmetrical chin length cut. So what is this style? Basically you partition the hair in the middle and one side is longer than the other. The longer side has a slight curve and it’s truly a super cool hairstyle. The asymmetry you think it might be a problem, but it’s not as you can push your hair up and it will still look good. One of the best short hair styles I’ve seen in a long time. 

#8 – Blunt Bob 

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A Blunt Bob is your classic medium or short haircut for a woman. It doesn’t have the bubble that a normal bob has. This is one of the best hairstyles for the summer for a woman and it’s an incredible hairstyle. For women who are not sure about cutting their hair too short, then this is the hairstyle they need to go for, which is the blunt bob. It’s about cutting your hair shorter than your shoulders. It’s an amazing hairstyle for the indian summer and it’s a perfect starter short haircut for indian women. 

#9 – Side Swept Bangs 

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Bangs are a super popular hairstyle for women and have been in-trend since the 90’s. It’s characterized by hair falling over your forehead. But what about short hair? Side Swept bangs are basically a hairstyle that falls slightly to the side, while the rest of the hair is kept short. It’s a super smart looking hairstyle and it’s one of those styles that is pretty easy to maintain. This is a great hairstyle for the office or any social event. 

#10 – Pushed up Pixie Cut 

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The classic pixie cut has been covered above. But what about the pushed up pixie cut? This hairstyle is basically a pixie cut with a difference. The hair on the front is spiked up and kept up. This is a rockstar like hairstyle and may not be a great haircut for official work, especially in an old-school office. This is a good haircut for a young girl who is looking to experiment with her hair. If you want to sport a pushed up pixie cut, then you have to be super confident. 

#11 – The Buzz Cut 

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You would think that a haircut like a buzz cut wouldn’t be popular among Indian women. But when it comes to short hairstyles, a lot of women have gone towards getting a buzz cut. A buzz cut is basically a super short cut, that is cut using trimmers. It’s a super nice hairstyle that accentuates the face. Without having to explain, it’s super easy to maintain, keep clean and more. If you are looking for an absolutely new look, then the buzz cut is a great option. 

#12 – Highlighted Tips 

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Another interesting style that isn’t to do with a hairstyle is the highlighted tips. Highlighted tips on a short hairstyle such as a bob cut or a blunt bob look really great. Highlighted tips are easy to create at the salon and it doesn’t cost much, but immediately gives a lot of character to your hair. 

Indian Girl with Short Hair

The Indian girl with short hair is rising up. It’s not about the long hair anymore. If you are looking for the best short hairstyles for an Indian woman, then you are in the right place!

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Short Hairstyles for Indian Women

What are the best short hairstyles for Indian women? 

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