Ike Turner Famous Haircuts 2024

by Helen Sroski

Want to know about Ike Turner Famous Haircuts? Read on to find out about Ike Turner’s famous haircuts, and how you can copy them at home!

Ike Turner was a producer and an American rhythm-and-blues and soul artist. He was also a songwriter. He is known for giving his best performances alongside Tina Turner.

Both of them were inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1991. Rolling Stone ranked Ike Turner number 61 on their list of ‘100 Greatest Guitarists’.

Ike Turner is also known for his stylish haircuts that set him apart from other singers at the time.

Ike Turner’s Famous Haircuts

Never one to shy away from unconventional haircuts, Ike Turner has been a true icon and still inspires people today to be their authentic selves.

Ike Turner Famous Haircuts

Who Was Ike Turner?

Ike Turner was born on November 5th, 1931 in Clarksdale, Mississippi. His full name is Izear Luster Turner, Jr.  His interest in music began early when he was just a child.

He started learning how to play the piano and by the late 1940s, he had played with a wide range of blues musicians in the Delta region of Mississippi.

Ike Turner Famous Haircuts

The band called Kings of Rhythm was formed when Ike Turner was in high school and ‘Rocket 88’ became a hit in 1951.

He met Anna Mae Bullock when he relocated to St. Louis in 1956 and she was eager to be in his band. Anna Mae Bullock changed her name to Tina Turner.

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Their performances had many fans largely because of how well Tina Turner performed on stage with her presence.

By this point they did not have other hits until Sue Label released the singles ‘I Idolize You’ and ‘A Fool in Love’ in 1960, and ‘It’s Gonna Work Out Fine’ in 1961.

This is when the nation started to take notice. Ike and Tina Turner started to sing other people’s songs and they found stardom from that. Tina wrote the single ‘Nutbush City Limits’ in 1973 and it became a big hit.

Soon Ike and Tina got divorced but Ike did not give up. He released more songs and in 2007 won a Grammy Award for Best Traditional Blues Album for his album ‘Risin’ with the Blues’. He died on December 12th, 2007.

Famous Haircuts Of Ike Turner

Ike Turner had many haircuts. Here are some of the most memorable ones.

Caesar Haircut

The Ceasar haircut is subtle but the front portion is what makes it attractive.

Ike Turner net worth

Ike Turner opted for a simple Caesar haircut without any modifications and we think it looks pretty good on him. The cut gives a defined look.

Side Part Flat Top Haircut

Ike Turner’s flat-top haircut with a side part is amazing for many reasons. One, it is neatly done and the hair looks naturally amazing.

Ike Turner

Second, Ike Turner wore it with elan which made the haircut look even better!

Big Afro

The big afro look of Ike Turner was one of his best looks. He combed out his hair so that it turned into a big afro.

ike turner haircut

A dominant hairstyle that demands attention, this big afro haircut looked incredible on the great Ike Turner.

Bowl Cut

The bowl cut is one of those haircuts that you will never be able to forget. And Ike Turner made it fashionable by showing how it is done. Ike Turner rocked in this haircut that had bangs and he looked amazing in it.

ike turner new hairstyle

Flat Top Haircut

Ike Turner didn’t stop being his stylish self as he continued to wear some cool haircuts.

ike turner new hair

He had this flat top haircut where the afro was tamed to be straight at the top and even the edges were cleanly aligned with the flat top. One of his best looks for sure!

Steps In Getting The Bowl Haircut

Many of Ike Turner’s haircuts have been amazing but there is one that will forever be remembered; the bowl cut. So here is how you can get a bowl cut at home.

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Step 1: Section hair into two parts

You want to work on clean and straight hair to ensure the perfect bowl cut. The first important step is to section your hair.

You want to create a straight part from the top of one ear to the other ear. This will be the back of your head and the base of the haircut.

Then using clips or a hair tie you can keep secure the hair at the front of your face.

Step 2: Cutting the back of the hair

Now you want to make two ponytails with the hair at the back. You can now cut the hair in each ponytail so that it reaches the nape of your neck.

You want to cut it at an angle by using your fingers as a guide. To be on the safe side, put the hair between your fingers and then cut bit by bit.

This is time-consuming but it will help avoid mistakes. Do the same to the other ponytail.

Step 3: Start cutting at an angle

Open your hair and check using a mirror whether the hair is straight. Stand in front of a mirror and now cut at an angle so that the hair that is near the ear reaches half of your ear.

Now following the same flow, cut your hair using scissors so that there is a gradual meeting point with your longest hair length which is at the nape. This should already start to look like Ike Turner’s look.

Step 4: Cut the front portion

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Next, you want to work on the front portion of your hair. Let the back of your hair stay open because you will need it as a guide.

Slowly, cut the bangs by placing your hair in between your fingers and cutting it to the desired length. You want to then clean up the haircut by ensuring that it looks like it is perfectly flowing gradually.

ike turner


Ike Turner was a man with many talents and he achieved a lot despite the obstacles that came his way.

Even though it was been over a decade since he passed away, his style will always inspire people to try what they love and to express themselves in ways they feel is right.

What made Ike Turner a true legend is his ability to carry any haircut with confidence. What are your thoughts on Ike Turner’s haircuts? Is there a particular one that you like more than the others?

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