Crystal Gayle’s New Haircut 2024

by Helen Sroski

Check out Crystal Gayle’s new haircut and see how she looks now! The singer has unveiled a new ‘do that features a drastic change in her style.

Crystal Gayle is among the best crossover artists in the country pop genre in the U.S. Her melodious voice is among the most soothing that you will ever hear.

Crystal Gayle’s mesmerizing voice is not the only amazing thing about her as her floor-length hair gets plenty of attention too.

Her hair has been her most popular feature because of how long and healthy it was and still is to this day 5 decades later.

Crystal Gayle New Haircut

Crystal Gayle has retained her long locks for so many decades and continues to do so because her hair is a part of who she is as an artist.  

Crystal Gayle’s New Haircut

Who Is Crystal Gayle?

Crystal Gayle’s actual name is Brenda Gail Webb and she was born on January 9th, 1951 in Paintsville, Kentucky, U.S. Crystal Gayle’s musical journey began in 1970 when she signed her first contract.

crystal gayle hair length now

At this point, her elder sister Loretta Lynn was already an established country singer and she was more than happy to encourage her little sister to pursue the same career path.

It took a while for Crystal Gayle to establish her own identity and carve a path for herself because she wanted to reach more people through her music. This is when her song ‘Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue’ was released in 1977.

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The song became a smash hit not only in America but the world as well. It was listed in the 2nd position on the Hot 100 list and it topped the Billboard country music list.

Crystal Gayle’s music is best described as country pop and this has achieved her achieve more success over the years.

She won the Grammy Award and has received nominations in many music categories ever since she started her music career.

In 2019, she released a new album that was loved by fans. She also tours and continues to use her passion for music to look forward to every new day.

What Is The Name Of The Latest Crystal Gayle Haircut?

When Crystal was in her late teens, she started to grow her hair and once it reached ankle-length, Crystal kept it that way! And it has been the same ever since. Crystal Gayle’s haircut is simple.

She always had a blunt straight haircut whereby there are no layers and the hair is cut in a straight line for uniformity.

is crystal gayle hair still long

As Crystal Gayle always had naturally gorgeous straight hair, the blunt haircut suits her well, and even to this day, she carries it with elan.

Her latest haircut is no exception because it looks magnificent on the diva who at a point wanted to chop it all off but decided against it! Today, you can see her in her signature long mane straight haircut.

Famous Haircuts Of Crystal Gayle

It will not come as a surprise to you that Crystal didn’t experiment much with haircuts through the years! When she was young, her mother kept her hair short and so Crystal always wanted to see how she would look if she had long hair.

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She eventually started to grow her hair and since then has done so. Here are the two famous haircuts of Crystal Gayle.

Straight Haircut With Parted Bangs

When Crystal was growing her hair, she made the look even better with soft middle-parted bangs. It complimented her youthful appeal and added some style to her otherwise simple haircut.

Her hair was always naturally straight and so the long bangs didn’t fall on her forehead but rather were cleanly tucked away behind her ears away from her face.

crystal gayle hair care

She also mostly styled her hair using the middle part when she left her hair open (which was almost always the case).

Straight Haircut

When Crystal Gayle’s hair grew longer and reached ankle-length, she ensured to maintain it that way.

To this day, she has maintained her hair so well that it looks healthy and reaches her ankles! Her bangs have gone but the texture of the hair doesn’t seem to have changed at all.

pictures of crystal gayle today

Crystal Gayle’s hair is always trimmed neatly and this is true even today. The straight haircut suits her Rapunzel-like hair perfectly well.

Steps In Getting A Straight Haircut

crystal gayle

The straight haircut of Crystal Gayle is achievable from the comfort of your own home. Here are the basic steps involved in achieving a straight blunt haircut.

Step 1: Dampen your hair

You want your hair to be damp especially if it is curly or if it is wavy. People with straight hair should ideally dampen their hair too for more precision and a sharp cut.

You can spritz some water onto your hair to dampen it rather than taking a shower and shampooing your hair.

Step 2: Make a low ponytail

Part your hair from the middle and then make a low ponytail at the back with a thin elastic band. The ponytail should be at the base of your head.

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If you have long hair then leave a few inches and put another elastic band so that it is easy to cut in sections.

Step 3: Cut your hair

Bring your ponytail to the front and then with your scissors, cut the hair in a straight line to the length of your choice.

You can cut at a diagonal angle for a straighter haircut that will look more precise from the back. It is best to hold your ponytail firmly when you cut so the line is straight.

It is advisable that when you cut your hair, you do it section by section particularly if you are cutting it much shorter.

This will ensure that your hair length is even throughout and will ensure a better cut. It is also recommended that you use a pair of scissors that are for cutting hair.

crystal gayle haircut


Growing your hair to Crystal Gayle’s length may be tough (and time-consuming) but her haircut is not impossible.

Crystal Gayle is an inspiration to many and her hair has also inspired many women to grow their hair and flaunt it.

Even if you have shorter hair than Crystal Gayle’s, you can still cut your hair in a straight blunt cut and look fab.

Do you think Crystal Gayle should have tried other haircuts over the years or are you happy that she kept it simple and was consistent with her haircut?

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