Uncle Fester’s New Haircut 2024

by Helen Sroski

Uncle Fester’s new haircut is sure to get you talking! Find out more about this latest haircut here and see if it’s something you would like to try yourself.

Fester Addams is also known as Uncle Fester and he is a fictional character from the Addams Family. The character of Uncle Fester was inspired by Charles Addams’s cartoon but did not have a name for his character at the time.

Uncle Fester is one of the most distinct characters due to the powers he has, his behavior, and his overall appearance. One of his aliases is Gordon Craven.

People love Uncle Fester because he is a goofy man who always does what he desires without a care in the world about the consequences. He is there for comedic relief and he ensures he always keeps us entertained.

Uncle Fester’s New Haircut
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Who Is Uncle Fester?

Uncle Fester
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Uncle Fester’s appearance as a hunched man with dark eyes and a strange smile that will scare even a happy person is unique and memorable. He doesn’t have a single strand of hair on his head and he is shaped like a barrel.

He loves his fur coat a lot which is often the attire we see him in. Uncle Fester has many abilities that make him a character you cannot ignore.

He can generate electricity and we often see him put a light bulb in his mouth to prove his powers. The crackling sound of the light bulb lighting is funny. He also seems to have the same ability as a magnet as he can pull metal objects with his hands.

Uncle Fester’s Haircut
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Uncle Fester also has the ability to get rid of migraines using a screw press. His head is so strong that a cannonball has no effect on it and it just bounces off.

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Uncle Fester may seem deranged to many but when you look at his interactions with his family you know he has a gentle soul. This might not seem like him but he is often caring for others.

This can be seen when he is seen interacts with Morticia and Gomez. His forgiving nature makes his nephews and niece love him very much. The character of Uncle Fester was originally played by Jackie Coogan in the 1960 TV series.

What Is The Name Of The Latest Uncle Fester Haircut?

Uncle Fester’s New Hairstyles
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Uncle Fester’s haircut has not changed because he still has a bald head. That is just part of who he is. The character of Uncle Fester is always seen in the same way.

Many actors have portrayed the character and they all have the same look. Whether it is in live-action TV series, video games, animated TV series, musicals, or films, you will notice that Uncle Fester looks the same everywhere.

He doesn’t have a strand of hair on his head and is always shown to be bald. It suits his quirky personality. We are yet to see the character’s portrayal in the upcoming TV series on Netflix called Wednesday Addams. We are placing our bets that he will be bald!

Famous Haircut Of Uncle Fester

Uncle Fester’s hairtyles
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Uncle Fester has only had one famous haircut and that is having a bald head. From the first time the character was shown to us, we have seen Uncle Fester as a bald man.

And he seems mighty proud of that. While everyone may not agree with his antics and way to go about things such as using a large screw press to get relief from migraines, no one seems to mind his baldness.

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We think it adds to his charm and it makes him stand out even more as he is the only major character who doesn’t have hair on his head. We cannot imagine him otherwise!  

Steps In Shaving Your Head

Uncle Fester
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Feeling inspired by Uncle Fester to shave your head entirely? Here is how you can go about getting a completely shaved head.

Step 1: Buzz it first

You want to use a clipper to buzz your hair as short as possible so that the razor can easily and smoothly get rid of your hair. It also becomes more convenient to shave after you have buzzed your hair and takes lesser time.

Step 2: Wash hair

You should wash your scalp to ensure the area is warm and softened before you begin to shave. It is advisable to use warm water to wash your hair as this will open up your pores and reduce any irritation that can occur otherwise.

Step 3: Use shaving gel

Use a shaving gel so that the razor can glide with ease on your head. You must ensure you are using a good razor.

Dull blades are a big no-no because they will delay the process of shaving. You can use a new razor for shaving your head bald too but take extra precautions when shaving.

Step 4: Shave head

Before you shave, make sure you feel your scalp so you know if there are any skin issues such as bumps you can go over those areas more gently.

Then shave gently by going in one direction. Keep rinsing the blades for a smooth shaving experience.

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Step 5: Apply shaving gel regularly

As you are shaving it is advisable that you re-apply shaving gel so that your skin doesn’t burn and there is no irritation to your skin.

Go over your head and ensure all the hair has been successfully removed. You want to use a handheld mirror to check the back of your head.

Step 6: Rinse head

As the last step, you want to rinse your head with some cool water. Avoid using cold water to wash your head but use some cool water instead.

Then use a towel to dry your scalp. Use an aftershave lotion to moisturize your head and ensure hydration.

uncle hairstyle

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Uncle Fester might be a strange character that most people cannot relate to but he is an amazing character. Despite having lost his wife and being constantly annoyed by his nephews and niece, he is a man with patience who loves his family.

He just has his ways to tread life and how he thinks one should live. As for his bald head, we think it adds goofiness to his character especially when you think of the character as a complete one.

His character would have had a different vibe if he had hair on his head! Do you think Netflix’s show Wednesday Addams will portray Uncle Fester the same way he has always been portrayed?

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