Young Jeezy’s New Haircut 2024

by Helen Sroski

Check out young Jeezy’s new haircut and hairstyle! He looks amazing and you will too if you try out this new style.

Young Jeezy is an American rapper who rose to prominence with his label debut Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101. He has won many aways and accolades in his career.

He won a BET Award in the Viewer’s Choice award category for Hard (with Rihanna) in 2010. He also won the Best Hip-Hop Video in the BET Hip Hop Awards in 2008 for I’m So Hood.

He won two Ozone Awards; one in 2007 for The Inspiration in the category of Best Rap Album and another one for Love in This Club for the Best Rap/R&B Collaboration category in 2008.

He has been nominated for several awards such as the Grammy Awards many times throughout his career so far.  

Young Jeezy’s New Haircut
Source: Instagram

Who Is Young Jeezy?

Young Jeezy
Source: Instagram

Jay Wayne Jenkins was born on September 28th, 1977 in Columbia, South Carolina. He is known by his stage names Young Jeezy, Lil J, or Jeezy. He was involved with the Crip gang members at one point which is where he met Kinky B.

Jeezy and launched Corporate Thugz Entertainment (CTE) in 1998 which was a label imprint. He released his first album called Thuggin’ Under the Influence (T.U.I.) in 2001.

His independent release came in 2003 with Come Shop wit Me. The next year he signed with Bad Boy Records and became part of the Boyz n da Hood. He signed with Def Jam Records in 2004 after several record labels pursued him after his newfound popularity.

Young Jeezy’s New Hairstyle
Source: Instagram

Jeezy’s label debut Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101 was released on July 2005 and it went on to become number 2 on the Billboard 200. RIAA certified it platinum.

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He collaborated with other artists such as Akon. He left the group after he became an established solo artist. His second album was called The Inspiration, released in 2006, and his third album was called The Recession released in 2008.

He released several singles, albums, and mixtapes thereafter through the years. Up until now, he has released ten studio albums. He has acted in a few movies such as I Got The Hook Up 2 and Janky Promoters.

What Is The Name Of The Latest Young Jeezy Haircut?

Young Jeezy haircuts
Source: Instagram

Young Jeezy has had a shaved head for as long as anyone can remember! He still maintains a cleanly shaved head at all times. He often wears caps that conceal his head but when he is out and about, we can see his hair has been neatly shaved.

Are there any benefits to shaving your head? Well, yes. Many. It saves you time because the maintenance is minimal. It saves you tons of money going to the salon and no more expensive hair care products!

A shaved head means you don’t have to feel self-conscious about losing patches of hair or irregular hair growth. It is often the answer to thinning hair too!

Famous haircuts of Young Jeezy

Source: Instagram

Young Jeezy had only one famous haircut which is a shaved head. He shared his grooming routine with GQ and revealed some interesting things about how he takes care of himself such as maintaining that smooth dome.

He uses shaving cream and a razor to remove hair from his head. Using a razor for shaving your head can sound intimidating but it is one of the best ways to achieve the shaved head look that you need.

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Young Jeezy puts on cool bandanas (which never cover his head) and wears caps quite often. However, he isn’t afraid to show his shaved head to anyone.

Steps In Shaving Head

Young Jeezy hairstyles
Source: Instagram

Want the perfect dome-like Young Jeezy? Here is a guide to getting the best-shaven head without skin irritation.

­Step 1: Cut and trim

Depending on the length of your hair, you want to cut it short first. If you already have short hair then trim it as short as you can with scissors or a trimmer.

Then take a shower because softened hair cuts smoothly and you want the experience to be as easy as possible.

Step 2: Lather shaving gel

Apply shaving gel on your hair as it helps the razor do its job well. It also protects your skin so that there is zero irritation after you shave it. Remember to use a good and sharp razor.

If you aren’t sure about the razor then take a look at the lubrastrips; if they are faded then get a new one.

Step 3: Start shaving

Feel for any bumps on your head so that you can go gentle on those areas. Now start shaving slowly and lightly. Avoid putting too much pressure else you will hurt yourself. Go with the grain and then go against the grain to remove every hair strand from your scalp.

Step 4: Rinse blades regularly

A rule of thumb is to always rinse your blade after every shave. Put it under the faucet or dip it in water. When shaking the water off from the blade, don’t slam it against the sink, and don’t wipe it on your towel. Gently shake it off in the air.

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Step 5: Apply shaving gel

Going over the same area twice? Then reapply the shaving gel. Even the best razors can cause burns on your skin which you want to avoid at any cost. Applying the shaving gel, again and again, will help prevent irritation.

Sep 6: Towel off and moisturize

The last step is to towel off your scalp after rinsing your dome with some cool water. Then use an aftershave lotion to moisturize your scalp.

This helps with the soothing process. It also infuses hydration into your scalp which is a must after a clean shave.


Having a shaved head is a matter of personal preference. If you feel that your hair is receding, you can try the power donut before you shave it all off. Or perhaps you want to get the buzzcut.

The shaved head look is popular among celebs so if you are thinking about getting the look you have loads of inspiration to get at it. Plus, it is just hair so it will grow back if you are worried!

The shaved head look has become a norm now so there is nothing to be afraid about. Just be confident like Young Jeezy and everything will fall into place for you. When will you shave your head?

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