Joy-Ann Reid New Haircut 2024

by Helen Sroski

Check out Joy-Ann Reid new haircut here! From the color to the style, everything you need to know about Joy Ann Reid’s new haircut

Joy-Ann Reid is a prominent television personality, author, host, correspondent, and political commentator.

She was also a managing editor, radio producer, and online news editor. She was the first Black primetime anchor to get the 7 p.m. time slot on MSNBC.

Joy-Ann Reid’s accomplishments are impressive and she continues to touch more lives with her journalism as she presents complexities in a way that is easy to understand by everyone.

As talented as Joy-Ann Reid is, her haircuts and hairstyles are just as on point as her journalism. She is a confident woman who is unafraid to be her authentic self.

Joy-Ann Reid New Haircut

Who Is Joy Ann Reid?

Joy-Ann M. Lomena Reid was born on December 8th, 1968 in New York City. She pursued B.A. from Harvard University. Her career in journalism started in 1997 when she started to work for a morning show in South Florida.

Joy-Ann Reid New Haircut

For a year she was the host of ‘Wake Up South Florida’ which was a talk show broadcast.

She was the editor of ‘The Reid Report’ blog from 2000 to 2014, a political columnist for the Miami Herald from 2003 to 2015, and the managing editor of ‘The Grio from 2011 to 2014.

She became the host of ‘The ReidOut’ on MSNBC in July 2020 which was aired at 7 p.m.

Joy-Ann Reid has received many honors for her contribution to the field of journalism and her unique take on issues that affect people.

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In 2018, she was nominated for three NABJ Salute to Excellence Awards one of which she won for the ‘Tragedy of Time: The Kalief Browder Story’. 

She earned a Women’s Media Center’s Carol Jenkins Visible and Powerful Media Award in 2016. She is the author of the book ‘Fracture: Barack Obama, the Clintons, and the Racial Divide.’ She is also a teacher at Syracuse University.

What Is The Name Of The Latest Joy-Ann Reid Haircut?

Joy-Ann Reid has a blond pixie cut right now. She has also got her hair straightened and it complements her face shape.

The pixie cut can work for all face shapes but the type of pixie cut is key although the pixie is generally best for people who have round, oval, and heart-shaped faces.

Joy-Ann Reid’s haircut is subtle yet sophisticated. Her tresses look amazing and they don’t fall on her face too much while giving off a glam vibe.

She generally wears her pixie as is without accessorizing it and it is the best way of showing off a pixie cut in our opinion! The pixie cut makes your best features stand out just like we can see here in the case of Joy-Ann Reid.

Famous Haircuts Of Joy-Ann Reid

Joy-Ann Reid loves to experiment with her hair and she has sported many cute and bold haircuts in her career so far. Here is a breakdown of the popular ones.

Side Part Pixie Cut

The side-part pixie cut in brown is among the best-remembered haircuts she had.

joy ann reid natural hair

The defined pixie cut where her hair was neatly swept to the side looked absolutely fabulous on her. She also had highlights which further made the haircut look stylish.

Curly Afro

The afro demands attention and Joy-Ann Reid’s curly afro moment is one we can never forget.

The coily curls were short and the afro look just gave relaxing vibes. The volume of her curls was awesome and she looked stunning in this haircut.

joy ann reid new hairstyle

Curly Lob

The curly lob haircut is another one that we love. The shoulder-length curly lob had a contrasting black and chestnut color that looked attractive. It suited her personality and made her face look slimmer.

joy reid blonde hair

Side Part Wavy Bob

Joy-Ann Reid loves her bob haircuts and this is just one of the many she sported. This wavy bob gives off beachy vibes and everything fun. The side part of the bob makes her look beautiful and the soft waves create balance.

joy reid eye injury

Blond Pixie

The latest haircut of Joy-Ann Reid is the pixie haircut. She has dyed her hair blond and is rocking the pixie cut with full confidence.

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We have fallen in love with this look on her because this incredible haircut looks feminine and divine.

Joy-Ann Reid

Steps In Getting The Pixie Haircut

You can get a pixie haircut at home with this DIY method. Before you start, make sure you have the supplies; a mirror, an electric razor, 1-inch blade guard, scissors,

Step 1: Prepare your hair

This haircut can be done on all types of hair but it has to be clean and dry. The haircut is easiest on straight hair because you can easily see the length of the haircut.

If you have wavy or curly hair then straighten your hair before you proceed to cut it for a precise cut. You want to also part your hair the way you are planning to rock the pixie cut.

Step 2: Slowly cut using an electric razor

When it comes to DIY haircuts, you want to proceed with caution. If you cut too much you will have to wait until your hair grows back.

Using the electric razor and the 1-inch blade guard, you want to start by using them on the sides of your hair using an upward motion.

If you want a certain portion of your hair to be long, then hold it down and avoid cutting that area.

Step 3: Shave the back

Using the electric razor, you want to continue to the back of your head. It is best if you have another mirror so you can see how well you are cutting at the back of your head.

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This is the trickiest part to cut and it may take some time so be prepared. If you want some hair to be on the front like Joy Ann Reid then comb it towards the front so you don’t accidentally cut it.

Step 4: Cut strays with scissors

You will probably have some stray hairs lurking here and there. You can use a pair of scissors to cut those so that they are a part of your pixie cut and sit well with the rest of the cut.

Now cut the longest hair to the length you want when it falls on your forehead. You can do this by using scissors for more control over your hair cutting.

Joy-Ann Reid’s net worth


Joy-Ann Reid is a woman who has worked hard to reach the position she has reached and she has not let her stylish self get lost in the process.

She has tried an array of haircuts ever since she debuted on television and we love how much she has changed her look over the years.

Whether it is the side-part pixie cut or a bob haircut, Joy-Ann Reid knows the haircuts that look great on her.

We think her latest pixie cut is the best one yet on her and you can see it in her smile! What haircut do you think looks the best on Joy Ann Reid?

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