Wesley Snipes’s New Haircut 2024

by Helen Sroski

Are you wondering what Wesley Snipes’s new haircut looks like? Check out his new look and see if you can tell the difference.

Wesley Snipes is a producer and actor who is known as the ultimate action hero. What makes Wesley Snipes particularly great is his ability to blend into his roles and make them come to life.

Even if he has a 5-minute role in a movie, you will remember him because of his excellent performance and screen presence. Just like his acting chops, his haircuts have been intriguing.

From the movie ‘Demolition Man’ to ‘Blade’, Wesley Snipes’ haircuts inspired people from the sports field and people like us who were looking for something bold. Today, with his bald look he is inspiring people again.

Wesley Snipes's New Haircut

Wesley Snipes’s New Haircut

Who Is Wesley Snipes?

Wesley Snipes was born on July 31st, 1962 in Orlando, Florida, U.S. He grew up in the Bronx and showed interest in martial arts when he was just seven years old.

His acting career started when he starred in an Off-Broadway production called ‘The Me Nobody Knows’ when he was just 12 years old and he took acting seriously after that.

Wesley Snipes

He holds a B.A. degree from the State University of New York. His acting career, as an adult, began in Wildcats which was released in 1986. He was part of several TV productions and soap operas too.

There was no stopping him when he came into the limelight. He became part of numerous projects that were box office hits such as Blade which was released in 1998 and Passenger 57.

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He is recognized for his impressive work in movies Mo’ Better Blues, New Jack City, Jungle Fever, Chi-Raq, and To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar.

Wesley Snipes is unafraid to play characters that other actors will think twice to take up. Wesley Snipes faced hurdles when he had to serve time in jail due to not filing tax returns.

He was released in 2013. Wesley Snipes is also a co-writer of Talon of God which was published in 2017 along with Ray Norman.

What Is The Name Of The Latest Wesley Snipes Haircut?

At the moment Wesley Snipes is looking dapper in a completely bald look as his head is completely shaved. Perhaps he was tired of all that hair and decided once and for all that he wanted to go bald.

Regardless, no one is complaining because he is looking dashing in his bald look.

He is ensuring that his bald look stays the same because whenever he steps out there is not even a little bit of hair on his head which means he shaves it whenever it grows even a little bit. 

Famous Haircuts Of Wesley Snipes

Wesley Snipes has had a slew of haircuts ever since he started his movie industry journey.

The crazy haircuts were often the demand of the script which means he had no control over those. Here are some memorable haircuts of Wesley Snipes.

Blond Flat Top Haircut

The ‘Demolition Man’ haircut is iconic for many reasons. While Wesley got rid of it quickly once he completed shooting, the blond flat top haircut was quite fun just like his character in the movie.

Wesley Snipes net worth

It stuck to our heads for sure because being so over-the-top! The haircut had an angular style. This put all attention on his dark blond curly hair.

Blade Haircut

The ‘Blade’ haircut has a fanbase of its own because it is so amazing. The flat top haircut was similar to the blond flat top he sported earlier but this time it was all his natural hair color; black.

wesley snipes blade haircut

This haircut has more detail as there was a stripe of hair right below the actual flat-top haircut. There was also some tattoo design on the shaved areas of the head and the back of the ears so it was just wow.

Short Afro

Wesley Snipes had a short afro at one point. The short afro suits his face cut and he let it grow for quite some time before he went all bald.

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The short afro reminded people of his earlier flat-top haircuts for movies but in real life, he kept it simple and cool.

wesley snipes new jack city haircut

The short afro looked classy and he did not get any surgical cuts or any other addition to the short afro making sure it is minimal yet impactful.


Wesley Snipes isn’t the only celebrity who is rocking the full bald look. Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, and Stanley Tucci are some of the big names who have been bald for as long as we can remember.

wesley snipes haircut

Wesley Snipes looks more powerful in the bald look because there is just something about him that stands out.

Steps In Going Completely Bald

Want to try the DIY route to baldness? Here is how you can do it with a razor.

Step 1: Soften hair and apply gel

You should wash your hair before you cut it so that it becomes soft. Then trim your hair to be as short as possible.

Now apply a shaving gel so that when you shave you don’t experience any skin irritation. It will make it easier for the razor to glide.

Step 2: Start shaving

You want to ensure you have sharp blades so you don’t have to go over your scalp many times.

You should gently shave your hair to avoid bruising your scalp. You can go in any direction you choose but have patience and do it slowly.

Step 3: Save your ears

When you are shaving the portion near your ears, make sure you are folding it with your other hand otherwise you can hurt your ears.

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As you are shaving your hair make sure you are washing the blades with running water for precision shaving. When you are reshaving, apply gel again.

Step 4: Make sure to care for your scalp

When you are done shaving your head, make sure that you rise your head with cool water. Then use a towel to dry the area.

You want to then apply an aftershave lotion for moisturization. It is best to continue frequently shaving so that your hair doesn’t grow.

wesley snipes hair piece true story


Wesley Snipes has had some quite interesting haircuts some of which he wasn’t proud of but he inspired many others with his hair so there is nothing wrong with it!

Even though his haircut experimentation was part of playing a certain role, he truly rocked those haircuts and hairstyles. Wesley Snipes seems to be embracing his bald look with pride and he looks handsome in it.

What are your thoughts about Wesley Snipes’ decision to go bald? Do you think he looked better in his previous haircuts or do you like the bald look more?

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