Rebecca Herbst’s New Haircut 2024

by Helen Sroski

Check out Rebecca Herbst’s new haircut and get the look that you’ve always wanted! Her stylish new hairstyle will definitely turn heads.

Rebecca Herbst is an American actress who has appeared in several TV shows, TV films, and commercials. She portrays the role of Elizabeth Webber in the drama series General Hospital which airs on ABC.

Rebecca Herbst

Her first appearance on the show was on August 1st, 1997, and she continues to play the role of Elizabeth to this day.

Rebecca Herbst New Haircut

Rebecca Herbst is not only known for her ongoing role as the nurse in the series but her haircuts and styles get the same attention.

Over the years she has experimented with tons of haircuts and styles that fans love.

Rebecca Herbst’s New Haircut

Who Is Rebecca Herbst?

Rebecca Ann Herbst was born on May 12th, 1977 in Encino, California, the U.S. She is often called Becky Herbst too.

Rebecca Herbst

She has been active since 1986 because from a young age she was always passionate about being on television. When she was just six years old, she told her mother about her interest in television.

Rebecca Herbst haircut

Eventually, she went on to be a part of more than 60 commercials and starred in various television films and shows.

Some of these television shows include L.A. Law, Brotherly Love, 90210, Beverly Hills, Days Of Our Lives, and Highway To Heaven.

Her breakthrough role was playing Elizabeth Webber in General Hospital and she got nominated three times for a Daytime Emmy Award; in 1999, 2007, and 2012.

Rebecca Herbst new haicut

She won the Soap Opera Digest Award for Outstanding Younger Supporting Actress in a Drama Series in 1999 for the same role.

Many people don’t know this but Elizabeth was a competitive ice skater until she was 16 years old. She had to give it up to pursue her acting career.

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She still enjoys ice skating and rollerblading when she has time to do so. Today, she still appears in General Hospital and is busy living her life to the fullest with her husband and three children.

What Is The Name Of The Latest Rebecca Herbst Haircut?

Rebecca Herbst has a wavy bob haircut at the moment. The waves give her hair more texture and bounciness.

Rebecca Herbst new hairstyle

As Rebecca has a round face shape and a strong jawline, it eases those sharp features. Her hair is parted sideways and it looks like it is pretty basic to maintain.

The bob haircut is popular among women not only because of its easy maintenance but also because of how many styles you can create with it.

We have seen Rebecca rock the side part wavy bob and waves towards the ends of the hair. Both styles look fun and light.

Famous Haircuts Of Rebecca Herbst

Rebecca Herbst has gone through some cool haircuts over the years. Here are some of the most famous haircuts of the actress.

Rebecca Herbst with Bob Haircut

The bob haircut suited Rebecca well and her bubbly personality. At times she had straight hair and at other times it was curly.

Both the variants went well with her face shape. This haircut was prominent when she started appearing on television.

Rebecca Herbsthair

Her hair was mostly left open and we saw her first in this haircut in the late 90s and early 2000s. She sported this hair later on too though.

She let her hair do the talking and so didn’t accessorize with hair accessories and left it to naturally look amazing as it is. At the moment, this is the haircut that she has although it looks a bit wavier.

Rebecca Herbst with Lob Haircut

Rebecca started to grow her hair (after the bob haircut phase) and this is when she reached the lob haircut stage. The hair was neatly cut though which means she probably got the edges trimmed for the clean look.

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The lob haircut is a shoulder-length bob haircut. She also had long side-swept bangs which were subtle yet stylish.

rebecca herbst hair

She got chestnut highlights also at a point and they stood out on her dark brown hair while also highlighting her tresses beautifully.

The color complimented her dark brown hair colour and it made her hair look glossier.

Rebecca Herbst with Bangs With Shoulder-length Hair

Rebecca Herbst had armpit-length hair which is longer than shoulder-length hair. Instead of letting it just be long, she also had bangs.

This was visible in some episodes of the General Hospital. Instead of styling the bangs sideways, Rebecca decided to keep them at the front so that they are visible on her forehead.

The rest of the hair was put in a ponytail. This haircut minimized her large forehead.

In real life she doesn’t mind her forehead but, in the show, we can often see that they try to side-part her hair so that a portion of the forehead is hidden. We think she looks fabulous in any way!

How to get hair like Rebecca Herbst?

The bob haircut seems to be the flavor of the season because so many celebrities are being seen in it.

Even the long-haired Rapunzels are opting for bob for that extra oomph factor. Here is how you can get the Rebecca-like bob haircut at home.

rebecca herbst hair

Step 1: Make a ponytail

You need to make a tight ponytail and secure it with a hair tie. Make sure it sits at the center of the back of your head.

Remember that you will be cutting your hair to the hair tie level so make sure it is at the place where you want your hair ends to be.

Step 2: Cut across

You don’t want to overthink the next step because it will cause an uneven cutting. When you have secured the hair tie, you want to cut it straight across.

You may need to trim the edges for a cleaner look because sometimes there are just those few strands of hair that didn’t get cut properly.

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Step 3: Create a soft line

Although you can stop at the previous step, let us take it a step further so your hair looks exactly like Rebecca’s. Put your chin down towards your neck and then slowly chip away the hair ends.

You want to put your scissors at 90 degrees so that it looks more natural. Then clean up the cut if necessary.

If you want the texture like Rebecca, then you can use a wave spray. It works on both damp hair and dry hair so it doesn’t matter when you apply it to your tresses.

Then quickly with your hand, scrunch to create waves at the bottom of your hair. If you have time, then use an iron to achieve the waves.

rebecca herbst haircut

Will Rebecca Herbst’s Hairstyle Look Good On You?

According to the “2.25 rule,” if the distance between your ear and chin is less than 2.25 inches, your face would look best with a short hairstyle like a young bob. Your facial structure is less likely to be suited to short hair if the measurement is greater than 2.25 inches, therefore you should choose for longer hair instead.

Choose a shorter, clean-lined bob with sharp angles if your face is long and thin. A longer bob will seem more attractive on you if your face is more rounded.


Rebecca Herbst’s wavy bob haircut isn’t just cute but it is one of the most versatile haircuts out there for women.

Suitable for all face shapes, her bob is an inspiration to women who have long been thinking about getting a haircut that is low on maintenance but high on the glamor quotient.

You can leave the bob as is or you can use hair accessories such as a bandana, hairbands, clips, and so on for a more fashionable look.

Do you like Rebecca’s haircut and do you think you will try the bob haircut anytime soon?

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