Jamie Foxx New Haircut 2024

by Helen Sroski

Check out Jamie Foxx new haircut. His new haircut is trendy and perfect for the summer season.

Jamie Foxx is a talent powerhouse who has numerous awards and accolades to his name for his musical and acting career.

These include two Grammy Awards in 2009 and 2010, an Academy Award in 2005, a Golden Globe Award in 2005, and more.

Known as a comedic genius and immersing himself in the character he is playing, Jamie Foxx has carved a name for himself in Hollywood.

He can sing, he can make the funniest jokes, he can act in an array of roles, and he can produce. What is it that this man can’t do?

Jamie Foxx’s acting and music career aren’t the only things about him that make him among the best. It is his haircut and hairstyles over the years that have caught people’s attention as well.

Jamie Foxx New Haircut

Jamie Foxx does not go overboard and outright outrageous when it comes to his haircuts, but his sleek hairdos have been the talk of the town for a long time.

He experiments more and is willing to try any hairstyle when he is playing a certain character in a movie. Jamie Foxx’s favorite hairstyle has been the buzz cut.

Who Is Jamie Foxx?

Born on December 13th 1967 in Terrell, Texas, Jamie Foxx’s original name is Eric Marlon Bishop. His maternal grandparents took him in and raised him after his parents decided to separate soon after he was born.

His interest in music started early on when he started to learn piano at the age of five.

He earned a scholarship to Alliant International University (then known as the United States International University) in San Diego. He pursued music theory and classical piano there.

jamie foxx age

When he was still studying, he began to perform and show his comedic prowess by performing on open-mike nights.

His epic impersonations of people like Bill Cosby, Mike Tyson, and other well-known personalities were loved by audiences. He changed his name for showbiz to Jamie Foxx.

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In 1991, he emerged a winner of the Bay Area Black Comedy Competition. This paved the way for the audition for In Living Color where he became a regular.  

Offers started pouring in when producers saw Jamie Foxx’s capability. One of his most notable roles to date has been in Ray which was released in 2004.

He played the role of Ray Charles. His depiction and his attention to the minute nuances in this role earned him respect from the film fraternity.

Those who brushed off Foxx for just being good for comedy started to take him seriously. Today, he has done over 55 movies and released albums that have showcased his talent.

What Is The Name Of The Latest Jamie Foxx Haircut?

Jamie Foxx is a fan of the buzz cut because that is the style that we see him most of the time. From the start of his career, the buzz cut is the style he has felt most comfortable in.

jamie foxx young

We have never seen Jamie in dreadlocks or any long hair hairdos perhaps because the short hairstyles suit him best.

The buzz cut is a versatile haircut because it suits a majority of face shapes. Jamie Foxx has an oval face shape and the precision of the buzz cut gives his face a more defined look.  

The buzz cut is not new as it was traditionally a haircut that many men preferred because of how it has the oomph factor. Its low maintenance is probably the reason why many men even today cannot get enough of the hairstyle.

Jamie Foxx has stuck with variations of the buzz cut over the years and all the ones he has tried look good on him.

The buzz cut, when done right, can elevate the look of any individual regardless of how the person has styled himself such as with clothes, accessories, and so on.

Famous Haircuts Of Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx has been careful when it comes to experimenting with haircuts. He has preferred the close shave buzz cut hairstyle with slight variations and it suits him pretty well. He has also opted for a full shave haircut.

Buzz Cut

During the 90s, when he debuted on television, he had thick hair where the buzz cut was apparent. Then during the 2000s, his hairline started to visibly recede.

jamie foxx new haircut name

Over time, it was clear that he had some hair treatment done as his earlier hairline started to make a comeback.

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It is speculated that he opted for hair transplantation although he never confirmed nor denied these reports. He chose to have a close shave buzz cut hairstyle after that.

Full Shave

Jamie Foxx has opted for a full shave haircut that suits his face shape. The lowest maintenance haircut, the full shave was accompanied by a myriad of beard variations.

jamie foxx new haircut movie

At times Foxx let his stubble hair grow. At other times he went with the stubble look. He has also opted for the circle beard.

Foxx has never grown his beard long just like his hair and this constant has helped him stay unique in his way.

Steps In Getting The Buzz Cut Haircut

The buzz cut haircut is among the most popular haircuts. Here is how you can attempt the Jamie Foxx haircut at home.

Step 1: Gather the required supplies and choose the length

You will need a reliable hair clipper, hair trimmer (for precision), a hand mirror, and hair clipper attachment combs.

If you have long hair at the moment then a comb will also be required. Next, choose the length of the buzz cut. In the case of Jamie Foxx, he maintains hair that is quite close to the scalp.

Step 2: Prep your hair and start buzzing

Your hair should be washed and dried before buzz cutting for the best results. You want to start with the sides of the head.

Buzz it slowly from one end to the other on the side for safety. You can use a ¼-inch clipper attachment to do this.

Make sure you keep the clipper close to your head. It is best to go for the stripe method.

jamie foxx beard

Step 3: Buzz the top and back

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The 3/8-inch attachment of the clipper is best for the top section because this is the area that will have the longest hair in comparison to the remaining hair.

Buzz from front to back by holding the clipper close to the head as usual. Then buzz the back of the head using a vanity mirror and hand mirror so you can precisely see what you are buzzing starting from the neck towards your crown.

Step 4: Taper the edges

You want to taper the edges using the no. 1 or the 1/8-inch attachment. You will need to scoop the clipper on your hair. This will help you blend.

Then do this over your ears. You want to then continue to the back starting from your head and then heading towards the ears.

Then trim the sideburns. For the Foxx look, create a line and then shave the area behind your neck completely.  

When you are done doing this, ensure that you have blended well and not missed any spots.

It is best to take a shower so that all the loose hair that you cut is cleaned and you can enjoy your Jamie Foxx buzz haircut.

jamie foxx


Jamie Foxx’s haircut is iconic because it’s versatile, neat, and looks uber cool. You can get the buzz cut at home although you will need some patience, the right tools for your hair, and some dedication.

If things don’t go as planned, you can always visit your favorite salon for the Jamie Foxx buzz haircut if you are unable to get the exact look of your dreams.

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