Gayle King’s New Haircut 2024

by Helen Sroski

Are you wondering what Gayle King’s new haircut looks like? Read on to find out all the info you need, from the inspirations to how to get the same look at home!

Gayle King is a prominent host, broadcast journalist, author, editor-at-large, and TV personality who has been listed on Time magazine’s “100 Most Influential People of 2019”.

She has received several awards for her journalism and has won 3 Emmys. Gayle King was also inducted into the Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame in 2018.

As she is such as influential individual, Gayle King ensures her haircuts are as bold as she is and leaves no stone unturned to ensure she looks the part.

Gayle King's New Haircut

Throughout her career, Gayle King has tried many haircuts that go well with her face shape and that compliment her.

Gayle King’s New Haircut

Who is Gayle King?

Gayle King was born on December 28th, 1954 in Chevy Chase, Maryland, U.S. She holds a degree in psychology from the University of Maryland, College Park.

She then went on to work on many television stations such as WTOP-TV in Washington, WDAF-TV in Kansas City, and so on. Then she joined WFSB-TV in Connecticut which is an affiliate of CBS in 1981.

She worked as a news anchor for 18 years here. She also worked on ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ as a special correspondent.

Gayle King net worth

In 1991, she worked as a talk show host in Cover to Cover after which she hosted ‘The Gayle King Show’ which got canceled after just a season. She hosted the same show on XM Satellite Radio in 2006.

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She hosted ‘The Gayle King Show’ on OWN in 2011 for 10 months before it ended because she started co-anchoring ‘CBS This Morning’ along with Charlie Rose.

Gayle King became an editor for O, The Oprah Magazine in 1999 and she continues to be an editor there to this day.

Over her career, Gayle King has interviewed established artists, politicians, and celebrities. She has also had the opportunity to get exclusive interviews with many people.

She has a live radio show that is aired weekly called ‘Gayle King in the House’ on SiriusXM. She continues to be at the forefront of co-hosting and interviewing.

What Is The Name Of The Latest Gayle King Haircut?

Gayle King surely knows what suits her best and she is doing her best to try different hair colors and hairstyles that suit her face shape.

Gayle King’s new haircut is simple and sophisticated as she has opted for a no-fuss side-part bob. With her naturally curly hair, the bob accentuates her facial features.

Gayle King

Perhaps this is the reason why she has tried so many types of bob haircuts over the years! Her latest bob haircut is a straight haircut where all the ends of her hair are on the same level.

The bob has a flattering effect on her and due to her oblong face shape, it gives the face a more rounded appearance thereby eliminating the long appearance.

Famous Haircuts Of Gayle King

Gayle King is a bob haircut queen because she has had so many! The best part is that she has always kept her hair short above shoulder level and this is the perfect style for her oblong face. Here are some amazing bob haircuts of Gayle King.

Chin-length Bob With Bangs

Gayle King loves her chin-length bob with bangs because she has had this haircut for quite some time. The bangs give an illusion of a smaller face frame and they make her face look fuller and rounder.

gayle king husband

She styled the chin-length bob in a myriad of ways. At times she had complete straight hair while at other times she had a wavy bob style going on. She also opted for natural straight-and-wavy hair.

Layered Bob With Bangs

The layered bob with bangs is one of the most iconic haircuts she has flaunted. She opted for the chestnut hair color.

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The different layers in the bob haircut gave her hair more bounce and made the hair look thicker. It also added texture to her hair.

The bangs along with the layers looked remarkable on Gayle King and she worse this haircut with elan.

Side-swept Bob

The side-swept bob is another famous haircut of Gayle King. She had a side part and the long bangs were swept to the side.

She seems to have loved this side-swept style as we saw various styles in this particular haircut.

gayle king age

For example, she had it when she curled her entire hair and when she had the spiral curl hairstyle. They all went well with the haircut and she looked absolutely fabulous.

One Length Curly Bob

The current haircut of Gayle King is the one-length bob haircut. Here, her signature bangs are missing and all the hair is one length.

She still hasn’t ditched the side part though as it is still a big part of her hair. But her hair seems healthier and more natural with multiple colors. She looks refreshing and ravishing in this new curly bob haircut.

Steps In Getting a Bob Haircut

Want to know how you can emulate the one-length curly bob like Gayle King? Here is a step-by-step instruction to help you DIY.

gayle king children

Step 1: Part sideways

You want to start by parting your hair because this is how you will style the bob. You want to make sure you make a clean line when parting.

Then, dampen your hair by spritzing some water on all hair. You should part it so that it extends to the base of your head.

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Step 2: Section your hair

Now that you have two sections; on either side of the part, you want to then start with cutting your hair.

It is best if you hold sit straight when you are cutting and you have a large mirror and a smaller mirror to guide your cutting.

Step 3: Start cutting

You then want to comb through your hair so there are no knots. Then take your hair into smaller sections and start cutting at a slight angle.

Continue doing this until your hair is at the same level and at least an inch below your ear. When cutting the back of your hair, start by cutting a little bit at a time.

If you have straight hair, then you can curl your hair and then use some hair product for the gel effect like Gayle King’s hair.

gayle king


Gayle King has evolved from how she used to style her hair in the past even though she always opted for short-length haircuts.

As a close friend of Oprah for nearly 5 decades, Gayle King has mastered the art of styling her hair and getting her hair styled by professionals that goes well with her oblong face.

Gayle King’s latest haircut is a testament to the fact that she wants to keep things simple yet classy. What do you think of her new hair? Do you think it is the best one she has yet or did you prefer any of her previous haircuts?

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