Aaron Judge’s New Haircut 2024

by Helen Sroski

Aaron Judge’s new haircut has everyone talking and why people are loving it. Check out the details here and decide for yourself if you want to go for a similar look.

Aaron Judge is an American professional baseball player who is currently playing for the New York Yankees in MLB as an outfielder. He was selected in the 2013 MLB draft in the first round and was the 32nd pick overall.

Aaron Judge is a determined and focused player who has created many records whether it is for the New York Yankees franchise records, the AL record, or the MLB records.

Aaron Judge is also picky when it comes to his haircuts and styles because he hasn’t changed them much since he was in the limelight. However, his style is inspiring because he has chosen what feels best to him and what reflects his personality.

Aaron Judge's New Haircut

Aaron Judge’s New Haircut

Who Is Aaron Judge?

Aaron James Judge was born on April 26th, 1992 in Linden, California. Despite being good at playing football and the interest of top colleges in getting him recruited, Aaron Judge chose baseball.

He enrolled in California State University, Fresno, and played for the Fresno State Bulldogs baseball team. He impressed people with his play and he won the TD Ameritrade College Home Run Derby in 2012 among other accomplishments early in his career.

His professional career began in 2014 when he played for Charleston RiverDogs and since then he got promoted to eventually play in the MLB. He started playing in MLB in 2016.  

Aaron Judge made his MLB debut on August 2016 with the New York Yankees. He is still with the same team. Over the course of his career, he had many highlights and won several awards.

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He is the recipient of All Start 4 times; 2017, 2018, 2021, and 2022. He was the AL Rookie of the Year in 2017 and he won the AL home run leader in the same year. He received the Silver Slugger Award twice; once in 2017 and another in 2021.

Aarin judge recent haircut in 2023

He also won the All-MLB First Team in 2021 and the Fielding Bible Award the same year. In 2019, he won the Wilson Defensive Player of the Year Award. He is also the founder of the Aaron Judge All Rise Foundation.

What Is The Name Of The Latest Aaron Judge Haircut?

Aaron Judge has a short mohawk skin fade haircut as the hair on the top of his head is much longer than the sides. Rather than a sharp contrast of a lot of hair then no hair, he has a fade haircut whereby there is a gradual progression into the skin.

You can see that between his ears and the hair at the top of his head, there is a visible fade where the hair gets shorter and shorter.

The short mohawk ends at the nape of the neck and the longest hair is an inch or so long compared to the traditional mohawk where the hair is much longer. A punk haircut for sure, this haircut can be customized to your style and your preferences.

Here is Aaron Judge’s recent haircut. This was taken just two weeks ago around end of February 2023.

aaron judge recent haircut
aaron judge recent haircut

Famous Haircuts Of Aaron Judge

Aaron Judge had some haircuts that caught the attention of his fans and were popular.


The complete buzzcut style is the go-to haircut of many male athletes because it can be done at home and is super easy to maintain.

Once cut you don’t have to worry about the haircut for quite a while although regular trimmings are recommended for that buzzcut look.

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Aaron Judge had the same length cut where all the hair was of the same length throughout his head. Buzzcut may be a simple haircut but that doesn’t make it any less awesome in our opinion!

Buzzcut Fade

Aaron Judge took the buzzcut to another level when he went for the buzzcut fade. The top portion of his head had the buzzcut while the sides of the head had minimal hair in comparison.

The buzzcut fade is among the most popular haircuts today and it is easy to see why. It is stylish and looks good. Even someone standing far away can notice it and it looks good on all hair textures and face shapes. We think Aaron Judge looks phenomenal in this cut!

Steps In Getting A Short Mohawk Haircut

Want a short mohawk haircut DIY? Here is how you can do it on your own.

Step 1: Start with the nape

Using a good quality trimmer, you want to give yourself a ‘V’ shape cut at the nape of your neck. This is the easiest part so that is why we are starting with this.

You should do this using mirrors to ensure you are getting the shape of the mohawk base correct. You want to secure the hair on top as that will be cut the last.

Step 2: Work on the skin fade

With the no guard and the lever closed on your trimmer, make a guideline around your ear area that goes until the nape.

This will be done on a large area because you are going for a skin fade and so just leave half an inch of hair apart from the hair on top of your head.

You want to repeat this on the other side of your head. You can then use a razor to shave the area or leave it as is if you want.

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Step 3: Clean up the skin fade

Now using the trimmer with no guard and the lever completely open, you want to trim the extra hair strip that you left beside the top of your hair on each side.

This will give that skin fade effect and act as a buffer between the top of your head (which has the most hair) and the hairless portion of your head.

Step 4: Complete the mohawk cut

Now it is just the hair on top of your head that is remaining to be cut. You want to use a comb and then using that as a guideline you will cut your hair to the length you prefer.

You will keep doing this until the back of your head where the hair should be short. It is best to take your time when cutting this length for uniformity purposes.

Will Aaron Judge’s Haircut – Short Mohawk Haircut – suit you?

The mohawk haircut with fade looks great on square faces. However, if you have a round face and really want to try the mohawk cut with fade, ask your stylist for a loose-flowing mohawk. To be honest, Mohawk haircuts are extremely versatile and can be adjusted according to your face cut and shape. Just ask your stylist!


Aaron Judge’s simple, sophisticated, and cool haircuts make him look dapper effortlessly. The best aspect of short hairstyles is that they are easy to style, maintain, and flaunt.

You don’t have to make an effort to set them much. That being said, it is imperative that you ensure your cut remains the same so regular trimming is required if you want to keep the same look for a long time.

Aaron Judge’s haircuts are excellent examples of simplicity and class. What do you think of his haircuts? Do you think he should have chosen more daring haircuts like some other baseball players?

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