Justin Turner’s New Haircut 2024

by Helen Sroski

Wondering about Justin Turner’s new haircut? Justin Turner has definitely reinvented the baseball haircut. Here are the details on his new haircut and all the hype it’s been getting.

Any baseball fan will know that Justin Turner seems to just belong to the Dodgers because he has become an integral part of the team.

Whether it is his experience or his expert skills at the plate, Justin Turner became a household name in baseball ever since he started.

Dodgers will never be the same without Justin Turner. As good as he is in the game, his hair and beard get plenty of attention on and off-field because of their length.

Justin Turner loves his hair and beard which is quite evident in how happy he is in growing them out. 

Justin Turner New Haircut

Justin Turner’s New Haircut

Who Is Justin Turner?

Justin Matthew Tuner was born on November 23rd, 1984 in Long Beach, California. He was interested in baseball from a young age and he also got honored when he was playing in college.

Today, he is a professional baseball player. He previously played for the Baltimore Orioles and New York Mets and he now plays for the Los Angeles Dodgers of the Major League Baseball or the MLB.

Justin Turner net worth

He has an All-Star in 2017. In the same year, he won the National League Championship Series Most Valuable Player Award. The Dodgers won the 2020 World Series and Justin Turner’s performance was praised. 

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Ever since starting his professional career, Justin Turner has shown how remarkable he is on the field.

His focus and dedication show when he is playing making him one of the most valuable players in the world of baseball. In the games that he has played so far, Justin Turner has shown his capability and resilience.

Justin Turner and his wife Kourtney Pogue founded the Justin Turner Foundation which is aimed to help veterans who have no homes.

Impressed with the baseball legend’s contribution, the L.A. City Council announced that January 22nd, 2019 is Justin Turner Day. 

What Is The Name Of The Latest Justin Turner Haircut?

Justin Turner is known to be proud of being a redhead. His hair and beard are testaments to that! His current haircut in 2022 is shoulder-length hair that is cut straight.

Justin Turner

His beard complements his hair as he has been growing his beard too over the years. Justin Turner has straight hair and the shoulder-length hair looks good on any face shape.

He is often seen leaving it open. If he wants to keep his face clear of his hair, then he either puts on a baseball cap or puts on a bandana that goes around his forehead and onto the back. 

Famous Haircuts Of Justin Turner

Justin Turner is known for his huge beard and long hair today. But it wasn’t always like that, especially early on in his career.

Here are the two haircuts of Justin Turner that you should know if you a big fan of him. 

Buzz Cut

At the beginning of Justin Turner’s career, he had a buzz cut. This was in 2009. The buzz-cut haircut is one of the most popular haircuts for men because it is free of hassles.

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The buzz-cut haircut is best for people with oval, diamond, and square face shapes. But even others can make it work by styling their beards a certain way so that more definition is added to your jawline.

Justin Turner New Hairstyle

Justin Turner kept his hair short for the next few seasons and he had stubble. It was a clean look as he did not have much facial hair either.

He then started to grow his hair out after a while. He did go back to the buzz cut sometime later too.

Shoulder-length Straight Hair

Justin Turner started to grow out his hair after a few seasons of a buzz cut. Once he started, he didn’t stop and he let his hair continue to grow until shoulder-length.

Today, his hair has become longer and it touches his shoulders. He has a straight haircut because all his tresses are equal.

Justin Turner's haircut

He just puts his hair back in no particular pattern and it just stays that way as he puts on a cap regularly.

This was also visible when he wore bandanas.  Justin Turner chose to let his beard grow as well and he is now known for that. 

Steps In Getting a Shoulder-length Straight Haircut

Justin Turner has a simple straight haircut that is easy to achieve as there are no layers and complexities involved. Here is how you can get the same haircut. 

when did justin turner cut his hair

Step 1: Prep your items 

You can use this using clippers or scissors so whichever tool you need, bring it out and ensure that it is in working condition.

If using scissors, make sure that you are using professional haircutting scissors because these will allow for a precise cut without much effort. 

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Step 2: Snip a little at a time

You want to go slow when it comes to cutting your hair because it will take time to grow back so there is no room for errors.

To make it easy, tie your hair in a ponytail and then cut it a little at a time. You can put the ponytail at the front for clear visibility. 

Step 3: Clean up for precision 

As a first-timer, it will be difficult to get it right in one go. In order to clean up your cut, make sure that your hair is dampened and then you look for hair strands that are longer than the rest.

Then slowly cut it so it matches the length of the others. You may need to open your hair to check several times. 

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Justin Turner’s long hair looks amazing and he seems to be enjoying his hairdo that requires minimal care.

A straight haircut is one of the simplest styles you can choose from and as you saw earlier it is pretty easy to obtain especially for those with straight hair.

Are you planning on dyeing your hair so it looks like Justin Turner’s? What are your thoughts about his hair evolution?

Do you think he looked better in a buzz cut or do you think he looks best in the long hair along with the beard that he is currently sporting? 

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