Marcus Stroman’s New Haircut 2023

by Helen Sroski

Wondering about Marcus Stroman’s new haircut? See the latest pictures of Marcus Stroman’s new haircut and get inspired to have your own.

Marcus Stroman is a professional American baseball pitcher. Despite being one of the shortest baseball pitchers, it has never stopped him or slowed down his baseball skills.

He is a proud pitcher who has been recognized for his hard work, dedication, and perseverance on the baseball field.

Marcus Stroman is a person who is never afraid to speak his mind and when it comes to his haircuts, it is no different.

He has tried some cool and trendy hairstyles since he came into the spotlight. At the moment, he is looking uber cool with his buzz cut.

Marcus Stroman's New Haircut

Marcus Stroman’s New Haircut

Who is Marcus Stroman?

Marcus Earl Stroman was born on May 1st, 1991 in Medford, New York. Interestingly, he has drafted in 2009 MLB where he was 532nd overall.

However, he didn’t sign at that time. Instead, he chose to go to Duke University where he played baseball and was on the Duke Blue Devils team. He holds a degree in sociology from Duke University.

In 2010 and 2011, he played summer baseball where he was part of the Orleans Firebirds team of CCBL. This is when he got the All-Star.

As he was an exceptional player, in 2012, he was considered one of the best players to be drafted by MLB.

Marcus Stroman

Marcus Stroman played for Toronto Blue Jays from 2014 to 2019. Then he joined the New York Mets in 2019 and 2021.

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He started playing for the Chicago Cubs in 2022 and continues to be a part of that team. He has signed a three-year contract with the team.

He has partnered with many big-name brands including Nike. He has made an appearance in a music video in 2016 in the album titled ‘These Days’ by Mike Stud.

Mike Stud was one of his teammates when they were studying at Duke University. Marcus Stroman has many tattoos which represent something significant for him.

What Is The Name Of The Latest Marcus Stroman Haircut?

The current Marcus Stroman haircut is a buzzcut and it took many of his fans by surprise because his hair has always been on the longer side.

Whether he rocked the mohawk style or the braided mohawk, you could see that he loved to grow his hair; even if it meant only a portion of it.

Oftentimes he wore the durag when he had long hair so we wonder if he will continue to do that post his buzzcut haircut.

Regardless, it is nice to see him in short hair and he looks dapper in his new haircut as it suits his face shape. Marcus Stroman looks happy now that he has a low-maintenance haircut!

Famous Haircuts of Marcus Stroman

Marcus Stroman had some stunning haircuts and hairstyles over the years. Some of these famous haircuts are as below.


At a time, Marcus Stroman also had dreadlocks. Rather than have the natural dreadlocks, he had dyed them blonde while the rest of the hair remained black; his natural hair color.

Marcus Stroman Haircut

The dreadlocks weren’t too crowded and neither were they long. This is one of the hairstyles that Marcus Stroma loved because he seemed to be enjoying himself in it.

Blonde Mohawk Haircut With Surgical Line

The Mohawk taper haircut is one of the most memorable haircuts of Marcus Stroman. He had the mohawk dyed in blonde color while the taper fade was in his natural black hair color.

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He also had a curved surgical line that is unlike the ones sported by celebrities. Just like the rest of his mohawk look, the surgical line is curved specifically and is quite attractive. It fits well with the rest of his haircut.


The latest haircut of Marcus Stroma is the buzzcut which is one of the coolest haircuts out there.

He decided to let go of his long hair and embrace the shorter haircut instead which was a pleasant surprise for everyone including us!

Marcus Stroman dreadlocks Haircut

This haircut is a far departure from his usual haircuts but it is refreshing to see him in a shorter haircut.

Mohawk Haircut

The second way he styled his mohawk is by letting it be in his natural color. He showed off this haircut by braiding the mohawk and having a teeny tiny ponytail at the back of his head which curled.

He had surgical lines on the edges of his mohawk while the remaining portions of his head had a fade haircut. He looked dashing and proper in this style.  

Steps In Getting A Buzzcut

Do you feel inspired to chop all your hair off? Then here is your no-nonsense tutorial to get a buzzcut.

Marcus Stroman buzz haircut

Step 1: Start with clean hair

Even if you are going to buzz it all off, you need to start with clean hair and so shampoo first and ensure it dries completely.

Your clippers will be thanking you for it! You should also feel your head and see if there are any bumps or lumps so you can be extra careful in those areas.

Step 2: Buzz the top

You want to start by buzzing the top of your head. It is best to start with a #3 guard because that is short enough for most people.

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If you want it shorter, you can always go back and cut it further using clippers. You want to go from front to back. Holding a mirror is a good choice to see your back.

Step 3: Cut the sides

You want to take the #2 guard and then use it to cut the hair on the sides of your head. When you are doing this, make sure you are going from the bottom to the top for a better cutting style.

The reason to choose a #2 guard is that the hair on the side appears thicker and you want uniformity.

Step 4: Trim 

Now using the #1 guard on your clippers, you want to trim the back of your neck and the sideburns. This will give you the ultimate neat look like Marcus Stroman.

Trimming the back of your neck isn’t necessary but you can give it a try if you want the buzzcut of your dreams.


Marcus Stroman works his magic on the field with his skills but his haircuts and hairstyles also get plenty of attention from his fans all over the globe.

He loves to experiment with a range of different haircuts and he isn’t afraid to express himself through his haircuts and styles.

This is what makes him an awesome person and this is perhaps why people are so inspired by him.

Do you think the latest buzzcut looks the best on him? Or did you prefer his earlier mohawk styles and dreadlocks? We are waiting for how Marcus Stroman will surprise us next with his new haircut or hairstyle!

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