Devin Booker New Haircut 2024

by Helen Sroski

Check out the latest Devin Booker New Haircut trend that is sporting and get inspired to try it out yourself! His haircut looks amazing and you will love the results.

Devin Booker is a professional basketball player who plays for the team Phoenix Suns as a shooting guard in the NBA.

He was listed twice in Forbes 2022; once in 30 Under 30 and once in the 39th position as the World’s Highest-Paid Athletes (2022).

Devin Booker New Haircut

Devin Booker has several honors and accolades for his stunning basketball performance. But it is not only in court that Devin impresses because his haircuts have been the talking point for quite some time.

In fact, one of the haircuts that he often sports has been named after him as you will soon find out!

Devin Booker New Haircut

Who Is Devin Booker?

Devin Booker’s full name is Devin Armani Booker and he was born on October 30th 1996 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, U.S. His father is Melvin Booker and his mother is Veronica Gutirrez.

Basketball was a big deal from his childhood as his father is a former basketball player who held the position of point guard.

Devin Booker

Devin showed a keen interest in playing basketball from a young age and his father encouraged him to pursue the sport with dedication and determination.

Devin Booker met his friends Tyler Ulis and D’Angelo Russell (who are also NBA players) when he was attending middle school.

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When in college, Devin Booker played for the Kentucky Wildcats for one season before his selection by the Phoenix Suns.

He was the 13th overall pick in the 2015 draft. Since then there has been no looking back for Devin as he carved a niche for himself as a basketball player that no one can ignore.

He became the youngest basketball player who scored 60 points in a game. Following this, he has left no stone unturned to continue to hone his craft and become a better player by creating history and receiving accolades.

What Is The Name Of The Latest Devin Booker Haircut?

The haircut that is most often sported by the NBA star is the burst fade with a line haircut. You can even find people calling it the ‘Devin Booker’ haircut because he is the one who helped popularize it.

Devin Booker New Haircut

The haircut has a line going from the temple to the back of the head while slowly fading away into the thick portion of the back of the head.

This haircut is one of the lowest maintenance haircuts you can get, especially for those with a natural Afro or curly hair. If your hair tends to go all over the place you can use a tiny bit of product to hold it in place.

Famous Haircuts of Devin Booker

The famous haircuts of Devin Booker are as below ever since he joined the NBA’s Phoenix Suns.

Burst Fade With A Line

The ultimate Devin Booker haircut is the burst face with a line. We saw this haircut on him when he started playing in the NBA. It features a longer Afro on the top of the head and a burst fade until the temple area.

The line adds more definition to the otherwise cool haircut and it gives that youthful vibe. This is the reason why many youngsters are copying this haircut.

fade devin booker haircut

The best part is it requires no hair products to achieve the look so you are saving some bucks!

Curls Top And Taper Fade

The longest hair we have seen on Devin Booker is with this incredible haircut whereby he maintained his natural Afro hair on the top of his head along with a taper fade.

devin booker haircut design

This is one of the haircuts that are not too over-the-top because it looks quite natural but gives a neat appearance.

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It makes his face look slimmer and his features stand out more because of the volume of hair on the top of his head. He paired it with a slight stubble which means all the attention was on his hair.

Buzz Cut With Burst Fade

The buzz cut is one of the most opted haircuts for men because it is mess-free and super-low maintenance. Devin Booker opted for the usual buzz cut along with a burst fade that started from the curve of the temple area.

We saw this haircut on him during the Olympics 2020 basketball matches. The top of his hair has been trimmed so it is not as long compared to the other ones he sported earlier.

devin booker haircut line

This haircut uses clippers for sharp trimming without giving it a barely-there vibe. It is perfect for all seasons.

Steps In Getting The Burst Fade With A Line Haircut

devin booker haircut team usa

Do you want to DIY the burst fade haircut? Here are the basic steps to follow to get Devin Booker’s iconic hairdo.

Step 1: Part your hair and cut the top portion

It is easiest if you part your hair from one end of your ear to the next so that you can get that fade effect easily.

Next, you want to use a clipper to start clipping your hair to the length of about an inch at the top from the top. 

Step 2: Clip the sides and back

Now you need to carefully take a mirror and clip your hair on the sides to a much shorter length so that you can see the fade effect clearly.

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The back of the head and the sides (starting from the temple) of the head will have the same length for the fade similar to Devin’s.

Step 3: Use a trimmer to get rid of excess hair

Using a trimmer will make it easier for you to get rid of any loose hair that is creating problems in the fade.

For example, if you feel like a few stray hairs here and there are ruining your hairdo, then simply trim them off for a look like Devin Booker.


When it comes to Devin’s haircut, he hasn’t gone to the extremes to change his look over the years. He has kept it to the minimum but it looks classy on his frame and his face.

He is just 25 years old right now so perhaps in the later years, we can expect some more uber-cool hairstyles being sported by this young legend who is continuing to make history in the NBA.

We are excited to see what new hairstyles he is going to sport next. Which of the famous haircuts of Devin Booker do you love the most?

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