12 Stunning Alexis Bledel Hairstyles 2024

by Helen Sroski

Looking for Alexis Bledel Hairstyles? Check out Alexis Bledel’s hairstyles. This actress has a variety of interesting styles that you can try out.

Alexis Bledel is one of the established American actresses who are best known for her role as Rory Gilmore in Gilmore Girls.

She was brought up in Texas and entered show business with this show. She also went on to act in certain feature films and presented another memorable performance in the two film series of ‘The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants’.

Her hairstyles have been a point of conversation among fans and we hear you! So take a look at some of the prominent hairstyles she donned over the years. 

Amazing Alexis Bledel Hairstyles

Tousled Look 

Tousled Look alexis bledel

Alexis Bledel is sporting a tousled look with lots of layers here. The layers add a lot of body and movement to your hair. You can add bangs too like Bledel here. This is a great hairstyle for casual and party looks

Beach Curls 

Beach Curls  alexis bledel

Beach curls are one of my favorite hairstyles and Alexis Bledel in beach curls looks absolutely stunning too!

beach waves bledel

Beach curls add lots of volume to your hair and give lots of texture too. You can use a curling wand to achieve this look. And use hairspray to maintain it. 

Soft Curls 

Another simple and quick hairstyle that we often see on Alexis Bledel is the soft curls. This is a medium-length hairstyle with the ends of the hair ending with soft curls.

Soft Curls  alexis bledel

This is an amazing hairstyle for your daily office look – it’s perfectly casual as well as professional.

If you’re seriously considering this as an everyday office hairstyle then make sure to use a flat iron to straighten the top part and finish with soft curls in the end. Use some hair spray so it holds.

Keeping It Simple

Since she was fairly young when she started with the show Gilmore Girls, she opted for a simple hairstyle suiting the image of a school girl.

alexis bledel gilmore girls hairstyles
Source: Twitter

She maintained that hairstyle for a long period of time and it made her look innocent and ‘girl next door’. 

It is easy to achieve this look. If your hair is straight then half of your job is done, but if not, start by applying for some heat protection and carefully straighten your strand.

alexis bledel gilmore girls hairstyles
Source: Twitter

Opt for a U-shaped haircut but the elevation needs to be subtle. It should be in a way when you pull your strands to the front, it looks slightly layered. Apply some hair pomade to attain a slicked effect. 

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She used to style it in multiple ways such as securing it with a headband, half-up ponytail and side braids. It is a versatile haircut to have. 

Lob Cut

To revamp her image into someone more mature and edgy, she opted for a bob cut. It looked effortless and suited her well.

alexis bledel Lob Cut
Source: @ Twitter

Even her bob was a two-step cut where the front strands on either side were slightly shorter than the rest of the hair that remained uniform. She used to tuck back her hair on the right side and it looked adorable. 

Start with an intense wash and while the hair is still damp, apply some styling gel. When you blow dry, stretch the edges of the hair in an inwards direction to keep the bob intact.

Make sure to remove all the tangles. If your hair is slightly frizzy, avoid completely drying it with the dryer and let it air dry. 

Tip: You can amp up the style by going for a balayage or streak hair colour. If you have brunette hair, go for some blonde highlights. You can also use embellished hair pins for an evening look. 

Layered Style

You need to grow out your hair a little for this hairstyle to completely blossom. It is playful and can be styled with a lot of variations.

Layered Style alexis bledel
Source: @ Twitter

Alexis had a straight and sleek layered look and it was occasionally clipped with a minimalist black pin. She had global brown highlights and it intensified her academia look. 

When you go for a layered hairstyle, make sure to take the shape of your face into account as well as the texture of your hair.

If it is too dry or frizzy, a layered cut tends to make it look more puffy and untamed. You can ask your hairstylist for three layers, one resting alongside your chin, one right below your collar bone, and the rest retaining the original length.

To get the same look as her, you can add some styling gel on your damp hair and straighten it. You can apply serum or leave-in oil later to retain the moisturized look. 

Layered Style on Alexis bledel
Source: @ Twitter

Tip: You can colour the edge of your hair with shades like red or blue as a fun twist. You can also add beach waves or manually scrunch your damp hair to have layered curls.

You may have to trim your hair continuously to maintain the layers in a healthy manner. 

Voluminous Curls

This hairstyle is suitable for medium-length hair. Alexis took a break from her straight styles and instead went for a voluminous look.

Voluminous Curls
Source: Twitter

It looked slightly messy and spontaneous, unlike her previous styles. Even though she had waves, her layered hair was visible through it. 

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Ask your hairstylist to make your front hair shorter as a face-framing technique and leave the rest of the hair as it is. You can add a small layer at home with careful measurement but it is safer to get it done professionally.

While drying out your hair, use a regular or heated brush to curl the bottom half of hair. If your hair is dry, make sure to use a hair serum or gel of your choice.

Voluminous Curls
Source: @ Twitter

Do not comb your hair too many times as it pulls the curls out of shape. You can add colored streaks and tuck the shorter strands behind hair for a clean look. 

Flirty Bangs

This is one of Alexis’ most talked about and appreciated looks. It is great for both casual and black tie events as it can be styled in multiple ways.

Flirty Bangs
Source: @ Twitter

It complements the natural color of her hair and since her hair texture is thick, it looked gorgeous overall. 

Ask your hairstylist to level your bangs based on the shape of your face and the thickness of your hair. While bangs usually look easy to carry, it requires effort to maintain.

You need to wash your hair more often if you have bangs because they tend to get oily faster and stick to your forehead skin. Make sure to trim your bangs at regular intervals to restore them for a longer period.

Use a dryer to shape your bangs because you have wavy or curly hair, they may turn erratic after air dry.

Do not use too much serum or styling gel because bangs will lose their flaky effect if they turn greasy. Keep brushing and fixing it every now and then to look fresh!

Flirty Bangs
Source: @ Twitter

Alexis had styled it with straight hair initially which brought out her academic look. She also clasped the crown into a half ponytail and let down soft wavy hair.

She showcased a work look where she tied her hair into a tight ponytail with bangs. She also let her hair down with more defied and thick waves. 

Spicy Bob Cut

Even though Alexis usually opted for straighter hair with bangs, she sometimes broke away from character for public appearances and donned bolder styles.

alexis bledel Spicy Bob Cut
Source: Instagram

One of them was short wavy hair brought together with a tousled effect. It was a perfect red carpet look and increased the glam quotient.

Spicy Bob Cut
Source: Instagram

Start by applying some pomade to your damp hair. Use your brush with blow dry to shape the waves but do not completely dry your hair.

Then, scrunch those waves even more with your fingers for the messy effect and let it dry naturally. Apply hair spray at the end to secure the look. 

Slide to Side

Alexis also likes to go for a sleek look with her deep side partition with straight hair. She has frequented this style with many of her red carpet looks at a later stage of her career. You can get this suave look too by following the steps.

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alexis bledel Slide to Side
Source: Instagram

Choose your preferable side depending on what makes your face look better. While your hair is still damp, take the pointy tail of your thin bristled comb to transfer a proportion of your hair to the other side.

Then use your blow dryer in the cold air mode to settle the hair from the top. Use a serum or styling gel to smoothen the untamed strands.

To achieve the same look as Alexis, apply some pomade and straighten your hair. 

alexis bledel hairstyle
Source: Instagram

You can also go for variations such as wavy strands, or settling all your hair on a single side. If your hair is thin, you can use a volumizing spray to make it seem dense. 

Slicked Bun Style

Alexis used to carry the pulled-back bun trend before it was a thing. Presently, many influencers and celebrities are seen carrying the style as it is a face-lifting technique and takes away the time of fixing hair in long parties. You can hop on this trend too!

Slicked Bun Style
Source: Instagram

Start by removing all the tangles from your hair and make a preference of whether you want a middle part, side part or completely brushed back.

Apply some hairspray, in the beginning, to position the top of your hair accordingly. Then secure it into a tight ponytail and make sure you are able to get the slicked back effect from the beginning.

Apply a little more hairspray on the top to secure the shorter strands. Then twist the ponytail and wrap it into a little bun. Secure it with another headband.

Slicked Bun Style
Source: Instagram

If there are any extra hair strands coming out, push them in with black bristled pins. Apply some hairspray over the bun after it is settled. You will be good to go for the night. 

Make sure to oil your hair after you remove it, because they tend to affect blood circulation at times and a well-oiled massage will help ease the forehead.

Make sure to not use too many products over a period of time as they affect the hair strength too.

Thick Bangs With Long Hair

Thick Bangs With Long Hair

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