20 Amazing Pastel Blue Hairstyles 2024

by Helen Sroski

Are you looking for pastel blue hairstyles that will add a touch of class to your look? Check out these trendy pastel blue hairstyles that will suit any occasion.

If you usually associate blue with a sombre vibe, you are in for a surprise! Going blue with your hair can be a bold move and the pastel finishing will help accentuate the look.

There is a suitable hairstyle for every hair type and check out the list below to find out which suits you best. 

Pastel Blue Hairstyles

Turquoise Blue And Black Ombré Waves

Turquoise blue and black ombre waves are a bold yet feminine look. The turquoise will stand out against the black beautifully. The turquoise ombre at the ends beautifully blends into the black. Adding soft waves at the ends enhances the whole look. 

Ocean Blue Mermaid Braid

The mermaid hairstyle has always been the go-to hairstyle for a romantic look. And add an ocean blue color to that braid and voila! You can further add accessories like like flowers, or pins to complete the fantasy look. 

Inked Style

If you have blonde hair, you can definitely go for these inked blue coloured strips while retaining the colour of your original hair in some sections.

It moves a shade darker from the baby blue shade and has a defined look. You can curl the edges if you have medium-length hair for a fun look.

Pastel Blue Hairstyles
Source: Instagram @megvndvniellehvir

The best part is, that either you can have the division of colors as seen in the image, or you can go for an ombre finish. 

Coral Look

Women with a lighter complexion can totally opt for this dreamy shaded turquoise-toned hair that runs from a darker shade to light as it proceeds downwards and finally ends with hints of gray.

Source: Instagram @roseberry_pearl

This look works well with longer hair, so if you plan to get this look start by growing out your tresses.

Also, make sure to consult with your hairdresser to make sure this shade compliments your skin tone. 

Colder Finish

If you want to get hold of the dark academia vibes, you have to try out this look! Blue and gray make a really understated yet bold pair and they blend seamlessly.

Source: Instagram @fortvna.coiffure

You can opt for this fusion for any hair length and this also works well for people who do not want their hair to look too bright or loud. 

Blue’s Muse

It is a myth that you can’t have a multi-toned look with short hair and this style breaks it! This is a smooth amalgamation of electric blue, baby blue and subtle notes of purple.

Source: Instagram @cultandking

If you have a layered cut, donning multiple colors will always be an option and since it is such an effortless look, it doesn’t need further styling. 

Dreamy Tones

If you want to bring your hair fantasies to life, this combination is perfect for you. It is a soft yet aesthetic combination of baby blue and baby pink hair that has been sectioned mindfully, to create that effect with a half ponytail.

Source: Instagram @hairclub20

This works well for long hair, and all you need is an elegant hair accessory to complete the look. 

Beach Waves

This style is completely suitable for people who have naturally black hair. It transitions from electric blue to baby blue in a textured manner.

Source: Instagram @hair_by_njteh

The part where both these colors overlap bring out a unique shape. The roots are left untouched with the natural black hair complimenting the flow.

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This technique is also smart because even if the hair grows out, you will have a new look with electric blue streaks. 

Vivid Blues

This style is basically a rockstar personified! If you have brunette or darker shades of hair naturally, you can show your hairstylist this look and it’s ought to leave an impression.

Source: Instagram @feelin.vivid

It is a combination of a few shades which includes navy blue, and tiffany blue with notes of purple and silver. It really stands out and having a tousled hair look would go great with this combination. 

The Ezra Look

Opt for this shade of pastel blue to turn your ‘Frozen’ dreams into reality. It is a blend of metallic grey shade fused with baby blue.

Source: Instagram @crystallinecolorss

You can style it in multiple ways ranging from soft waves to the famous Ezra braid. Even though the accurate look demands for longer hair, but a medium hair length with curls towards the edges would suit this color combination. 

Blue Splash

If you want to have a dominant presence of blue in your hair without going global, you can opt for this look. It is a blend of dark blue and sky blue that has been strategically placed.

Source: Instagram @slunks

The frontal strips of hair on both sides have sky blue which helps with face-framing and also gives a refreshing effect.

The rest of the strands have dark blue in an ombre pattern. It works well with black hair as the base, but you can also try it out with blonde hair. 

Metallic Finish

This is yet another look for fuss-free short hair. It is a faded blue color coupled with grey giving out a rustic metallic look.

Source: Instagram @hairbyszofi

Since the hair strands are layered, it appears tastefully shaded. The best part is, it may work well for both straight and curly hair. It is also low-maintenance and prominent enough to make a style statement. 

Denim Look

Yes you read that right! The denim blue shade is getting tremendous momentum on social media platforms and you can hop on this trend too. It works well with a blonde as well as brunette hair.

Source: Instagram @creative_colorist

You can consult with your hairstylist for an ombre look, and based on your complexion, you can opt for a darker or lighter shade of denim. 

Faded Vibe

The pre-requisite for this look is having virgin hair, because the color holds on to the hair follicles stronger initially and that leads to this color blossoming out.

Source: Instagram @chris0712

It is a bleached blue look with shades of gray in between. It is a subtle look and yet it is recommended to go for this global process only if you can commit to the color for a long period of time. 

Floral Effect

If you do not want to commit to simply the blue pastel color, you can couple it with a few more pastel shades that complement it.

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The base of this hair color is silver and it has been fused with few strands of pastel blue and lavender. The palette is taken from a floral arrangement and hence looks very elegant.

Source: Instagram @katie_paints_hair

This amalgamation would look more prominent if your hair is styled in a tousled manner. It may require a bit more maintenance if you have a uniform hairstyle like this.  

Unicorn Hair

Here’s another look from the world of fantasy that you can incorporate in your hair to fight the mundane. This may work best for short or medium-length hair.

Source: Instagram @smashedhair

It is partitioned into two parts where the frontal portion is colored with pastel purple followed by pastel light blue in the rest of the hair.

The blue strands have light blonde edges. Consult your hairstylist regarding the texture of your hair and if there is a possibility of damage by applying two shades globally. 

Periwinkle Look

If you want your hair to do all the talking, this look will be perfect for you. This unique color transition is nothing short of an accessory for long and straight hair.

Source: Instagram @wellahairuki

It starts off from the root with black hair and eventually shifts to dark blue, fading into a neon shade of light blue.

A few of those strands have a metallic pink shade to add an edge. If you are a hair color fanatic, you can definitely try this out!

Icy Hues

This hair has a icy melted blue effect and since it’s a tricky look to recreate, confirm with your hairstylist first.

Source: Instagram @

If you have light blonde or a whiter hair base, the face-framing strands will have sky blue color followed by a semi-ombre effect of dark blue around the other portions of hair. It works best for medium-length hair. 

Rainbow Hair

You can add an edge to your beachy pastel blue shade by combining it with hues from the rainbow.

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To attain this look, the first round will have a global light blue shade, followed by a few streaks with yellow, orange, pink, green and lavender shades.

Source: Instagram @ziabyrd

It is important to choose the right tone to make sure it doesn’t look too loud or distract from the blue. These streaks are supposed to be subtle and only add a pop of vibrancy. 

Darker Hues

This is a shade of pastel blue that would suit almost every complexion and hair type, making it very versatile. It has a dual-toned effect of charcoal and blue that runs through the long length of hair.

Source: Instagram @cjthecolorist

It is a metallic dark blue shade and hence doesn’t appear too vibrant. This works perfectly if you are going for a ‘baddie’ gen-z vibe.

You can also change the ratio of blue or charcoal depending on your natural hair color and how much it can hold. 

Misty Mint

If you have short wavy hair, this look would be absolutely stunning, like a cosplay outfit going long. It is edgy and playful and barely requires any maintenance.

Source: Instagram @

The baby blue shade is combined with turquoise to create a minty effect. Make sure to go for a gel look with this hair for best results. 

Streaky Vibe

If you are unsure of whether a blue color would look good on your hair, or if you are doubtful about pulling it off, this would be a safe choice.

Source: Instagram @mandicolorshair

You can have two strands on either side fall colored with a muted shade of blue for best results.

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