Nas’s New Haircut 2024

by Helen Sroski

Looking for Nas’s new haircut? Read about the different styles that Nas has to offer and find the perfect one for you.

Nas is a gifted American rapper who is considered among the best rappers of all time. Apart from his career in rapping, he is also a songwriter, record producer, actor, record executive, and businessman.

His musical journey was a product of his father being a musician and his neighbor who introduced him to hip hop.

Nas wrote his rhymes and played the trumpet. When he was just 16 years old, he started his career and since then there has been no turning back.

Nas's New Haircut

Nas pursued his dream and achieved success on his terms. Apart from his rapping mastery, Nas is known for his haircuts that add to his style.

Nas’s New Haircut

Who Is Nas?

Nasir Bin Olu Dara Jones or Nas as he is popularly known as was born on September 14th, 1973 in New York City.  His other names include Nasty Nas and Nas Escobar.

His father is a jazz musician and his name is Olu Dara. Nas was influenced by music from his childhood and it didn’t take him long to realize that he wanted to pursue a career in music.

nas haircut

His stage name was Nasty Nas in the beginning and he recorded for Large Professor.

Nas’s first album called ‘Illmatic’ which was released in 1994 went on to win praise and it is still considered one of the best albums ever to be released in the hip hop genre.

His second album called ‘It Was Written’ was released in 1996 and it also did very well. This is the album that became an international hit thereby making Nas a household name thereafter.

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His albums released in 1999 didn’t do well but Nas bounced back with hits from 2001 onwards. He won his first-ever Grammy for Best Rap Album for King’s Disease which was released in 2020.

Nas has been listed among the best rappers to ever exist. For example, in the list of ‘Top 50 Lyricists of All Time’, Nas was ranked second in 2012.

He was also on Billboard’s list of ‘10 Best Rappers of All Time’ in 2015. He has won many other awards and nominations.

What Is The Name Of The Latest Nas Haircut?

Nas has a taper fade with short dreadlocks at the moment. The top of his head consists of short dreadlocks while the sides of his head have a taper fade haircut.


This haircut makes the face looks sharper and longer as your facial features are highlighted. A military haircut mixed with dreadlocks is among the best combination of haircuts ever because there is structure yet a relaxing vibe at the same time.

Nas’s latest haircut is the one he has had for quite some time but he seems to love it. And so do we!

Famous Haircuts Of Nas

Nas is one of those artists who love to look fashionable without standing out too much. This is his specialty and over the years he has maintained this.

Here are some popular haircuts of Nas that have inspired his fans to try the same for themselves.

Buzzcut With Surgical Line

Nas had the super-clean buzzcut with a curved surgical line going from the left side of his forehead to the top of his head.

This stylish addition to the buzzcut looks pretty cool. Buzzcut is a military haircut but celebrities love to sport this look that not only looks fashionable but doesn’t need to be taken care of every single day.

nas new hairstyle

This haircut requires low maintenance and this is what draws many celebrities in to try it out at least once. Nas looks dapper in this haircut.

Taper Fade With Short Dreadlocks

Nas has the taper fade with short dreadlocks for quite some time. The taper fade is where the hair on the side of the head is really small almost like a buzzcut.

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Rather than being uniform throughout, the haircut demands that the hair gets shorter towards the base of the head. This fade effect looks amazing.

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Add in the dreadlocks and you have a killer style statement. Nas surely knows how to turn heads because this haircut is unique but easy to maintain while looking incredible.

Steps In Getting The Taper Fade With Short Dreadlocks Haircut

Do you like Nas’s haircut? Then here is how you can get the same hairstyle at home. If you cannot grow dreadlocks or do not want to grow them, then you can buy short dreadlocks extensions.


Step 1: Start on clean scalp and hair

You want to first ensure you wash your hair thoroughly and let it air dry. You can perform this haircut on dry hair.

You want to think about the portion on the top of your head where your dreadlocks will be. While you are cutting, you want to be aware of where not to cut.

Step 2: Trim along the nape and upwards

You want to start with a trimmer with no guards and the lever closed because the lower portion of your head needs to have minimal hair; the one that is closest to your ear and the back of the neck.

You want to continue doing this around your head on the lowest strip along your head.

Step 3: Use the number 1 guard

Now using the number 1 guard and lever closed, you want to start cutting your hair on the next portion which is right above the portion you cut previously with the no guard trimmer.

Make sure you go the same way you did the first time so that the fade is properly done otherwise it will look messy.

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Step 4: Attach the dreadlocks

You want to attach the dreadlocks to the hair on top of your head. Section your hair into squares and tie the elastic band.

Then using a crochet hook, attach the dreadlocks by placing the dreadlock on your original hair and pulling the original hair through the dreadlocks using the hook.

nas's new haircut style


Nas has tried limited haircuts so far but he likes to go low-key when he does so. Even the latest haircut which has him sporting short dreads on the top with a taper fade haircut is refreshing yet has an understated charm.

Sometimes the coolest haircuts don’t have to scream for attention because they already get the attention and Nas is a master of that.

What do you think of Nas’s current haircut? Do you think you are going to follow in his footsteps and try it on yourself?

Do you think the buzzcut looked better on him or do you think he should stick to the latest haircut? We are excited to see how he experiments with his hair next and what he will try. 

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