Coolio’s New Haircut 2024

by Helen Sroski

Check out Coolio’s new haircut! He looks great and his hair has never looked so good. Read about the amazing new cut and how you can get it too.

Coolio is an artist who kept his options open even though his first love is rapping. Apart from that, he has appeared several times on television shows such as Dangerous Minds, V.I.P., Futurama, Black Jesus, and Let’s Be Real.

Coolio's New Haircut

He is also an actor who has appeared in movies such as Dear God, Midnight Mass, Submerged, The Convent, Lord of the Freaks, and Fintech Rap Battle: Monzo VS Starling.

He also had a cooking show called Cookin’ With Coolio. Coolio’s haircuts and hairstyles also get a lot of attention because of how distinct they are.

Coolio’s New Haircut

Who Is Coolio?

Coolio’s actual name is Artis Leon Ivey Jr. and he was born on August 1st, 1963 in Compton, California. He was interested in rapping from a young age and he started doing it seriously when he was just 15 years old.

His drug addiction during the 80s was a setback for him but he mended his ways soon when he started working as a volunteer firefighter. His first single was ‘Whatcha Gonna Do?’ and he released it in 1987.

Coolio's Haircut

He became a part of the group WC in 1991 and the Maad Circle. The group’s debut was ‘Aint a Damn Thang Changed’.

Coolio released a debut album in 1994 called ‘It Takes a Thief’. It was the ‘Fantastic Voyage’ song in the album that became one of the greatest party songs of the year.

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Next, his song ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ was recorded in 1995 and featured LV. This was for the Dangerous Minds movie. This became a hit too and Coolio received a Grammy award for it in the Best Rap Solo Performance category.

He released an album the same year with the ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ name and it became a hit as well. Coolio also became an actor in the 90s and he has a cooking show.

What Is The Name Of The Latest Coolio Haircut?

Coolio has two pigtails and each pigtail is formed by gathering multiple braids together. A hairstyle for the brave, what makes the hairstyle unique is its formation.


The only portion of his head that has hair is the two pigtails. He has shaved off the rest of his hair from his head and the two pigtails stand out on the clean scalp.

Many of his fans appreciate Coolio’s authentic style that is not ripped off from anyone else. It is a breath of fresh air and is a special take on pigtails and braids.

It is perhaps one of the most talked about hairstyles and haircuts because even when he is wearing a cap, the two pigtails can be seen sticking out.  

Famous Haircuts Of Coolio

Coolio’s love for braids is showcased in how loyal he has been to his braids! He almost always has braid hairstyles.

Cornrow Braids

Coolio’s love for braids that literally stood out has been there for a really long time. As you can see at this point, he opted for cornrow braids. Rather than let his braids fall like people usually do, his braids stay up pointedly.

Coolio rapper

They are not all pointing in the same direction though as they point in an outward direction including the braids on top of his head. This incredible formation is spectacular to see.

Braided Mohawk

The braided mohawk is another one of Coolio’s famous styles. He has hair that is braided on top of his head while the rest of the hair has been buzz-cut.

Coolio's net worth

His hair is braided till the end and rather than fall on the top of his head, the braids stay upwards creating a rather extreme version of the mohawk.

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This braided mohawk is refreshing and the braids carry a vibe of their own. The braids on the back of his hair are the only ones that fall on his shoulders.

Pigtails With Multiple Braids

The pigtails with multiple braids are the newest hairstyle of Coolio and it has garnered quite some attention for its eccentric appeal.

coolio hairstyles

Coolio does not let his pigtails go into hiding when he wears a cap or a hat. He ensures there is a hole through which these pigtails can be taken out so that his signature quirky style can be out on display even when he is wearing such accessories.

Sometimes he likes to wear one pigtail by gathering all the individual braids into one.

Steps In Getting Pigtails With Multiple Braids Haircut

If you want the iconic two-braided haircut like Coolio then here is how you can get it at home.

coolio dreads

Step 1: Work on clean hair

You want to work on clean hair first so ensure you wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo and condition it. You can do this on dry hair so ensure your hair completely dries before you start cutting your hair.

Step 2: Make two buns

You will be shaving a large portion of your head so make sure the part where you will make the braids is safe.

You can make two buns with hair ties so that your hair is secure. Now cut the remaining hair with scissors first and then use a trimmer to trim the remaining hair.

Step 3: Shave your head

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To shave your head, you want to first soften your hair using a shaving gel. Make sure you lather it up well and then use a sharp razor to carefully shave your head.

You want to be gentle and regularly wash your razor for a proper shaving experience. You must fold your ears when shaving near your ears.

Step 4: Make braids and turn them into pigtails

Now you can slowly wash the shaven part of your head and towel dry it. Remove the buns and then make as many individual braids as possible.

Spray each small braid with lots of hair spray and if it is a short length it will stay up. If not, you can use a wire on each braid to ensure each strand stays up.

coolio hairstyle name


Coolio has one of the most unique haircuts and styles we have ever seen on men and it is quite a memorable hairdo! Coolio’s fans don’t mind this haircut and style because that is what makes Coolio the man he is today.

While the hairdo can be a little too much for some people, it is a hairstyle you can try when you are brave to try something out there. It can perhaps be liberating to try a haircut and style like Coolio’s.

What do you think of Coolio’s haircut and style? Do you think he should move on to other haircuts now that he is older? Or do you like the fact that he is still going strong with the hairstyle that he has had for so many years?

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