J Cole New Haircut 2024

by Helen Sroski

Get to know all the details about J Cole new haircut, which includes his inspiration, why he chose it, and the reactions it’s received so far.

J Cole is an American hip-hop artist and producer who took the rapping world by storm. He made a mark with his first mixtape known as The Come Up which was released in the first quarter of 2007.

His passion for rapping led him to release more mixtapes and studio albums over the years earning him recognition, fame, and appreciation.

J Cole new haircut

He is considered one of the most influential rappers of our time. Apart from J Cole’s career, his hairdo has hogged the limelight as his freeform dreadlocks hairdo is a reminder of black culture.

J Cole New Haircut

Who Is J Cole?

J Cole’s full name is Jermaine Lamarr Cole. He was born on January 28th, 1985 and he primarily grew up in North Carolina.

His interest in rapping and music started young, even before he was a teenager. He learned piano by himself and even when he was studying in college, he pursued his passion for music.

J Cole’s New Haircut

His first studio album called Cole World: The Sideline Story was released in 2011 and it went on to be on the number one spot on the U.S. Billboard 200 and then went Platinum. The next two albums also went Platinum too. J Cole is also a basketball player. 

J Cole’s undeniable music mastery gained him popularity quickly. In 2009, J Cole became a part of Jay Z’s Roc Nation.

He got a Grammy Award nomination for his studio album Forest Hills Drive (released in 2014) even though no other artist featured on it.

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Eventually, he donned the hat of a producer and produced singles for Janet Jackson and Kendrick Lamar among other artists.

He supports and encourages budding artists and to this day continues to make music that will inspire others. He uses life experiences as a way to guide his music.

What Is The Name Of The Latest J Cole Haircut?

The haircut that J Cole has right now is the freeform dreadlocks. Freeform dreadlocks, as the name implies, are when you let your dreadlocks freely form.

It consists of congos which are thinner locs and wicks that are comparatively thicker dreadlocks. The freeform dreadlocks are not uniform as they consist of short locs, long locs, thick locs, and thin locs.

j cole dreads

As new hair grows, it combines with the closest loc and so on the process continues. J Cole has thick hair and the dreadlocks show how healthy and thick his hair truly is.

Famous Haircuts Of J Cole

J Cole is a no-fuss guy and this is apparent by his hair over the years. There are two main hairstyles throughout his career so far.

Buzz Cut

Early on in his career starting from 2007 until around 2012, J Cole continued to have a buzz cut. We don’t see him growing his hair out at all meaning he probably got it cut even if the hair grew a little bit.

j cole hair evolution

As one of the easiest haircuts to maintain, J Cole sported the hairstyle with finesse. The buzz cut looked good on his face and his body frame.

He didn’t go overboard with his mustache and his beard and kept them low-profile too which gave him an overall neat and sharp look.

Short Afro

For the next two years, 2013 to 2014, we see J Cole sporting a short afro. J Cole has started to grow his hair out during these years as his hair is showing volume and length.

j cole hairstyle name

He keeps his hair natural and seems to stay away from hair products. This gives his hair a natural appeal that looks good and not too shiny which is often visible when men use a little too many hair products regularly. 

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The short afro started to grow thereafter and it was visible that no trimming was going on.

Freeform Dreadlocks

If you look at J Cole’s photos from 2015 onwards, you can see that he started to grow his freeform dreadlocks from then onwards.

Every year, we see his hair grow a little longer and his dreadlocks forming in all different ways. Today, he is still growing these locs and seems more than happy to continue doing so.

j cole hairstyle

He doesn’t go the route that other artists do as he stays away from coloring his locs. He often leaves the dreadlocks as they are or he puts the locs up using one of his dreads for the extra neat effect.

Steps In Getting The Freeform Dreadlocks Haircut

Getting freeform dreadlocks is not complicated but there is a method to it. Here is how you can go about having your very own freeform dreadlocks.

Step 1: Clean hair

You need to wash your hair thoroughly to ensure it is completely clean. You should ideally use a shampoo and then a conditioner for deep conditioning.

Your hair will turn into locs soon but you need to ensure you start with clean hair for the best results.

Step 2: Avoid combing after washing

The beauty of the freeform locs is that you don’t need to do anything. Your hair will do it all by itself.

You must not comb your hair if you want the proper freeform dreadlocks like J Cole. You need to let your hair do its job and dread it on its own as time passes.

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Step 3: Maintain by washing hair

You must not ignore washing your scalp because it must stay clean for healthy hair to grow and join the locs.

You can wash it once every week for 12 weeks and then keep checking to see when it needs to be washed again. You don’t want dirt buildup to ruin it all, do you?

Freeform dreadlocks will take time. For some people, it can take 2 years or more for the dreadlocks to fully form even though your hair will start to dread within a few weeks as long as you are not styling it in some way.

How long it takes for your hair to dread depends on the hair texture. If you have naturally curly hair, the locs will appear sooner.


J Cole has fabulous freeform dreadlocks no doubt and he carries the hairstyle with confidence. What is particularly intriguing about the freeform dreadlocks is that you have many different-sized dreadlocks and there is no conformity.

While it seems messier compared to the same-size dreadlocks, it is still a style that is charming and suits different face shapes.

J Cole seems to have mastered the art of not only rapping but freeform dreadlocks. Are you in love with his hair as much as we are?

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