15 Tousled Hairstyles For Every Occasion 2024

by Helen Sroski

Looking for Tousled hairstyles for every occasion? In this article, you will learn about some of the best special occasion hairstyles that will look great on thin hair.

Tousled Hairstyles are winning over the internet with their playful flair and naturale finish. It is an efficient way to look effortless and red-carpet ready because major celebrities like Sandra Bullock and Emma Stone are hopping on the trend too.

It can be curated for any occasion like work, party or a casual day out. Here are some tousled hairstyles recommendations for when you feel ready to hop on the trend.  

Beautiful Tousled Hairstyles For Every Occasion

Balayage Hairdo

One of the simplest ways to sport tousled hair is by cutting it short – the length being slightly above the shoulder – and by adding golden or blonde edges using the balayage technique.

Tousled Hairstyles For Every Occasion
Source: Instagram @xohairlab

You can add a slight wave to it if your hair is too straight, but for wavy and curled hair, you can leave it naturally. It makes for a simple, cute brunch look.

Messy Toss-Up

You can go for this look for a work meeting or a casual movie date. It is messy and playful in equal proportions.

easy hairstyles for special occasions
Source: Instagram @beautifulcreationsbyb

All you have to do is take a chunk of your hair surrounding the crown area, round it up into a knot and secure it with a black elastic band. You can also pin strings of your hair on either side to add volume.

Bridal Look

You can elevate your tousled style for your wedding as well. You can start by braiding a portion of your hair that moves diagonally through the back.

special occasion hairstyles for long hair
Source: Instagram @alexandralee1016

And then create two braids emerging from the left and right side that are pinned in a criss-cross manner.

Then, the remaining portion of the hair can be tied into a messy bun. The look can be accentuated by placing small flower pins or studs along the braids, and even within certain portions of the bun.

Layered Look

Another no effort tousled look can be achieved by cutting your hair a certain way. You can ask your hairstylist to give you a layered cut where every portion of your hair will have a differing length, which will give you an overall voluminous look.

special occasion hairstyles half up
Source: Instagram @kelseyatcmss

A quick blow dry after hair wash will help you get your desired results. Make sure to keep your face frame in mind while deciding the length of the topmost layers, and also while deciding your preferred partition.

Deep Side Style

If you have shorter hair towards the front or you have grown out your bangs, this style is for you. You can use your curler to bring out a wavy texture through the longer hair strands.

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Use your hair brush to create a deep partition on your preferred side and the bouncy hair resting on the waves will create a tousled effect.

Surprisingly, this look goes well with formal wear and clean fits, as it is the hairstyle here that adds the flair to your whole outfit. 

Streaky Effect

You can create a colourful visual to attain the tousled look too. If your natural hair ranges between the spectrum of brown to black, you can colour the hair streaks with shades of pink or blue to create an illusion of layers.

hairstyles for special occasions medium hair
Source: Instagram @mallari.cuts.you.up

A simple blow dry to short hair can give the desired effect. The trick is to place the streaks in a manner that covers the entire crown.

The Elsa Look

The famous Elsa hairstyle from the movie Frozen is also virtually a tousled braid. To get a similar look, start by applying heat protection all over your hair. Curl the hair making sure the waves are distant and lofty.

black hairstyles for special occasions
Source: Instagram @kellymccormickhair

Then dry wax the hair to prepare it for braiding. Take the top portion of the hair and tie a ponytail with elastic, and push it forward to create a puffy effect. Begin the process of french braiding thereafter.

Make sure to take the side strands and cross it over with the middle strands. After finishing the process, tie the end and cut the elastic placed in the beginning.

You can make the braid more messy by pulling the knot apart to a certain extent. 

Flirty Bangs

You can also create a classic Dakota Johnston look from Fifty Shades of Grey. You should ideally get bangs first (if you already have bangs, even better!).

formal hairstyles
Source: Instagram @adorehairstudios

Next, use heat protection or a few drops of serum to create gentle waves with your curler. You can crumble or roll the strands manually too for a raw and effortless messy effect.

Party Favourite

This is one of the easiest hairstyles that anyone can carry with confidence, for parties and cocktail evenings, and it works best for short hair.

special occasion hairstyles for short hair
Source: Instagram @masonpearsonbros

Leave your hair down naturally if you have wavy hair, and if not, slightly curl only the bottom edges of your hair.

Take a studded barrette or shaped pin to place it on the preferred side of hair. The accessory elevates a portion of the hair whilst also creating a lovely tousled effect.

Knotty Affair

This pulled out plait can work as a boho chic look, as well as a formal one for work events. All you have to do is back brush your hair and form a half ponytail in the beginning. Pull the ponytail to the top and secure it with a clip.

Bring out a new section of hair and form another ponytail. Bring down the first one, and couple it with the remaining hair and then divide it into two parts like a braid.

easy hairstyles for special occasions
Source: Instagram @lucyhairandtan

Pull the second ponytail up and repeat the process until the end. You can use some hair spray to retain the overall shape.

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You can also pull apart some strands to make the braid wider and to make it appear more tousled.

The Classic Ponytail

To ace the celebrity ‘work-look’ aesthetic, you can go for a basic tousled ponytail. Firstly take a section of your hair covering the crown and hold it back.

Manually pinch every side of the sectioned hair to create a messy bulging effect and then secure it with a pin. You can make it more textured by pinching it further.

special occasion hairstyles half up
Source: Instagram @michaelgrayhair

Once you take the rest of the hair to tie a ponytail, use a thin bristle comb to brush the hair in a reverse fashion i.e. stroke it from the edges towards the roots.

That will help add some volume to the hair and make it more messy. To elevate the look, you can also leave some hair strands out on both left and right side, or wrap them around the ponytail knot to make it seem more professional

Corset Look

This hairstyle is a form of artistic expression and the process of creating it is slightly complicated but fun.

And the ‘casual Edwardian’ result is to die for! Start by creating two thin braids on both left and right side with a portion of your hair and secure them with elastic.

special occasion hairstyles for thin hair
Source: Instagram @hairbysarale

Bring together the central part of the hair that remains loose, along with the two braids and form a ponytail. You can also reverse comb the middle part to bring out the messy effect.

To create the corset effect, you need a hair ribbon which is not too thick in terms of width. Place it in a parallel manner where one strand of the ribbon starts from the left braid and creates a straight bridge resting upon the right braid.

Then take the left strand and insert it on a lower knot of the right braid in a diagonal manner. It is the same process as securing shoe laces or corset tops. Repeat this process until you get the desired amount of corset width.

Summer Waves

If you have long hair – especially blonde or brunette – you can sport a classic summer tousled look for beach days. Start with dry combed out hair, and generously apply some hair mousse all over.

Section out the top layers and apply the mousse or serum to make sure it reaches every strand. Blow dry your hair immediately but move the dryer in an upwards motion.

Moving from the roots to the edges in a reverse manner would help add volume. Section the top half of your hair and pin it upwards.

Use a curler to create lighter waves on the inner strands. Then open the top section, lightly comb them together, and there you have the perfect beach waves. 

Two Stepped Hair

This is a tousled look you can opt for if you are about to get your next haircut. This hairstyle also helps with face framing and will suit round-shaped faces.

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You can get a two step layer, where a chunk of your hair would fall right below your chin, and the second half would remain elongated.

special occasion hairstyles for long hair
Source: Instagram @evashairaffair__

The hair must be structured in a way where the front side creates an illusion of shorter hair. Manually crumbling the strands, or blow drying it naturally can create a tousled effect.

Princess Curls

This tousled look will surely emit Disney princess vibes. It is a fairly simple process and has elegant results. Start by curling the hair into well-rounded waves.

Back brush the top portion of your hair and secure it with a pin. Use the pinching technique to create a gradient effect within the strands.

special occasion hairstyles for thin hair
Source: Instagram @maari.hm_

Form loose braids with a small portion of your hair, emerging from both the left and right side. Pull them in a criss-cross manner and pin the ends on both sides.

Leave the remaining portion as it is, or curl it once again if it looks too straight. Pull out some strands for a messy effect. 

How To Get Tousled Hair Without Heat

You don’t have to use heat to get the tousled look. Here are some simple ways to get the tousled hairstyle: 

  • Put Your Hair In A Towel Turban Overnight

Towel dry your hair as usual after washing your hair. Wrap your hair in a turban afterward with the towel. 

The next morning, remove the towel. Run your fingers through the hair stands. Spritz some salt water on your hair so the hair doesn’t look limp. Do not use a comb (even the widest comb you have), this will ruin the tousled look.

  • Braid Your Hair Overnight

Braiding the hair overnight is usually used to do curls. But you can do the same to also achieve a tousled look. Divide your hair into 5 – 10 sections depending on how thick your hair is. And braid each section. Leave the braids overnight. 

Unravel your braids in the morning and simply run your fingers through the hair. You don’t need to use any hair products 

  • Mini Buns 

After you towel dry your hair separate your hair into 10 small sections. Twist each section of hair individually and make a mini bun out of the strand. And pin it so it stays put. So you’ll have 10 twisted mini buns. After this, let it air dry. Or if you want to make the process quicker, you can use a blow dry as well.

Once the mini buns are completely dry, you can remove the pins and let the mini buns unravel. Spritz some saltwater on your strands and then run your hair fingers through your gently to separate them. 

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