MC Hammer New Haircut 2024

by Helen Sroski

Want to know about MC Hammer new haircut?. And his new haircut is no exception! Check out his new look and explore all the different ways you can style your hair using this new haircut.

MC Hammer is a man of many talents and has justifiably won many hearts and awards in the process. MC Hammer is a dancer, choreographer, rapper, entrepreneur, songwriter, and record producer.

Among his many achievements, the most significant one has been the diamond status that his album received.

He was the first hip-hop artist who received this distinction. Many consider MC Hammer to be one of the first mainstream rappers.

MC Hammer New Haircut

As he was looked up to by his fans, his haircuts and styles have also been emulated by fans worldwide because of their 80s and 90s vibe.

Who is MC Hammer?

MC Hammer was born on March 30th 1962 in Oakland, California U.S. His actual name is Stanley Kirk Burrell.

His childhood was difficult as his mother struggled to provide for the 9 children and they had to share a tiny apartment.

MC Hammer Haircut

Eventually, things took a turn when he was hired to be a batboy when he was just 11 years old by Charlie Finley.

Charlie was the person who named him hammer because of his resemblance to Hank Aaron.

MC Hammer tried his hand at baseball but that didn’t play out in his favor. Instead, he went on to study and then join the U.S. Navy for three years.

He then formed a rap group and then started a record label business. He kept performing and putting all his hard work into his music.

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What set him apart were his energetic dance moves and persistence to do better every single day.

He released several songs and albums thereafter but the tracks ‘U Can’t Touch This’ and ‘2 Legit 2 Quit’ remain the two most popular songs.

MC Hammer is also known as Hammer, Hammerman, Hammertime, Kirk Burrell, K.B., King Hammer, and Holy Ghost Boy. MC started his journey in 1985 and he is still keeping himself busy with work.

What Is The Name Of The Latest MC Hammer Haircut?

At the moment, MC Hammer still maintains a full shave haircut so you can say he has chosen to stay bald.

Many celebrities have chosen to go the same route because they don’t have to invest in hair products and maintain it regularly which can be pretty time-consuming.

MC Hammer

Being bald is the best way to beat the heat and stay in vogue because men can use accessories to style it up.

You don’t always have to step out of the house bald. You can wear caps or even bandanas like MC Hammer if you aren’t in the mood to show off your smooth bald look.

Famous Haircuts of MC Hammer

When rappers come to mind, we often think of crazy hairdos with lots of color, dreadlocks, styles that you never imagined, and so on.

Something along the lines of extreme. MC Hammer was not one of those rappers because he stuck to a few haircuts only which he maintained for quite some time.

Buzz Cut With Surgical Lines

In his 20s, MC Hammer went full-on with the buzz cut style and surgical lines which made a bold statement.

He kept his natural hair as close to the scalp as possible, maybe with the help of some hair product, but the surgical lines were the main attraction as they demanded attention.

mc hammer new haircut images

The lines were visible on both sides of his head. The neat visibility of these lines gave him a polished look and went well with his attire of over-the-top and extravagant 80s and 90s style.

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From the mid-90s onwards, he let his hair grow until the early 2000s.  

Full-shaved Head

It is unclear when he shaved his head completely but he was spotted with it by 2005 and he kept it that way from then until today.

He maintains the full shave and experiments with variations of beard styles and goatees. You can often see him with a hat, cap, or bandana that is stylishly wrapped around his head starting from his forehead to the back of his head.

mc hammer new haircut 20

Today, you will often see him confidently sporting the full shave with a chin-puff goatee that adds more character to his look and makes him look extra classy.

Steps In Shaving Your Head

Shaving your head is not as easy as many assume especially if you have never done it before.

mc hammer new haircut video

You essentially have two options to choose from; the razor or the clippers. For a first-timer, it is best if you use clippers. Here is how you can shave your head at home.

Step 1: Get electric clippers

You need some good electric clippers to shave your head. Don’t jump to buy the cheapest one out there because it may not be the best.

You want to compare different brands, read reviews, and then buy electric clippers.

Step 2: Clip your hair away

Next, you want to set the electric clipper to the lowest setting because that will ensure it cuts your hair to the shortest length possible.

You can expect your hair to be around 1.5 mm in length after you use the electric clipper on your head.

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Step 3: Use an electric stubble shaver

If you do maintain a stubble, then buying an electric stubble shaver is a good idea because you can use it on your head and your stubble.

You can use it to shave your hair even closer to your scalp thereby giving the bald effect.

If you have some experience with a razor, then make sure you are careful when you use it to shave your head.

You need to wash your hair with warm water, use a shave gel, and then tighten the skin on the scalp prior to shaving the area with the razor. The razor will give you the ultimate bald look.


The full shave haircut is everywhere and while it may only be reserved for the brave, it is definitely worth a try when you really want to do it!

Many people say they feel liberated when they fully shave their heads and it feels like some weight has been taken off.

MC Hammer has surely fallen in love with the full-shaved head which is why he seems to be sticking to it for more than a decade! We think he looks absolutely handsome in both these haircuts.

Do you like MC Hammer in the buzz cut or do you prefer his hair fully shaved off?

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