Grayson Boucher’s New Haircut 2023

by Helen Sroski

Are you looking for Grayson Boucher’s new haircut? Check out his latest haircut and see why we think it’s such a hit.

Known as ‘The Professor’, Grayson Boucher is a man who dons many hats. He was a semi-professional basketball player and played professional chess when he could. Today, he teaches basketball to those eager to learn.

He is also an actor who tried his luck in movies. He has created a web series that was released on his YouTube channel and he is currently a successful YouTuber.

It is easy to recognize Grayson Boucher because of his iconic haircuts and hairstyles. He loves the Caesar haircut that was popularized by Eminem but he puts a spin on the haircut by ensuring he sports designs on his hair.   

Grayson Boucher’s New Haircut

Who Is Grayson Boucher?

Grayson Scott Boucher or Grayson ‘The Professor’ Boucher was born on June 10th, 1984 in Keizer, Oregon. He was introduced to basketball at just 2 years old by his father.

By 4th grade, Grayson Boucher was in love with the sport and it became his passion. He put effort and hard work into the game which is why it wasn’t long until people started to notice how well he played.

He was a pro by the time he turned 18 years old. He became a part of the AND1 Mixtape Tour. He was featured on ‘Streetball’ that aired on ESPN for 7 seasons.

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Grayson Boucher is also an actor who has appeared in movies such as Semi-Pro and Hustle.  He played the lead in Ball Don’t Lie which wasn’t officially released but was showcased in film festivals.

He released an online ball-handling guide which is called ‘Super-Human Dribbling’. He is a successful YouTube personality who has amassed millions of followers.

He created a web series on YouTube that received millions of views within the first week of being uploaded. His YouTube videos include basketball videos, fun videos, and videos of him teaching basketball.

What Is The Name Of The Latest Grayson Boucher Haircut?

The Caesar haircut is a timeless classic hairstyle and it is the current Grayson Boucher haircut. He has some designs; on the right side, he has a star shape while on the left he has some lines of different lengths.

His spin on the Caesar haircut is good because he has personalized it to his taste. The original Caesar haircut has a fringe whereby the top is brushed so the hair comes towards the front.

The Professor’s haircut is like that but with the addition of the various designs and lines, he has made it more versatile and unique. There is no wrong way to get a Caesar cut!

Famous Haircuts Of Grayson Boucher

The Professor loves his Caesar haircut so much that he has had it for so many years! The only difference is that the designs change. Here are his popular haircuts over the years.

Caesar Haircut

Grayson Boucher had the classic Caesar haircut in 2015 where all the hair is of the same length. This haircut is best for those who want to keep it classy and casual.

It is also low on the maintenance side and if you want to retain the length just ensure you keep trimming it.

This short haircut for men is a hassle-free haircut style and is versatile. While it suits all face shapes it works best for men who have high foreheads and oval faces.

Caesar Haircut With Several Lines

This variation of the Caesar haircut with several lines is impressive because the only design aspect is the lines.

On the right, you can see that the hair is shorter although there is no design there at the top at the bottom of the head (right behind his ear) there are three short lines very close to each other.

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On the left side of his head, you can see two lines that are curved towards the end and then drop downward. They resemble the temples of eyeglasses.

Caesar Haircut With Star Design

Grayson Boucher sports an uber-cool haircut now that is of course the Caesar haircut with a star design on the right where one edge is longer than the other.

The hair below that line is close to shaven but not shaved completely. The left side of his head has a line and the hair below it is close to shaven.

This emphasizes the lengthier hair and the star design that is beautifully done. This haircut is attractive although it is best for those who have the confidence to carry it.

Steps In Getting Caesar Haircut With Design

Here is how you can get the Caesar haircut with design at home.

Step 1: Clean hair

Whenever you cut your hair, you must clean it and let it dry before you cut it. This removes grease and dust particles that can weigh your hair down making your haircut imprecise. You also want to keep the tools you need close to you.

Step 2: Do the buzzcut

You want to buzz the sides using the no. 2 clipper attachment on a clipper by keeping it close to your head as possible.

You want to ensure you cut the hair to equal length throughout your entire head. You want to do this strip-wise for better results.

Step 3: Design with a trimmer

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You need a T-blade trimmer for making the design. You want to use the blade corner to make a guideline first and then add details so that the design comes out perfect.

You should take your time doing this, especially in the case of intricate designs like the one that The Professor has.

Step 4: Make the design thicker

If you want the design to stand out, you need to make it even thicker. You can do this by going over every line you made a few times.

This gradually makes the line thicker and the design looks more prominent this way.


Grayson Boucher is known for his talent and his haircuts. Even though he had some testing times in the past, he didn’t let those stop him from achieving what he wanted to in life.

He is still doing pretty well as he continues to improve himself and his skills. His passion for basketball opened up many opportunities for him.

When it comes to his haircuts, it was the Caesar haircut for him for a long time. With the variations in designs, Grayson Boucher does not seem to be letting go of this haircut. What are your thoughts on his haircuts?

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