Jorge Masvidal’s New Haircut 2024

by Helen Sroski

Looking for Jorge Masvidal’s new haircut? Check it out here and find out all the details about this fresh look.

Jorge Masvidal is among the most underrated American mixed martial artists today who is ranked at number 9 in the UFC welterweight rankings as of August 2022. Jorge Masvidal holds the record for the fastest knockout in 5 seconds in UFC’s history.

He is also the winner of the UFC ‘BMF’ Championship belt. Jorge Masvidal likes to change his looks often and he has sported some amazing haircuts and styles over the years starting from 2003 when he made his professional debut. Today, he likes to sport a bob haircut on his naturally curly hair which looks fantastic.

Jorge Masvidal’s New Haircut

Jorge Masvidal’s New Haircut

Who Is Jorge Masvidal?

Jorge Masvidal was born on November 12th, 1984 in Miami, Florida. His nickname is Gamebred. When he was young, he was part of street fighting. Even though he wanted to pursue wrestling from the time he was in high school, he couldn’t do so due to his poor grades.

This is when his passion for mixed martial arts and karate ignited. His professional mixed martial arts career began when he was part of the HOOKnSHOOT: Absolute Fighting Championships 3 in 2003. He won because of a knockout. He competed for Bellator, Shark Fights, Strikeforce, and World Victory Road.

Jorge Masvidal

He made his UFC debut in April 2013 after Strikeforce was dissolute and he was declared the winner. He won his second fight in July 2013 but lost the third bout in UFC which took place in November 2013. Despite losing, he received the Fight of the Night.

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He is part of the Welterweight division which is part of the UFC. Jorge Masvidal made his debut for All Elite Wrestling at AEW Grand Slam on September 2021. He has participated in numerous fights and continues to do so even today. He has received two World MMA Awards; Breakthrough Fighter of the Year and Knockout of the Year.

What Is The Name Of The Latest Jorge Masvidal Haircut?

Jorge Masvidal has a lob (or a long bob) haircut at present where his hair goes past his shoulders a little bit. The straight-cut haircut ensures that the curls are all of the same lengths when he leaves his hair open.

Jorge Masvidal Haircut

The lob haircut is one of those brilliant haircuts that make the hair look refreshingly healthy and thicker. Its face-framing abilities ensure your best features are accentuated.

The lob is not restricted to certain face shapes which makes it a versatile look anyone, men and women, can easily try when they want to experiment. The lob can be styled in several ways depending on your goal.

Famous Haircuts Of Jorge Masvidal

Jorge Masvidal had some haircuts that you can get inspired. Here are some looks that you can copy.

Short Quiff And Buzzcut

The short quiff and buzzcut is a common haircut for a reason; it’s super versatile and looks trendy at all times. Jorge Masvidal’s small quiff does not stand out too much but rather complements the rest of his short hair look.

It is a neat and clean haircut where the buzzcut and the quiff are working together to create the complete look that suits Jorge Masvidal.

Buzzcut Fade

The buzzcut fade is among the best haircuts and Jorge Masvidal is wearing it with pride. Although the length of his hair on top is slightly longer than the faded portions, the contrast looks great and it is easy to maintain.

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If you want to look effortlessly handsome then try this haircut that is a favorite of many. It is also pretty low-maintenance so it is good for everyone who doesn’t want to put in too much work.

Layered Haircut

What do you do when you don’t want to go for a drastic overhaul? You simply cut your hair in layers. This is what Jorge Masvidal has done here.

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He has naturally curly hair and rather than have a straight cut, he cut it in layers for the extra bounce and thickness. The haircut looks even more appealing on curly hair as you can see.

Steps In Getting A Curly Lob Haircut

The curly lob haircut is an excellent style that suits everyone. Why not try it for yourself at home? Here is how you can get a curly lob at home!

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Step 1: Comb clean hair

The golden rule when it comes to cutting hair is to ensure it is clean. You want to shampoo and condition it before cutting your hair. Then let it air dry before proceeding to the haircut.

Curly hair tends to tangle so it is best if you comb your hair with a wide-toothed comb starting from the tips of your hair and going up to ensure minimal breakage. Then part your hair from the center.

Step 2: Cut the hair at the front

The front portion of your hair is the one that is most visible so you want to make sure you do it right. You need to take a small section of hair from both sides of the part, hold them between your fingers and then cut it so that it reaches a bit below the shoulders. Remember that curly hair will curl back up after you cut it so you want to be careful not to cut too much.

Step 3: Cut one side

Now that you have a base point, the front portion of your hair, you want to cut the hair straight across. You want to do this in two steps. You need to cut one side of the hair by holding it firmly with your hands and then cutting straight across for the uniform length.

Do not hesitate otherwise the cut will be wobbly. You want to cut more than you think you need to cut because curly hair will curl back up.

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Step 4: Repeat on the other side

You want to do the same on the other side of your center part and then compare the two sides to ensure they are equal in length.

You might have a few loose strands here and there which you should cut so that they blend with the haircut. Then you can trim the tips of your hair for the complete straight across lob haircut. You are done!

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Jorge Masvidal’s straight-cut curly lob is a flattering haircut that looks good and can be styled in multiple ways. Longer than the traditional bob, the lob is more versatile in comparison. The key with a lob is to get a style that you love and the one that suits your face shape.

There are many types of lob haircuts such as an asymmetrical cut or the blunt cut and so on so your options are endless! What do you think of Jorge Masvidal’s curly lob haircut? Do you think he looks better in short haircuts like his buzzcuts earlier or do you think he made a wise decision to shift to longer haircuts?

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