14 Stylish French Braids Styles 2024

by Helen Sroski

Here are the best French braids styles. Check it out!

French braids have been a go-to hairstyle since immemorial. What started out as an elegant twist to a normal braid, has now been reinterpreted and modernised to accommodate a whole array of hairstyles, which combine and play around with current fashion trends.

Once you master the french braid, depending on the length of your hair and your hair type, you could improvise it to suit any mood, look or occasion.

And here’s the best thing about the french braid – it is incredibly versatile. If you need a neat, clean hairstyle while going to the gym, then this is your best option.

Or if you are having a bad hair day on your friend’s wedding night, you could always french braid it up, and you will look just as gorgeous.

So here are a few ways you can wear your french braid. Read on to know more.

Beautofil French Braids Styles

Classic French Braid

First, we will take you through the basic steps of creating a french braid, so that all doubts are put aside before exploring the different ways in which french braids can be worn.

French Braids Styles

Prepare your hair before you start. Make sure it is knot free. And then begin by sectioning your hair. Grab a big chunk of hair from the top, and then section it into three parts. All you have to do is a normal braid, so start with that.

Classic French Braid
Source: Instagram @trishaweberstyle

And as you go on, work in new strands of hair from each side respectively. Basically, cross a section over to the center and grab some hair from the other side of your head and include it in the cross-over.

french braid styles for wedding

Keep working in the new hair until there are no strands left to pick from the sides.

It might sound more complicated than it actually is, but with practice, the french braid can become one of your quotidian favourites.

Double French Braid

feed in french braids styles

What’s better than one french braid? Two of these classy hairstyles! Double French Braids might seem a little old-fashioned, but everything vintage is coming back. Plus, this hairstyle is perfect for casual outings and everyday rendezvous.

french braids styles for black hair

Make sure you get the partitioning perfect because that is the only challenging aspect of this hairstyle or any french braid on for that matter. Section your hair carefully, and the rest should be a cakewalk. The hairstyle leaves your face unhindered, so it highlights your features brilliantly.

Double French Braid
Source: Instagram @colorhair_pierceskin

Fishtail French Braid

french braid styles for guys

A fishtail french braid is the best of both worlds. It combines two kinds of braids merged into one hairstyle. First split a section of your hair into two sides, and then start the top with a regular fishtail braid.

Fishtail French Braid
Source: Instagram @amy.helfrich

Take the outer edge of the partition, and cross it over the other. Repeat the same step with the other side. The french braid element comes in, when you consistently add stray hair from both sides of the partition alternatively.

french braid styles for long hair

Do this until you have no free hair left to braid. You can now braid the rest of your hair into a regular fishtail braid.

French Braid Bun

A french braid is the perfect, classy and sophisticated version of the traditional kind. It is an excellent hairstyle for more formal occasions or on days you feel like dressing up.

french braid styles for mixed hair

Moreover, combining a bun and a braid is a great way to try out new styles, and there are innumerable ways to combine these. For a more vintage look, you could try a french crown braid with a low chignon.

french braid styles for long hair

And if you want a modernist interpretation of it, you could have a french braid which runs up the back of your hair, followed by tying your hair up in a knot.

Source: Instagram @elise.bloombeautyextension

Side French Braid

french braid styles tutorial

A side french braid is the best way to get inducted into the world of braids, and well, french braids. This is a simple hairstyle, and an easy way to familiarise yourself with braiding, even; because it is easier to see what you are doing down the side of our head, than the back.

french braid styles for mixed hair

All you have to do is grab a bunch of strands from the side, start braiding till the end, and combine it with however it is that you are wearing your hair – simple braid, ponytail, buor just leave it out, flowing.

Side French Braid
Source: Instagram @__keilanicole

French Braid Pigtails

black girl french braids styles

The french pigtails are modern and cute, and suit most hair lengths. And they are surprisingly easy to create. Start by carving a middle partition, and then start braiding backward from each side, until the nape of your neck. Now tie your hair into two pigtails instead of plaiting the rest.

different french braids styles

And voila, you have a fun, chic look that is versatile and can be worn to the grocery store, for a Sunday picnic, and even a concert.

French Braid Pigtails
Source: Instagram

Half up Half Down French Braid

two french braids styles

The braid and the half up half down, both are very in trend right now. And combining the two might just be the way to go, if you are looking to stand out. And what is more, this is a foolproof hairstyle that is easy to create and pull off!

black girl french braids styles

What you have to do is take a section of your hair from the top, and start french braiding towards the back of your head. When you reach the crown area, continue with a regular plair. Or, you could tie up the additional hair into a small ponytail and wrap it around its base for an edgy topknot.

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Half up Half Down French Braid
Source: Instagram @touch_n_glow1234

French Braid Ponytail

The french braid ponytail is yet another simple variation of the standard hairstyle. Plus it is much less effort and less time-consuming as well, as the braid does not go all the way till the end.

hair french braids styles

This hairstyle can be whipped up within minutes in the morning, and can be your go-to on a daily basis.

All you need to do is start braiding from the top, and as you reach your nape, tie your hair up in a ponytail. This hairstyle is surprisingly versatile as you can experiment with the thickness of your hair and the positioning for your ponytail.

hair french braids styles

Thin braids go well with high ponytails, which is more whimsical and casual, while a thick braid with a low ponytail is perfect for a more formal, elegant look.

French Braid Ponytail
Source: Instagram @jenn23jenkins

Reverse French Braid (or the Dutch Braid)

african french braids styles

The dutch braid is a bolder version of the french braid, and is a great hairstyle for days you want to go all out.

Reverse French Braid
Source: Instagram @beautymarkbylp

The butch braid is nothing but the opposite of french braid, meaning that you pass the sections from underneath instead of the top. If you are already familiar with the french one, the ducth braid would be a cakewalk for you.

Reverse French Braid
Source: Instagram @donna_lisacollinshairdesign

Double Dutch Braid

african american french braids styles

The double dutch braid is the dutch braid, but with a partition across the centre. It is also called a boxer braid, and is actually quite a favourite among the Kardashians.

Double Dutch Braid
Source: Instagram

The double dutch braid is a clean look which lets you flaunt your facial features while also being quite ostentatious by itself.

Double Dutch Braid
Source: Instagram @food_hairdo

French Braid for Short Hair

French Braid for Short Hair
Source: Instagram @

The french braid is surprisingly versatile, and is suitable for most hair lengths. Even if you have a bob, you can find some way to weave a french braid into your style.

French Braid for Short Hair
Source: Instagram @milatan1307

Of course, you will have to be smart about what type you pick – you could definitely go for a side braid or a crown braid to play it safe.

african american french braids styles

You could always go for the intricate ones if you want something challenging, something that stands out. But make sure you use a hair serum for smoothness and grip, and use bobby pins to secure your hair.

Messy French Braid

Messy French Braid

A messy french braid is one of my favorite french braids styles. It’s super cool and gives a classy casual look.

French Braid styles

This also adds more texture to your hair since it doesn’t stick to your head. You may have to prep your hair before styling using some mousse so you have more volume at the crown. 

Source: Instagram @letdownyour.hair

Double Half-Up French Braid

Source: Instagram @lostinbraids

This is a very edgy french braids styles you can try. You start off like you’re creating two french braid pigtails and then when you reach near your ear, stop adding in hair and just continue braiding. 

Source: Instagram @lostinbraids

French Braid Faux Hawk

Source: Instagram @shannaleighthomas_hair

This is a super edgy french braid style you can try. Divide your hair into three parts. Do French braids on either sides leaving the middle part. Use lots of hair spray to make sure that the middle part or the faux hawk part stays in place.  

Source: Instagram @queenofzizkov

Two French Braids Into Ponytail

Source: Instagram @the_hairstyle_mumma

This is one of my favorite french braid styles. You start off this style like you’re creating two french pigtails. Then when you reach the crown the pigtails join and you make that into a ponytail. 

Source: Instagram @emmigrace_hairstyles

This is a super cool hairstyle cause it suits both formal as well as casual looks!

French Braid Styles: FAQs

How long does a french braid last?

A typical, well-braided one will last up to 3-4 days if done right. Since it is a single braid that incorporates all of your strands, it takes time for the braid to fall apart.

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Plus, by the third or fourth day, you have a looser, more carefree braid with a little frizz flying out of place here and there, which makes for a great casual hairstyle by itself.

French braids are also a great way to get naturally wavy hair over a course of two to three days.

How can I keep the French Braid from falling apart overnight?

All you have to do is tie a scarf, or wear a bonnet while sleeping. This makes sure your hair does not face the wrath of friction when you twist and turn in your sleep.

Of course, when you are braiding itself, it is a good idea to apply some serum or hairspray, for longevity.

Do I French Braid my hair when it is wet or dry?

While you can braid it when it is wet, your hair tends to be more susceptible to breakage when it is wet. And given that you are going to have to push and pull your hair around quite a bit for this hairstyle, you might end up losing a handful of strands while at it.

So it is best to french braid your hair when it is.

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