15 Kristen Bell Hairstyles We Love!

by Helen Sroski

Love Kristen Bell’s Hairstyles? Here’s a full list of Kristen Bell Hairstyles over the years. Check it out!

Kristen Bell has always been a trendsetter. She always raised the bar, whether it be hairstyles, dresses, songs, or drama. Check out our detailed list of Kristen Bell’s top hairdos all across the years. Watch as the brilliant actress and model explores elegant and stylish hairstyles on her smooth hair.

If you watched the Veronica Mars TV series, you would vividly recall Kristen Bell. She portrayed the lead character in that drama. She is among the stars that people like admiring. 

Who is Kristen Bell? 

In 1980, on July 18, Kristen Bell was born. She is a singer and actress from America. Kristen Bell, a native of Michigan, went to New York University to pursue a degree in musical theater. Bell’s breakout performance came in 2004 as the television series Veronica Mars title character. 

She thus got parts in movies like Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Get Him to the Greek, in addition to a lead role in the Disney blockbuster Frozen. Bell went on to play the lead role in the television series The Good Place and House of Lies.

For your inspiration, we’ve featured a few of Bell’s fantastically similar hairstyles on this site.

Her sense of style has served as an inspiration to many. Bell is very aware of how crucial hair is to one’s appearance. She’s always gone for haircuts that complement her features and skin tone. She has blonde hair by nature.

Unlike many other actors, we haven’t seen her making any significant changes to the color or style of her hair. Rather than formal up does, she prefers everyday hairstyles.

Gorgeous Kristen Bell Hairstyles 

Side-pinned up straight hair

Side-pinned hair is a popular style on the red carpet, and we’ve seen it done in several ways, including soft blowouts, ponytails, buns, natural curls, and classic Hollywood waves. This straight hairstyle is easiest to manage and wear. 

When Bell wears her hair straight with a smiley face, she always seems elegant and beautiful. She prefers this look with black formal attire the most. However, the hairstyle goes well with bright color outfits. 

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Blunt bob cut

It might be challenging to develop new hairstyles for short hair, especially if you don’t want to play with color. However, Kristen Bell demonstrates that a small trim may significantly impact you and that you can modernize a traditional bob without using color. 

She has a haircut that compliments her square facial shape, high forehead, and a square hairline. The actress flaunted a blunt haircut that just touched her jawline while attending a Disney+ event.

Long Bob

The long bob or lob is the haircut most often associated with the younger generation. It’s comfortable and simple. And that’s the key: No matter your facial shape or hair type, this haircut looks great on everyone with a few style adjustments. 

The hairstyle worn by Kristen Bell is adaptable, simple to maintain, and incredibly fashionable. She is showing off a chic, short, wavy hairdo with a gorgeous finish. This medium-length hairstyle has blunt-cut ends and free waves from the mid-lengths to the ends for a delicate and understated appearance.

Long Layered Haircut

Long hair is easier to manage with layers since they take care of the annoying problem of longer strands. Layering long hair eliminates the ideal amount of weight to give the hair mobility without making the ends seem over-layered and straggly. 

All facial shapes often look excellent with long, layered hairstyles. Here, Face-framing elements are used to design the front, bringing attention to the cheekbones while seamlessly blending in with the other layers.

Fringe Bangs

The wispy fringe looks good on thin hair and is a simple option for people new to the fringe world. They often fall over the eyebrows and are on the longer side, giving off a delicate, romantic atmosphere. During the 2008 Teen Choice Awards, Kristen Bell’s beautiful hairstyle wowed the audience.

 Her long layers of hair were jaggedly chopped to generate movement and body from her mid-lengths to her ends as they flowed beautifully over her shoulders. With fine to medium textured hair, this look is simple to recreate.

Loose Ponytail With Bangs

One of the most adaptable and well-liked hairstyles nowadays is the ponytail. The look is simple to style, doesn’t require specialized tools or skills, and is simple to dress up or down. 

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With one face-framing portion left free, Kristen Bell tucked her delicate curls into a low ponytail to create a highly sweet and seductive look. Her hair is flawless from every perspective. 

Short Ponytail

Although the traditional ponytail is long and flowing, short hair also looks great in this look. While a high ponytail won’t work with short hair, a low ponytail will complement your cut and instantly update your appearance. 

A low, short ponytail is one of the most basic hairstyles that look great on people of all ages. Here, the short hair is neatly pulled back into a ponytail on the back of the head after being well-combed. On thicker, more volumized black hair, this style looks fantastic.

Textured Chignon Pony

Bell has repeatedly shown that nothing stops people with short hair from experimenting with unusual looks, even though she normally wears her stylish bob down in loose, textured waves. 

After being pre-styled with a texturizing spray or pomade, Bell’s hair was parted down the middle and pulled back into a stylish French twist. 

However, the hairdresser decided to go for a more relaxed appearance by leaving Bell’s ends poking from beneath in a short ponytail rather than rolling and tucking them under as you would with a traditional twist. 


Your short, medium or long hair has a center part that runs along the length of it. Middle portions are renowned for framing and emphasizing facial features. Her hallmark look is center-parted hair. This hairstyle is fantastic since it is smooth and uncomplicated. 

The layers chopped along the sides and back to produce this unique form are displayed in this sleek ‘do, which is blow-dried straight to frame the face nicely. This hairstyle is best suited for round faces because of the centre partition.

Braided Open-hair

Today’s women choose this as one of the most stylish and contemporary open hairstyles. Bell wore one of her most recognisable haircuts to the 2012 Do Something Awards. Kristen twisted multiple braids into a fun, half-up look. The simple braid at the back of Kristen Bell’s head is the focal point of her hairdo.

Side-swept Bangs

At the Baby Mama global premiere, Kristen Bell looked stunning. To produce her exquisite form and to emphasize her gentle wave, medium layers were trimmed through the back and sides of her delicate ‘do. 

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She added sensual side-swept bangs to round off her appearance, which perfectly framed the top of her face.

Braided Hair

Braids are still trendy today despite being around for generations. There are ways of doing braids, and each one can be styled in many different ways. 

Braids are best for any occasion and are perfect for summers. When she attended the Darker Side of Green discussion in West Hollywood, actress Kristen Bell flaunted her braided hairdo.

Side-slicked Bun

The side bun is the improved and more fashionable top bun for the buns. It adds a touch of softness, coolness, tenderness, and vintage appeal. The side bun hairstyle is a lovely and versatile look that works with many hair kinds and hues. 

In this look of Bell, the bun is created horizontally, like rolling a wrap from the outside to the inside, and the hair is twisted and combed back extremely neatly. Pins are used to secure the ends.

Slicked Back Hairstyle

Kristen Bell elevated her cool factor with her shoulder-length cut and slicked-back hair. The bold look was softened with peach lips and a dash of blush. 

Slicked back hair is hair that has been pushed back with gel, wax, or hairspray to give off the appearance of having wet, sensual hair. 

When done correctly, a slicked-back hairstyle may quickly update your appearance and make you look cooler, more youthful, and utterly current. It’s simple to replicate the slicked-back hairstyle.

Long Jagged Layers

Kristen chose an edgier beauty look for the 2013 CMT Music Awards red carpet, which included gorgeous bed-head waves and a lot of inky eyeliner. 

Only lengthy, jagged layers have been cut through the front and sides of these long, blonde locks to shorten their length and stimulate delicate movement from the mid-lengths to the ends. The front is smoothed down to enhance the face, which flawlessly completes this laid-back hairdo.


All the hairstyles chosen by Kristen Bell always influenced the audience. No wonder each hair looks stunning on the star, and the way it was styled with the outfit was worth noticing. Pick your style and share in the comments the look you loved.

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