20 Beautiful Emilia Clarke Hairstyles That You Can Recreate 2024

by Helen Sroski

Want to know Emilia Clarke hairstyles that you can recreate? Check out our gallery of Emilia Clarke hairstyles that you can easily recreate at home! From sleek bob cuts to messy buns, we have them all.

You are getting dolled up and wearing your favorite dress, looking all gorgeous, but if your hairstyle is not up to the mark, your overall look becomes dull. People notice hair quite often, and you should not put it on the back burner. 

You do not have to worry much because I am here with the best Emilia Clarke hairstyles that you should try on yourself. 

Emilia Clarke is best known for her role in the Game of Thrones series as Daenerys and has blonde locks.

Emilia Clarke Hairstyles That You Can Recreate
Source: Instagram @khaleesiclarke

Although in real life, she has pulled off many chic hairstyles, from a cute chignon to waves. 

Emilia Clarke Hairstyles That You Can Recreate

Let me show you her best hairstyles to date. 

Straight Bob Haircut With Deep Middle Part

The sleek and straight bob cut with a deep middle part suits Elia Clarke really well. It gives her a neat, polished look (very British!) and overall looks super cute on her. Middle part is great for those with shorter, wider faces because it gives an illusion of a longer, slimmer face. It also makes you look younger without the hairstyle looking childish. 

Short Hair Side Part With Loose Curls 

Here’s another Emilia Clarke short hairstyle that looks super chic. With a haircut slightly longer than a lob, this haircut has a side partition with loose waves. And the hair is tucked behind the ears for a clean and neat look. This hairstyle will suit amazingly well for both formal and casual events and looks. 

Lob Cut With Center Part

If the Emilia Clarke Short Bob hairstyle didn’t impress you then this lob cut with centre part definitely will. She looks absolutely amazing in this one. The lob haircut is flipped in in the ends and center part gives an illusion of slimmer and long face. 

Sleek Low Bun 

The sleek low bun is an easy hairstyle to do and Emilia Clarke is pulling it off really well with her dress. A sleek low bun with center part is a go-to hairstyle for a lot of women for formal events.

Sleek Laid-Back

Beautiful Emilia Clarke Hairstyles That You Can Recreate
Source: Instagram @emilia.clarke.status

Emilia Clarke appeared with a straight and sleek haircut at the Annenberg space in 2016 for a photography event.

Beautiful Emilia Clarke Hairstyles
Source: Instagram @emilia.clarke.status

Her roots were darker in color while she had her ends highlighted, and she parted her hair from the center, giving a laid-back approach.

Accessorized locks

At the premiere of “Game of Thrones,” the actress appeared in a black dress with her locks accessorized by four golden bands and darker roots with no flyaways. She also had hair extensions which enhanced her look.

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I gave this hairstyle a shot the previous month. It works best if you are wearing an off-shoulder dress.

I did not have golden bands, so I used my beaded elastic bands, which worked perfectly fine. You can try it too, and it is super easy and quick.

Messy Updo

The actress took a chilled and relaxed approach to the Oscars party in 2016 with her messy updo. I love messy hairstyles, which are easy to make, just like this. 

Hairstyles of Emilia Clarke That You Can Recreate
Source: Instagram @emiliaclarke

All you have to do is make your hair in a messy bun and let the front be a mess. 

Beachy Waves

Clarke rocked the MTV Awards with her beachy waves and looked jaw-droppingly awesome. Her hair looked voluminous, and the waves were giving her hair a fuller look.

Hairstyles of Emilia Clarke
Source: Instagram @emiliaclarke

I tried the beachy waves when I was at an evening party. It was so easy to create, and I got cute results. 

Half-Up, Half-Down

beautiful emilia clarke hairstyles that you can recreate with
Source: Instagram @xrxaxm_cion

At the 73rd Golden Globes, Clarke styled her hair Half-Up, Half-down, which is a popular hairstyle even now. 

The hairstyle was a hit when it was first released and still lights up women’s everyday looks.

I do my hair in a Half-Up, Half-Down almost every day because it is feasible and lets me do my work without any hair distractions. 

Side-Swept Tousled Waves

You would never go wrong with tousled waves on a casual day out or late-night party. I love this hairstyle and wear it whenever I want to look adorable. It gives a 1920s vibe. 

Emilia Clarke rocked the 22nd annual Screen Actors Guild awards with the side-swept tousled waves.  

Messy Low Bun

Coming out of her comfort zone, Emilia was seen with a messy low bun at the Emmys. With ruffled look and some loose wavy locks in the front with centre part this is hairstyle looks great for both formal and casual wear.

Source: Instagram @emilia_clarke_star

I wear a messy low bun when I wear backless gown. I prefer to put on some accessories over my bun, which adds to the look. 

Ringlets and Straight Strands

At the GQ Man awards, Clarke appeared in a loose ringlet and Straight strand hairstyle. If you do not create this look properly, you might look straggly. 

emilia clarke best looks
Source: Instagram @monrocoma

Clarke kept it glossy and carried it sophisticatedly. 

is emilia clarke hair real
Source: Instagram @khaleesiclarke

I like this hairstyle, but I cannot pull it off gracefully. I tried it once, and it looked like a mess. You can try and see the results; it may work out for you. 

Tight Waves

Clarke was seen in tight waves at the premiere of season four of Game of Thrones. She was giving Twenties vibes; honestly, the twenties hairstyle never goes out of style. 

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You can try it when wearing a gown, which would surely make you look divine.

Side-Swept up-do

emilia clarke hairstyles
Source: Instagram @emilia.clarke.star

This hairstyle is best if you have short hair. The actress was seen at the premiere of the Terminator with a side-swept, wavy up-do. It looked like a traditional Hollywood hairstyle.

emilia clarke shoulder length hair
Source: Instagram @emilia.clarke.star

It gives a chic vibe and trendy look. I have long hair, so it did not look good on me, but if you have short hair, you can give it a go.

Coiffed Up-do

This hairstyle passes the sassy vibes, and you can try it when you want to look bold. 

emilia clarke haircut last christmas
Source: Instagram @emilia_clarke_star

Clarke did a sleek and coiffed up-do at a pre-oscar party. She looked stunning and bossy.

Undone Waves

You can easily make this hairstyle, and you will always look breathtakingly beautiful. I love this hairstyle quite a lot, and it goes well with everything I wear. 

emilia clarke bob haircut
Source: Instagram @emilia.clarke.universe

The actress appeared at the Golden Globes with undone waves, and they were super shiny, giving her an elegant look.

Loose Chignon

This hairstyle must be on the top of your list to look feminine and sweet. 

Clarke was seen in a loose side chignon with her flicks adoring her shoulders at the Guild awards. 

You can make this hairstyle easily, and it looks incredible for shoulder and below hair length. 

Beehive-style Updo

The actress was seen in a beehive-style updo, and she accessorized it with a black, spiked hairband. 

emilia clarke shoulder length hair
Source: Instagram @emilia_clarke_star

I prefer doing this hairstyle when I have a lot on my plate, and those baby hairs are in control. 

Side Knot

Clarke had a loose side knot at the AFI awards, giving her a feminine and winsome look. I love loose side knots, and they look better when they are messy. 

emilia clarke long hair
Source: Instagram @_celebrities_actresses_

You can create a side knot and keep it messy. Also, you can put in some beads or diamonds if you like. It will surely enhance the look. 

Loose Curls

Loose curls are evergreen in fashion and give you an aesthetic appearance. I love to do this hairstyle when I want to keep my hair open. 

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Source: Instagram @gorgeous_women0

Clarke was seen at the Guild awards with up-do and loose curls. It gave her an eccentric look, and she gave off an appealing look.

Soft Bob

Clarke’s soft bob hairstyle had a natural texture, and the ends had subtle curls. It gave a fuller look and more movement. 

emilia clarke haircut last christmas
Source: Instagram @khaleesiclarke

You can easily create this hairstyle, which goes with every outfit. 

Medium Length Bob

This is an easy and simple hairstyle. It looks sober and goes for any event. 

emilia clarke movies
Source: Instagram @emilia_clarke_star

The actress was seen in a medium-length bob, blow-waved and straight, giving a chocolate-box look. 

Mocha Brown Locks

The actress had mocha brown locks giving her a sexy and attractive look. She wore them over her shoulders and was blow-waved. It is perfect for a particular day or night event. 

emilia clarke husband
Source: Instagram @emilia_clarke_star

You can pull off this look and make people yearn for your beauty. 


Clarke had a pixie hairstyle, which looked perfect on her square-shaped face. 

You can get the haircut and expect to shine at every event with your chic hairstyle. 

emilia clarke 2022
Source: Instagram @emilia_clarke_star

Emilia Clarke might have just calmed your hairstyle anxiety, and I hope you gain inspiration from these hairstyles of hers.

And recreate them for yourself. I have played some, and I fell in love with them. Maybe you, too, would find your favorite hairstyle from this list. 

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