20 Coolest Balayage Hairstyles With Fringe To Try In 2024!

by Helen Sroski

Looking for stunning balayage hairstyles? We curated a list of our favorite Balayge hairdos. Check it out!

Balayage technique has gained immense traction in the past few years for its spontaneity and natural finish. In a nutshell, it refers to the highlighting process that is done in a raw manner by hand painting the desired strands.

It allows scope for customization based on what you feel suits your skin, shape of face, or the colour you want to experiment with without a long-term commitment.

It is a hassle-free process, and requires lesser maintenance too. If you are versatile with your fashion, then you can be versatile with your hair too. Here are a few styles you can consider while opting for the balayage process.

Hottest Balayage Hairstyles With Fringe

Dark to Light Balayage With Fringe

This is a popular balayage hair color style to do with bangs. The hair near the roots is dark and as it progresses the hair goes lighter. You can experiment with different shades you like, or you can even ask your hairstylist what suits you best. A common balayage style is to have medium brown at the roots that melt into blonde towards the end. 

Subtle Balayage With Bob Cut And Side Fringe

If you have a bob cut you can add blonde streaks just behind the roots. Flip the ends inwards for a cute balayage hairstyle and ask your stylist to give you a side swept fringe to complete the look. This balayage with fringe hairstyle is low maintenance because as the new hair starts growing it’ll blend in seamlessly too. 

Two Toned Balayage With Thick Bangs

If you have thick hair then the two toned balayage hairstyle will look amazing on your hair. Choose a color that will stand boldly against your hair color without overpowering like for example, black and red, black and purple, blonde and pink. The second color will start somewhere midway on your hair length giving it that two tone hair color look. Make sure that you ask your stylist to give you nice thick bangs. 

Light Brown to Caramel Blonde Balayage with Long Bangs

Another style you’ll absolutely love is the balayage hairstyle. Your hair starts with light brown at the roots and seamlessly turns into blonde towards the ends. If you have long hair, request your stylist to keep long bangs. 

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Mute The Root

Source: Instagram @lauraleighhairbeauty

To get this look, use a muted darker tone around the roots and a completely light tone towards the end of the strands. It will bring out a contrasting effect and deliver a chic look.

Balayage Hairstyles
Source: Instagram @hairbysamanthagreen

Make sure the change in the tone is gradual and not too abrupt. This will also save you from frequent colouration because as your natural hair will grow out, those tones will work as highlights.

balayage hairstyles medium length
Source: Instagram @abi.beautyhair

Sun-kissed Effect

This is a wonderful way to add a definition to your face. Use a lighter contrasting tone such as beige or creamy for this effect.

balayage on black hair
Source: Instagram @saramariastyles

Apply it in chief areas around your face and strategically place parts of your hair that the sun usually highlights. The placement of the streaks here is very important because it can be used for face-framing.

blonde balayage hairstyles
Source: Instagram @glamhairhtx
Source: Instagram @rosiebaylishair

Candy Pastel

If you want something fun and vibrant without a long-term commitment, this style is perfect for you. Take a pastel shade of soft pink and apply it to the bottom portion of your hair.

balayage hairstyles 2021
Source: Instagram @beautybyallforyou

You do not have to put your whole hair at stake and it won’t cause any irreparable damage.

balayage hairstyles for brunettes
Source: Instagram @orbhairandbeauty

Go Naturale

If you want to try the balayage style without making a visible change to your hair, you can try this look.

balayage hairstyles for dark hair
Source: Instagram @abi.beautyhair

If you have dark hair, you can go for a shade like chocolate brown or one shade down from your natural hair colour. It will provide a shaded glossy effect, and the tones would be minimalistic.

balayage hairstyles for long hair
Source: Instagram @melinda.amehair
Source: Instagram @kirillhair

Unfurl your Curls

balayage hairstyles straight hair
Source: Instagram @paris_mcelroy

This look is especially for everyone with glorious curls. You can have a smooth fade from dark brown to gold. It will make your strands stand out and make your look more playful.

balayage hairstyles for black hair
Source: Instagram @urbancurls416
Source: Instagram @sophistikate.hair

Strawberry Blush

This is an edgy look with a careful blend of warm and cool tones. Prepare a combination of ivory shaded strands along with pink-shaded strands.

Strawberry Blush
Source: Instagram @fosterlondon

The look turns out best for people with wavy hair. It has a very posh and sophisticated finish.

Strawberry Blush
Source: Instagram @cleavershairdesign
Source: Instagram @frizerskisalon_pufna

Passion Flames

Source: Instagram @ali_theartist

This is a bold look perfect for dark hair. You need to create a layered effect with shades from the same colour family such as cherry red, burgundy red, cinnamon and more.

Passion Flames
Source: Instagram @avabalayagetx

The combination brings out an effect close to the shades of a burning flame. The best part about this style is despite having a blend of shades, it is not loud but rather understated.

Passion Flames
Source: Instagram @hairbyhennebry

Flaky Bangs

If you want to step up your look after getting bangs, you should totally try out this balayage style. It is very easy to apply and carry.

Flaky Bangs
Source: Instagram @haireffexbellmoreny

The look works best if your bangs have grown out a little. Use contrasting shades like gold or blonde if you have dark hair for best results. Make sure the streaks are finely placed and avoid using a thicker portion of hair.

Flaky Bangs
Source: Instagram @hairwithyvette

The glorious ‘Money Piece’

This face-framing look works wonders on any hair type. All you have to do is colour the frontal strand on both sides and leave the rest of the hair natural.

The glorious ‘Money Piece’
Source: Instagram @wellahair

Use a lighter and warmer hue for the colour to stand out and compliment the look.

The glorious ‘Money Piece’
Source: Instagram @brianbehindthechair

Dark Blonde

This is for all the people with lighter hair shades who can use this technique to add more depth to their hair.

Dark Blonde
Source: Instagram @hairsprayrae

If you have blond hair, add shades of light brown or gold around your roots and shade it as you move down. Your natural hair will turn into wondrous streaks this way.

Source: Instagram @julia.roik
Dark Blonde
Source: Instagram @marinadobsonhair

Honey Glow

This look is all over social media and you need to try it too! If you have a darker hair shade, it will turn out more vibrant. Start it off with a warm honey shade to avoid an abrupt shift.

Honey Glow
Source: Instagram @hairbyamybee

As it moves down, mix it up with amber, shades of gold and maybe a touch of vanilla towards the end. It is a rich blend that is equivalent to any celebrity look.

Source: Instagram @ohhilaryous
Honey Glow
Source: Instagram @jasminehatchhairdressing

Subtle Hues

Did you know a balayage process done right can even add volume to your hair? Placing the highlights in a way where the lighter shade stands out in the tilted portions of your wave, can create a soothing effect.

Subtle Hues
Source: Instagram @redcarpetstudios.rcs

As a whole, they can create an illusion of more volume and depth. An ideal combination can be dark brown base with caramel-shaded highlights.

Subtle Hues
Source: Instagram @ricardoalonsobeauty
Source: Instagram @gingerlinsalon

Smokey Flair

If you want to try out a pristine blonde shade but are skeptical about it not suiting you and leaving you with months of shame, this is the solution.

Smokey Flair
Source: Instagram @hairbybrittbjohnson

Let the roots be natural and start with warmer tones and slowly let it blend with the desired shade of blonde. You can even go platinum blonde for the tips.

Source: Instagram @locksbylauryn
Smokey Flair
Source: Instagram @hairstylist_karina

Copper Glaze

Copper Glaze
Source: Instagram @kristinabateshair

This is yet another classic balayage look. You can get this look by creating a shaded blend of mahogany tone and golden hues towards the tips. The results will be glossy and vibrant.

Source: Instagram @balayageandbrowsbymelita
Copper Glaze
Source: Instagram @kl.hairartist and

Rainbow Effect

If you want to go all out and paint the hair with a multitude of colours, this look is ideal for you. Based on your needs, you can create a shaded effect of colours such as red, pink, yellow, green and more.

Rainbow Effect
Source: Instagram @vanessaofsacredhair

It will look quirky and definitely stand out amongst the other balayage styles.

Rainbow Effect
Source: Instagram @taylermadehair

California Blend

It is a fun look if you want something unique for the summer. Using these cooler shades can amp-up the Malibu beach fit.

California Blend
Source: Instagram @diana_der_frisiersalon
Source: Instagram @nadinedoesmyhair

Start with a brown shade with silver undertones and halfway through the hair, create a faded effect. It can be followed by a muted shade of purple.

California Blend
Source: Instagram @colorbykels

You can also leave the colours overlapping while applying to make the blend look more natural.

Mystic Ombre

If you have a pixie haircut or shorter hair length, you should definitely consider this.

Mystic Ombre
Source: Instagram @hairbykacie1

Play with the symmetry of balayage by bringing the paler shades closer to the face and the darker ones as the colour moves back. A deep side parting will help bring out the colour contrast best.

Mystic Ombre
Source: Instagram @yeseniaresendez_salonandspa
Source: Instagram @christine.wlln

Chunky Browns

This mix is perfect for any season and any look. Start off with a chocolate brown shade as the base for overall hair. Add some caramel highlights in an asymmetric manner to create a messy yet chic effect.

Chunky Browns
Source: Instagram @secondnaturebc

Blend the tips of those highlights with a subtle blonde shade for some sparkle. This will make your hair look layered and voluminous as well.

Source: Instagram @topknothairpdx
Chunky Browns
Source: Instagram @redstellasalon

Balayage Hairstyles: FAQs

How will I decide which colour works best for me?

Start by looking for some inspirational styles and pin them. Have some idea in place about the shades you are interested in. When you visit the salon for consultation, show these pictures to the colourist and talk about your expectations. Then they will take into consideration your hair quality and texture, how often you wash your hair, your products as well as your lifestyle. After evaluating these factors, they will suggest what would be best for your hair and you can come to a consensus then.

What is the difference between highlights and balayage?

At a simple level, the process of balayage is more raw and organic, as compared to highlights that are precise and professional in approach. Highlights are usually created by carefully parting sections of hair and placing the colour followed by wrapping it in tin foils. Balayage on the other hand is applied freehand, and doesn’t place immense attention on the precision of the strands. Hence, the effect in the latter method is more multidimensional and playful.

Is Balayage safe for natural hair?

Given the composition of chemicals in the colour, the basic exposure will definitely lead to some amount of dryness. However, in this technique you have more control over the placement of colours, and if you don’t want any risks, you can always go for styles where the lower part of the hair or tips are shaded. It is safer than the traditional method in a way because when the strands are wrapped in foil, they produce heat and make the hair more vulnerable. In this technique, the colours aren’t over processed. You can also ask your colourist to use conditioning agents to retain the moisture of hair and ensure minimal dryness and damage. The only drawback you may find is that balayage lightens up the hair, and turns it brassier sooner as compared to the traditional method. So if you feel your hair may look unflattering that way, you can consult your colourist about how to fix it.

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