Coby Bell’s New Haircut 2024

by Helen Sroski

Have you been wondering what Coby Bell’s new haircut looks like? Wonder no more! Here is a sneak peak of what to expect from his latest hair change.

Coby Bell is an American actor and producer primarily known for his roles in Third Watch, Burn Notice, and The Game. He gained prominence as he showed he could easily take on the role of any character thrown at him.

Whether it was his stint in The Game or Burn Notice, it was easy to see how versatile he was and how attached he became to the character to make it his own.

When it comes to his haircuts, Coby Bell has gone for only two cuts ever; a buzzcut which he sported earlier and the completely shaved head that he is sporting now.

Coby Bell’s New Haircut

Coby Bell’s New Haircut

Who Is Coby Bell?

Coby Scott Bell was born on May 11th, 1975 in Orange County, California. He is the son of the Broadway actor Michel Bell. Coby Bell attended San Jose State University. His career began when he scored minor roles in TV shows such as Smart Guy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and ER. It was in L.A.

Doctors when he appeared for a prolonged time; for 13 episodes. He also starred in the show Sister, Sister from 1994 to 1999.

He was selected to play the role of Officer Ty Davis, Jr. in NBC’s Third Watch in 1999. He remained until the end of the show six seasons later. He then landed the role of Glen Stallworth in Half & Half in 2005 and he appeared in three episodes.

Coby Bell’s Haircut

Coby Bell is the co-producer of the independent movie Drifting Elegant which was released in 2006. He also starred in that movie. He has also guest starred in a lot of shows including the TV show Girlfriends on UPN.

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Later when the show returned to BET after being canceled in 2009, he had a recurring role. He kept getting roles such as in Mad Dogs which is an Amazon original.

He played the role of Aaron. He had a voice role in Flowers and Weeds in 2008. He bagged the main role in Burn Notice as Jesse Porter which aired from 2009 to 2013. He was seen from seasons 4 to 7. He currently has a main role in the show Walker which aired in 2021 as Captain Larry James.

What Is The Name Of The Latest Coby Bell Haircut?

Coby Bell has a shaved head at present and he looks dashing in it. Just like many A-list stars, Coby Bell has decided to stay this way.

Coby Bell

A shaved head is sometimes necessary for men who have hair thinning problems and it can completely transform your entire look and style. Men who are experiencing baldness can also shave their entire heads.

Many people have reported feeling better after having shaved their heads! It is a matter of personal preference but if you always have short hair and style it in a buzzcut then you can try to shave your entire head if you feel like giving the style a try.

Famous Haircuts Of Coby Bell

Coby Bell has not experimented with his look much and he likes to keep things simple yet classic. Here are the only two haircuts we have seen on the actor.


He had a buzzcut in the early 2000s and that is the haircut he had when he got married too. A buzzcut has stood the test of time because it is as popular now as it was ever before.

Coby Bell’s New Hairstyle

The buzzcut is the ultimate choice for men in sports and you will often see them sporting a variation of the haircut. There are two reasons for that; you can try different styles of buzzcuts such as buzzcut skin fade and so on and it suits all face shapes. We have seen so many different celebrities sport this cut!

Shaved Head

When we think of Coby Bell, we think of him with a shaved head because that is what we have seen him in the most. A shaved head might seem like the lazy person’s style but it does need some effort from your end because you need to protect your head when you step out.

Coby Bell’s  Buzz haircut

A shaved head looks good on every individual regardless of your face shape and the shape of your head. It is all about the confidence with which you carry yourself. That makes all the difference.

Steps In Completely Shaving Hair

Do you want to shave your head like Coby Bell? Then here is your guide to getting that look at home without going to a salon.

Coby Bell haircut

Step 1: Understand scalp

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Begin by understanding the shape of your head because you are going to be rocking a bald look soon! You might have a few bumps here and there on your head.

You need to know about these so you can be gentle when you are shaving your head and avoid any injuries that may occur otherwise. This doesn’t take long so don’t skip this step.

Step 2: Buzzcut first

If you have long hair then cut it with scissors first. If you have medium-length hair or short hair then you can do the buzzcut first before shaving it all off.

You want to use clippers or trimmers to do this. When you get to it, make sure you are doing it under proper lighting and that you take care when you trim the back of your head.

Step 3: Prep scalp

You want to then rinse your hair to avoid burns and skin irritation. Then exfoliate using a good scrub by slathering it onto your head. This will help make it easier for you to shave your head.

Then apply a pre-shave oil. After this, you want to apply some gel to your head. When you are doing this, make sure you cover the entire area.  

Step 4: Start shaving

Now you can begin shaving but make sure the razor is a good one. You want to start with the hair on top of your head then go on to the sides of your head and then to the back.

Keep rinsing the razor regularly after each shave so that it can shave properly. You also want to go with the grain when shaving to prevent ingrown hairs later on which can be problematic.

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And that’s it!

coby bells new haircut scene


Coby Bell’s shaved head look and the barely-there buzzcut have inspired many fans to go short with their hair. Super short hair is in and celebrities are proving this adage for quite some time.

Coby Bell’s haircuts show that men can flaunt any type of haircut as long as they have confidence. Now that you know how easy it is to shave your head, when are you planning to shave your head completely?

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