Josh Hader’s New Haircut 2024

by Helen Sroski

Check out Josh Hader’s new haircut and see why it’s such a hit! This style is perfect for those with round faces and is sure to stand out.

Josh Hader is a professional baseball pitcher who is playing for the San Diego Padres team currently. He made a record of being the fastest pitcher in MLB history to reach 400 strikeouts in 2021.

His career includes many awards and accolades for his position as a pitcher. His interest in baseball led him to play professionally from a young age and today he is an accomplished pitcher with many records to his name.

Josh Hader’s New Haircut

An important part of Josh Hader is his haircuts as they have evolved with him. Josh Hader does not hold back when it comes to his haircuts and he has tried quite a few of them so far.

Who Is Josh Hader?

Joshua Ronald Hader was born on April 7th, 1994 in Millersville, Maryland. He was planning to attend the Anne Arundel Community College. As he was selected in the 2012 MLB Draft in the 19th round by the Baltimore Orioles, he chose to start his professional baseball career instead.

From 2013 to 2015, he played for the Houston Astros. He was named the California League Pitcher of the Year. He made his MLB debut on June 10th, 2017.

Josh Hader’s Haircut

He stayed with the Milwaukee Brewers from 2017 to 2022. In 2022, he started playing for the San Diego Padres team as he was traded for Dinelson Lamet, Taylor Rogers, Robert Gasser, and Esteury Ruiz.

Josh Hader has made many MLB records so far. He had the most consecutive saves to start a season and he also has the most consecutive outs via strikeouts in 2018.

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He also holds the record of having the most consecutive hitless appearances. He also has other noteworthy career highlights. He was an NL saves leader in 2020, and he received an All-Start 4 times in 2018, 2019, 2021, and 2022.

He was part of the All-MLB First Team in 2019 and 2021. He was also the three-time receiver of the NL Reliever of the Year in 2018, 2019, and 2021.

What Is The Name Of The Latest Josh Hader Haircut?

Josh Hader has a lob haircut which is essentially a long bob. He is flaunting his natural hair and he has a straight-cut haircut where all the tips of the hair are the same length.

Josh Hader’

As his hair is naturally wavy it creates an extra bounce in his hair and it looks more voluminous. This adds texture to the hair. Lob haircuts go well with any face shape but the type of lob can change your whole look.

For instance, those who want to frame their face should opt for a layered lob while those who want to simply make their face look fuller should go for a straight haircut like Josh Hader.

Famous Haircuts Of Josh Hader

Josh Hader had some remarkable haircuts. Here are some of his most popular ones.

Medium-Length Hair

When Josh Hader was starting his professional career, he had shorter hair. His hair was medium length so you could still see it when he wore his baseball cap.

josh hader haircut

He had highlights at the time and it lifted his hair up even more. The medium-length haircut suits everyone so anyone who wants to try it should do so and get inspiration from Josh Hader!

Undercut Long Hair

The undercut long hair haircut is bold because you are essentially getting rid of a lot of your hair for this one. However, it looks pretty cool especially when you make a bun and flaunt the haircut.

josh hader new haircut

Josh Haircut went a step ahead and instead of just having an undercut he had buzzcut-like hair just below the part from where the long hair started. This gave even more focus to the haircut.

Soft Round Bob

The soft round bob is often seen on women and we have seldom seen men get this haircut. But Josh Hader had this haircut and we think he looked incredible in this haircut!

josh hader

His hair fell about two inches from the base of his ear and the haircut was expertly done as you can see not a single strand of hair is out of place. More men should follow this trend and try haircuts like these!

Steps In Getting A Lob Haircut

You can get a lob haircut at home! Here is a tutorial explaining all the essential steps in getting that perfect lob when you have long hair.

josh hader haircut

Step 1: Clean hair

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You want to shampoo and condition your hair prior to cutting your hair in a lob. Then comb your hair and remove any tangles and knots that may be present. It is better if you try the lob haircut on damp hair for better results especially if you have curly or wavy hair.

Step 2: Part and make a ponytail

Part your hair from the center because that is the foundation of the cut. If you want to part it with a side part then part it sideways. You want to part it the way that you will wear it.

Then using a hair tie you want to make a low ponytail that is at the nape of your neck. It must be tightly tied.

Step 3: Cut using scissors

Next, you want to cut your hair by bringing the ponytail forward. You want to cut across by holding the ponytail firmly with your hand and then cutting it using scissors.

It is best if you do it in one swift move. Cut it longer than you need the lob to be because we will clean it up soon.

Step 4: Clean it up

Now you want to remove the hair tie and part your hair from the center then comb your hair again. Then bring the hair forward so that it is sitting on your shoulders.

You want to keep cutting the hair so that it is completely even. It is better to trim it bit by bit so that you don’t cut it too much.

josh hader haircut padres


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Josh Hader had a short haircut early in his career but his love for long hair soon made him grow his hair out. He had a stylish undercut with long hair then hopped onto the bob haircut wagon.

Then he went for the lob haircut with neatly trimmed tips. His hair evolution shows you don’t have to stay with the same haircut for long! Which haircut do you think looks best on Josh Hader so far?

Do you think he looks better in a lob or in his early days when he had super short hair? Lob is a universal haircut that suits all face shapes and hair textures so you can easily try it at home. When are you planning to get a lob?

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