18 Easy Homecoming Hairstyles For Medium Hair Length 2024

by Helen Sroski

Looking for the perfect homecoming hairstyles? Check out these stylish and beautiful options that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Homecoming can be one of the most exciting events in a student’s life and it’s a glamorous affair in many schools.

During homecoming season, taking care of the final look becomes the most important thing, and when it comes to hair, we have got you covered! Here are some gorgeous homecoming hairstyles for every kind of hair.

Amazing Homecoming Hairstyles

Low Lessy Ponytail

Simple and sweet. A basic low ponytail with a touch of messiness and some wavy front locks is a wonderful place to start.

Voluminous High Updo

One of the nicest and most practical ways to make the most of your hair type is to wear high updos. For women whose hair types tend to let them down, big twists on top with a lot of pulled strands can produce a really textured and elevated look.

Knotted Affair

This is a style that is frequently opted for homecoming events because it is simple yet fancy looking. To get this look, start with damp hair and apply a generous amount of heat protectant.

Homecoming Hairstyles
Source: Instagram

Keep the top part of your hair combed and intact, and begin curling the bottom half. Partition the crown portion of your hair into two halves and begin knotting it from both sides.

semi formal dance hairstyles
Source: Instagram @mollie_omally

Intersect the braids diagonally and secure it with a pin. You can add accessories to enhance the look. 

Layered Updo

If you want to have an elaborate updo without having to tend to it the entire evening, this is the look. This would be slightly difficult to recreate at home and hence advisable to get it done in a hair salon.

homecoming hairstyles for long hair
Source: Instagram

This updo would require a thick straight or wavy hair. Ask for a proper sprinkle of hair spray to retain it till the end. Having shaded hair may enhance this look. 

elegant hairstyles
Source: Instagram @chels_hair_inspirations

Double Braided

This is yet another understated and elegant look that would frame the look and won’t take attention away from your ensemble. Start by partitioning your hair into three parts on either side.

homecoming hairstyles for short hair
Source: Instagram

The first part would form the topmost braid, and the second part can be made into a braid at a slightly lower angle. The rest of the hair can be styled with curled edges. Add a jeweled brooch in the middle point towards the end. 

unique hairstyles
Source: Instagram @ele.hairstyles

Misty Bun

homecoming queen hairstyle

It is a tight-knit bun that is fused with the intricacies of a braid. The hair is divided into two parts, leaving some of the frontal hair aside, the rest is clasped into a tight-knit ponytail and later pinned into a bun.

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braided bun updo for homecoming

The loose strands are tied into braids from both sides and pinned along with the bun to make it more elaborate. The pearl pins attached to the hair make it even more chic. 

long hairstyles with braids and curls
Source: Instagram @esmabeauty2021

Flowery Knots

This is a quirky look if you are looking for something to make an impression. This again starts by partitioning the topmost hair section into two parts and braiding on either side securing with an elastic.

homecoming hairstyles medium length
Source: Instagram

Take another portion of your front hair that rests behind the temples and make two more braids on either side. After all four are secured, rotate it in a circular motion at the back to create a flower-like shape.

You may create two of those on the left and right sides. The rest of the hair can be styled with a curler. Adding some beads to the braids can make it even edgier. 

Slender Strands

You would literally feel red carpet ready with this hair. It has a sultry vibe to it and the entire look depends on proper styling and products. Leaving a few frontal strands aside, a major chunk of the hair is pulled in a diagonal manner (like a headband) and secured with a pin.

homecoming hairstyles for curly hair
Source: Instagram

Adding some pomade to the damp hair after washing may help attain this sleek tone. The hair on the back side can be pulled ahead to make the layering more visible.

homecoming hairstyles for short hair
Source: Instagram @dropdyedgorgeous

The front strands on either side can be styled with a curler. You can also attach embellished studs on the sleek part for a fancy take. 

Slick Knot

Well, shorter hair can also be worked out well for an elegant look. When your hair is still damp, apply some pomade followed by straightening it. Pomade will make sure the hair looks moisturized.

homecoming hairstyles for medium length hair
Source: Instagram

If you have bangs, then make sure to style them with the iron too. Clasp your long hair into a ponytail secured by an elastic. Take the shorter strands from either side and pin them in a diagonal direction, creating a layered hairdo. This will elevate your regular short-haired look. 

homecoming hairstyles straight hair
Source: Instagram @lorealprocongress

High Pony

If you have voluminous wavy hair, sometimes taming it with too many products can feel like a task and if you want your homecoming look to be breezy and effortless, you can go for this one. When the hair is still damp, add some styling gel to avoid frizziness or friction.

homecoming hairstyles simple
Source: Instagram

Pull the hair back and secure it into a half ponytail. Add a headband right where the strands are clasped and bring the rest of the hair strands forward on either side. It is easy to recreate and looks stunning with a strapless number. 

formal dance hairstyles
Source: Instagram @hair.by.logannn

Layered Curls

If you have short layered curly hair, just styling it right will get your job done. You can even get a haircut if this style appeals to you, and we are sure you will stand out with this one.

homecoming hairstyles for thin hair
Source: Instagram

To create this look, you need to have longer strands that frame your face, and the rest need to be short enough to look layered. Apply some pomade to your damp hair and let it dry.

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Avoid brushing your hair during this time. You may style the longer strands and leave the rest as it is. Some hair spray may help keep it that way, and you are good to go. To enhance this look, you can get some contrast-colored streaks. 

semi formal dance hairstyles
Source: Instagram @krystalbrooke.hair

Voluminous Waves

If you have long voluminous hair and would love to flaunt it, this look is perfect for the same! Getting the knots right is important for this look, and hence going to the hairdresser is recommended.

cute homecoming hairstyles
Source: Instagram

The strands on the front will frame your hair, and the textured back will look chic and effortless. You may go for some balayage color along the edges to add a twist to this look. 

wavy hairstyle

Bubble Pony

Yet another edgy look you can carry if you have long hair. It is very simple to create and goes well with most of the evening looks.

Bubble Pony hairstyle

Apply some styling gel in the beginning,  pull back every strand of hair, and secure it into a high ponytail.

pony hairstyle for homecoming

Use a sturdy band to keep the initial tie intact. You would require four to five elastic bands, and make sure to place it in an equidistant manner to create the bubble effect properly.

Apply a generous amount of hairspray at the end to make sure the strands don’t slip down. 

homecoming hairstyles medium length
Source: Instagram @josieo_hair

Wet Hair Look

curly homecoming hairstyles
Source: Instagram

This is a no-heat hairstyle if you are looking for something healthy and sexy for your medium-length hair. Apply any moisturizing or gel-based product on your damp hair, and slightly scrunch it manually to create a wavy effect.

homecoming hairstyles down
Source: Instagram @mila.professional

Do a deep-side partition and leave it without combing it too much. This is an effortless look that will go well with your rich makeup. 

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Boho Look

If you like to let your waves loose and unabashed, this look is perfect for you. Having a shaded tone color would be a good start to not make it look monotonous.

Style your hair with a curler and make sure to use a heat protectant.

The essence of the look is a floral band that is secured on the backside of your hair holding the crown together. It really makes the look effortless and even better if it matches the dress. 

homecoming hairstyles for curly hair
Source: Instagram @braidum_by_tatum

Deep Side Style

This is an understated and classy look that is capable of making hearts melt. This requires proper styling and products, and hence advisable to be done by a hairstylist.

short homecoming hairstyles
Source: Instagram

You can let your strands do the talking with this one, and the deep side partition enhances the facial look by highlighting the cheekbones. This would require heavy use of products, so consider that before going for this look. 

cute homecoming hairstyles
Source: Instagram @thehairsociety_salon

Half-up Bun

Half-up Bun

This is an elaborate look if you’re going all out with your hairstyle. It starts with rich braids on either side that intersect with an elaborate floral half-up bun.

braided homecoming hairstyles
Source: Instagram

The bun is twisted with braided hair making it rich in texture and requires a good amount of pins to hold it that way.

The rest of the strands are also styled in a tousled manner enhancing the look.

Half-up Bun braid

You need long and thick strands to make this style work. Alternatively, you can also use hair extensions for this special day. 

Half-up braid Bun

Embellished Low Bun

Homecoming is your princess moment, and this hairstyle is here to fulfill that dream. It starts off with a four-strand braid that runs along the side towards the back like an intricate hair band.

The rest of the strands are pushed back in a textured manner to make it look more voluminous, leaving behind the frontal strands to frame the face.

half up half down homecoming hairstyles
Source: Instagram @carolandcompanysalon

The rest of the hair is secured in a low bun and pinned to avoid it from dismantling. Some other strands are intentionally left out to create the soft tousled effect. This can be enhanced with some embellished stones around the bun.

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