Julio Jones’s New Haircut 2024

by Helen Sroski

Julio Jones’s new haircut has everyone talking. Check out our blog for more information on this controversial haircut.

Julio Jones is an American football wide receiver who plays in the NFL. He was part of the 2020 Celebrity 100 Earnings list by Forbes as he earned a reported $40.5M and was positioned at number 78. He was among the world’s highest-paid athletes in 2020 according to Forbes and was listed at number 26.

He has created many records in NFL and Atlanta Falcons franchise such as the most games with 250+ yards receiving, most receiving yards in a single season, fastest to 13,000 career receiving yards, and most receiving yards per game average. Julio Jones is a brilliant sportsman and his haircuts are just as amazing as his on-field performance.

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Who Is Julio Jones?

Quintorris Lopez Julio Jones Jr. was born on February 8th, 1989 in Foley, Alabama. He started to play football in high school where he played wide receiver and was recognized for his talent and skills. He also played basketball, participated in long jump, and sprinting.

He was an exceptional athlete as he was a state champion in triple jump, high jump, and long jump. He became the Gatorade T&F Athlete of the Year in Alabama in 2006-07.

Rivals.com considered him a five-star recruit and he was listed as the no.1 wide receiver in 2008. Julio Jones signed with the Alabama Crimson Tide in February 2008 and he played until the end of 2010.

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Julio Jones’s professional career began in January 2011 when he chose to draft for the NFL rather than play senior season. He was chosen by Atlanta Falcons in the first round and he was the 6th overall pick in 2011. He played for the Atlanta Falcons until 2020.

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In 2021, he was traded to the Tennessee Titans. In 2022, he started to play for Tampa Bay Buccaneers after signing a one-year contract. He has been selected to play for the Pro Bowl 7 times.

He won the 2009 SEC Championship, and 2010 BCS National Championship, and was the 2008 AP SEC Freshman of the Year. He was the NFL receiving yards leader two times; in 2015 and 2018.

What Is The Name Of The Latest Julio Jones Haircut?

Source: Instagram

Julio Jones has a mohawk dreads haircut at the moment. All parts of his head apart from the top area extending to the nape are shaved off. The dreads are thick and short which makes them easy to maintain compared to long dreads.

If you are planning on dreading your hair, then remember you need to have lots of patience and you have to commit to the process. It requires constant upkeep and you need to ensure your scalp is healthy by washing your hair regularly.

The easiest type of dreadlock is the freeform dreadlock where you allow your hair to lock naturally. If you want to experience having dreadlocks without the process then you can install dreadlock extensions on your hair.

Famous haircuts of Julio Jones

Julio Jones has had many amazing haircuts and here are some of the best ones that became popular because he wore them.

Short Afro Undercut

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Julio Jones had the short afro undercut where the short afro was cut to perfection while the sides were shaved. This iconic look is quite popular and many people, especially sportspersons, wear this haircut because it is convenient and looks amazing on every hair texture.  

Twisted Braids

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Julio Jones had the twisted braids haircut where his hair was sectioned before being twisted. He often wore a bandana with this look and we think he looks absolutely dapper in this haircut. The twisted braids look good and they are good for men who want to opt for a medium-length hairstyle.

Mohawk With Thin Dreads

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Julio Jones had the mohawk haircut with thin and short dreads. The mohawk is a haircut that is best reserved for men who want to opt for a highly stylish haircut. Club that with dreads and you have one of the most beloved hairstyles. Julio Jones is rocking this haircut.

Steps In Getting Mohawk Dreadlocks

Julio Jones’s mohawk dreadlocks look is among the best because it is trendy and always in fashion. Here is how you can get a haircut and install dreadlocks at home.

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Step 1: Wash and prep hair

Wash and dry your hair. Keep the hair for the mohawk safe by using hair ties. Use a tri-fold mirror so you can see all areas of your head clearly before you begin cutting your hair.

If you have someone to help you then they can guide you but if you are by yourself then the tri-fold mirror is a necessity.

Step 2: Shave parts of your head

Shave off the remaining parts of your head. Make sure you are using a tri-fold mirror so you can see if you are properly shaving off the areas beside the nape of your neck.

Use a shaving gel and a sharp razor for a precise and irritation-free shave. Take your time and go over the same area twice.

Step 3: Part and section hair

Now the only area remaining is the area where you will install the dreadlocks. Part your hair into sections according to how many dreadlocks you want to install.

It is best to use a tail comb for sectioning your hair. You can tie hair ties so that each section is easy to work with.

Step 4: Install dreadlocks

The simplest method is to weave your natural hair with faux locs. Put the dreadlock around the natural hair and then using a crochet hook, weave your natural hair into the dreadlocks little by little so that the dreadlocks look like a part of your hair.

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Julio Jones’s dreads are bold because they are chunky and they are definitely a style statement! If you want you can grow dreads and then style them like Julio Jones.

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Remember you will need to take care of your dreadlocks so make sure you are ready for the commitment before you begin your dreadlocks journey.

But if you are thinking of a temporary dreadlocks look, then you can install dreadlocks as described in the tutorial to get your very own dreadlocks hairstyle at home. It is a lengthy process for beginners but once you do it often it will become easier.

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