Chuck Todd’s New Haircut 2024

by Helen Sroski

Have you seen Chuck Todd’s new haircut? Check out the pictures and find out!

Chuck Todd is a moderator, journalist, political director, adjunct professor, and author. He was the Chief White House correspondent for NBC and he was The Daily Rundown show’s host which aired on MSNBC.

He is a political analyst who is known for his appearances on Today and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt. His career took off when he was attending college when he started to become a part of political campaigns. He is still one of the top political hosts.

Chuck Todd’s New Haircut

On the haircut front, Chuck Todd isn’t someone who experiments with his looks much. He keeps it simple and classy.

Chuck Todd’s New Haircut

Who Is Chuck Todd?

Charles David Todd was born on April 8th, 1972 in Miami, Florida. He attended George Washington University where he pursued political science. His career began with political campaigns as he was part of Senator Tom Harkin’s presidential campaign in 1992.

He then began working in The Hotline of the National Journal in the same year until 2007 when he worked as the editor-in-chief.

Chuck Todd’s Haircut

At this time he also appeared as a guest on political discussion shows such as Inside Politics with Judy Woodruff and Hardball with Chris Matthews. In 2007, Chuck Todd shifted to NBC where he worked as the political director of NBC News.

Chuck Todd also blogged for at ‘First Read’. He also got the role of Contributing Editor to Meet the Press which helped him get even more popular.

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He became the host of Meet the Press in 2014. In 2020, he moderated the 2020 Democratic Party presidential debates along with Lester Holt, Savannah Guthrie, Jose Diaz-Balart, and Rachel Maddow.

Chuck Todd is also an adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins University. He has also contributed as a writer to the book How Barack Obama Won: A State-by-State Guide to the Historic 2008 Presidential Election alongside Sheldon Gawiser. He also authored The Stranger: Barack Obama in the White House in 2014.  

What Is The Name Of The Latest Chuck Todd Haircut?

Chuck Todd has a Caesar haircut. The Caesar haircut has a long history and it was named after the famous Julius Ceasar. If you look at the list of classic haircuts, you will surely find this haircut in the list because it is simply so popular.

Today, people combine the Ceasar haircut with modern elements such as buzzed sides or designs. Chuck Todd has chosen to enjoy the classic Ceasar haircut because his hair is combed forward while the rest of the hair remains short and the same length.

The Caesar haircut is also recommended by barbers when you have a receding hairline and want to look trendy without going for something extreme.

Famous Haircuts Of Chuck Todd

Chuck Todd is good at being effortlessly casual when it comes to his dressing sense and when it comes to his haircuts. Here are some haircuts that he sported in the past.

Side-Swept Haircut

Chuck Todd had a side-swept haircut at one point when he had thicker hair in comparison to its state now. The medium-length hair was styled by parting it from the side without a comb and then combing it sideways for the side-swept look.

Chuck Todd’s Buzz Haircut

If you don’t have a lot of hair then you can try this haircut that will make it appear like you have hair. It is a neat look that goes well with any occasion. The minimal-length sides also give you a polished appearance.

Buzzcut Fade

Chuck Todd has a buzzcut fade haircut whereby his hair was cut at the same length using trimmers or clippers. The minimal maintenance haircut is best for men who don’t have time to style every day and want to keep their hair as short as possible.

Chuck Todd

Chuck Todd had a fade whereby the area near his temples on both sides had less hair in comparison to the remaining hair on his head. It almost looked like he had shaved these sections of hair although he didn’t.

Steps In Getting A Caesar Haircut

You can get a Caesar haircut at home. Here is how you can go about the haircut that resembles Chuck Todd’s haircut.

Chuck Todd’s new hairstyle

Step 1: Begin on clean hair

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Condition and wash your hair then let it dry. Experts recommend always cutting hair when it is clean because that is your hair in its natural state.

Grease and other factors can ruin the haircut. You want to section your hair such that you have a top portion that will be longer than the rest of your hair. You can either tie it with a hair tie or use clips to secure it in place while you cut the sides.

Step 2: Cut the sides with clippers

Using the number 6 guard on the clipper, you want to cut your hair on your entire head. You should go with the grain and then against the grain for the best accuracy.

This will allow all the hair to be the same length. Note that the number 6 guard is equivalent to 3/4th of an inch. If you want longer hair then use a higher guard number. Use a handheld mirror to see the back and cut hair precisely.

Step 3: Cut the top with scissors

Cut the top part using scissors. You want to first comb your hair forward towards your forehead so that you can see the original length.

Then start trimming using a comb for the best results. If you want to create some texture then you can take horizontal sections and then trim a bit of your hair so that it looks thicker. When you have the length you desire, you are done!

Chuck Todd’s Hairstyle


The Ceasar haircut is intimidating but if you want a cut like Chuck Todd, it is pretty simple to get the cut yourself at home. You just need some basic tools as described earlier in the step-by-step tutorial and some patience.

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If you are cutting your hair for the first time then take your time to avoid cutting your hair too much. The Caesar cut has become versatile as people are adding their spin to the classic haircut and you can do the same!

Do you think you will be rocking the Caesar haircut anytime soon or do you plan on waiting for some time before trying this look?

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