Freddie Freeman’s New Haircut 2024

by Helen Sroski

Check out Freddie Freeman’s new haircut and see which other players in the MLB are sporting experimental hairstyles. From fade cuts to buzzcuts, see how your favorite baseball players are rocking the latest trends.

Freddie Freeman is an American professional baseball player. He is the first baseman and he is currently in the Los Angeles Dodgers team. He is known for his super-powerful swing that many have termed as unorthodox because it represents a move in tennis.

His brilliant adjustment to pitchers has won him appreciation from everywhere including rival players. He has had eyesight issues for which he used to wear glasses, then contact lenses. He then had Lasik surgery is done which repaired his vision. He has a short quiff taper haircut at present.

Freddie Freeman’s New Haircut
Source: Instagram

Freddie Freeman’s New Haircut

Who Is Freddie Freeman?

Freddie Freeman
Source: Instagram

Frederick Charles Freeman was born on September 12th, 1989 in Fountain Valley, California. He was fascinated with baseball from a young age as he practiced with ballplayers when he was just six years old.

He continued playing baseball and by the time he attended high school, he started playing the positions of pitcher and third baseman. He was named the player of the year in 2007 by the Orange County Register.

He was selected in the 2007 MLB draft by the Atlanta Braves in the second round. He was the 78th overall pick. His professional debut was in the same year when he played with Gulf Coast Braves.

Freddie Freeman’s Haircut
Source: Instagram

He played for the Atlanta Braves from 2010 to 2021. He became a free agent in 2021 and before this, he was never a free agent. He signed a contract with Los Angeles Dodgers in March 2022 and he then started playing with the team.

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He has won numerous honors and accolades so far for his contribution to baseball. He won the Gold Glove Award in 2018, the NL MVP in 2020, the Word Series champion in 2021, and NL Hank Aaron Award in 2020.

He was also awarded the Babe Ruth Award in 2021 and was part of the All-MLB First Team in 2020. He is a 6-time All-Start; in 2013, 2014, 2018, 2019, 2021, and 2022.

What Is The Name Of The Latest Freddie Freeman Haircut?

Freddie Freeman’s Hairstyles
Source: Instagram

Freddie Freeman has a short quiff taper haircut right now. He has colored the tips of his hair which make the quiff stand out on his head. He has dark brown hair while the tips are blonde.

The short quiff taper haircut has buzzed areas on the head while the hair gradually looks a little longer. Then the quiff portion has the most amount of hair. If you are not yet ready to buzz it all off in a one-length buzzcut then you can try this haircut first.

It is highly convenient and it requires little maintenance. It suits all face shapes and all hair textures can make this haircut work one way or the other.  

Famous haircuts of Freddie Freeman

Freddie Freeman has experimented with some amazing short haircuts. Here are two popular haircuts he sported in the past and now.

Short Mohawk Undercut

Freddie Freeman’s Mohawk Haircut
Source: Instagram

Freddie Freeman had the short mohawk undercut at one point where the hair on the top was short like the hair on the rest of the mohawk area was relatively short.

The area below the mohawk was shaved completely and the contrast was just awesome. Do you think you will ever opt for such a haircut?

Short Quiff Taper Haircut

freddie freeman haircut
Source: Instagram

The other popular haircut of Freddie Freeman is the haircut he is sporting at the moment; the short quiff taper haircut. It looks really good on him and he seems to be loving it too.

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The haircut is low on maintenance but that doesn’t mean you can let it all grow! You will need regular trimming to ensure it stays perfect like that.

Steps In Getting A Short Quiff Taper Haircut

Want to get a short quiff taper haircut like Freddie Freeman? Follow this simple step-by-step tutorial to get the same haircut.

Step 1: Cut the shortest length

First, cut the shortest length which will take the most area on your head. Using clippers, attach the number 1 guard and keep the lever open.

Then go up and flick out the hair. Do this where you want the hair to be the shortest length. Make sure you take your time and avoid cutting the top of the head.

Step 2: Cut the second-shortest length

Next, using clippers with the number 2 guard, you want to clip in an upward motion while making a guideline.

The area surrounding the top portion has comparatively lengthier hair so ensure you follow the guideline and cut while leaving out the top portion of the head to be cut later.

Step 3: Blend the two lengths

You cut with two different guard numbers so the hard line will be visible. To blend it out, you want to use the number 1 guard with the lever closed where you see the hard line between the two lengths of hair. This will soften the hard line.

Step 4: Clean up the blend

In some cases, the hard-line is still visible despite doing what you did in the previous step. If this is the case then use the 1 and ½ guard with the lever open on it.

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Then with the lever closed go over the same line. If it is still a little visible then use the number 1 guard with the lever closed.

Step 5: Comb and blend for the taper

Now using your thinning shears and a comb, you will begin to blend by combing your hair upward and then cutting while moving the comb as you cut with the thinning shears. This will give texture to your hair and the taper will look well-blended.

Step 6: Cut the top part

Wet the top part of your hair and then create a middle part. Take small sections of hair and cut them at a 45-degree angle so that the back is shorter than the front portion.

Continue this on both sides of the part until you have sufficient length to create a quiff like Freddie Freeman.

does freddie freeman throw right handed
Source: Instagram


The short quiff taper is a popular haircut because it is one of the coolest short haircuts out there for men. You can always take it a step further as Freddie Freeman did by coloring the tips and using colors that you resonate with.

If you want to keep the quiff longer then simply leave more length when cutting the top part of your hair. As you can see the short quiff taper haircut can be done at home with a few basic tools.

If you are planning to continue cutting your hair at home then buying good quality thinning shears and clippers is recommended. When are you planning to get the latest Freddie Freeman haircut?

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