Stephanie Ruhle’s New Haircut 2024

by Helen Sroski

Wondering about Stephanie Ruhle’s new haircut? Get a glimpse of Stephanie Ruhle’s latest haircut and see how amazing it looks on her.

Stephanie Ruhle is a highly accomplished news anchor, columnist, and journalist. She is one of the best MSNBC anchors and NBC senior business correspondents.

She isn’t afraid to let people know what is in her mind. Her response to Paul Tudor Jones in 2013 and many other instances are proof of that.

Stephanie Ruhle is a gifted anchor and journalist whose realism in interviewing and in-depth analysis have put her on the list of powerful people.

Stephanie Ruhle's New Haircut

She is someone who is relentless and goes after what she believes in. Her powerful bob haircuts have added to her charm and persona.

Stephanie Ruhle’s New Haircut

Who is Stephanie Ruhle?

Stephanie Ruhle was born on December 24th, 1975 in Park Ridge, New Jersey, U.S. She pursued B.A. in International Business at Lehigh University in 1997.

She has also studied in Kenya, Guatemala, and Italy for her major. She joined Credit Suisse in 1997.

In 2003 she worked at Deutsche Bank for 8 years where she found the Global Market Women’s Network which encourages women to take up leadership roles.

In 2011, she joined Bloomberg Television as a co-host for the program ‘Inside Track’. Since then she has been on television working on a long list of programs that have attracted millions of viewers.

The year 2012 was momentous because in April she along with her Bloomberg colleagues broke the story of the London Whale.

In 2015, she donned the hat of a producer and also hosted ‘Haiti: Open For Business?’. Her interviews with Kanye West, Donald Trump, and Martha Stewart pulled audiences in and showcased her caliber.

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She has written for Shape magazine and was featured in Fit Pregnancy and Working Mother magazines. She joined MSNBC in 2016 and became the permanent anchor of The 11th Hour in January 2022.

Stephanie Ruhle founded the Corporate Investment Bank or CIB Women’s Network among many other achievements.

What is The Name Of The Latest Stephanie Ruhle Haircut?

Stephanie Ruhle currently has a shaggy bob haircut that is the unruly variation of the classic bob haircut. What is attractive about the shaggy bob is there is no wrong in how you style it.

The haircut is meant to be all over the place so you can easily get creative. Stephanie Ruhle has volume going on at the root of her hair which makes her hair look even more voluminous and gorgeous.

The haircut looks great on her face and it provides fullness to her oval face. It is among the best of the bob haircuts that she has flaunted over the past few years.

Famous Haircuts Of Stephanie Ruhle

Stephanie Ruhle has had a range of bob haircuts ever since her television debut. Here are some iconic haircuts.

Curtain Bangs Bob

The curtain bangs have always been in fashion and for good reason. Stephanie Ruhle went for the not-so-obvious curtain bangs with a bob although if you look closely she chose to push the bangs to each side on top of the bob.

Stephanie Ruhle bob haircut

This gave a layered effect to her otherwise simple bob haircut. She chose the middle part hairstyle and she looked fabulous in this haircut. The bob had volume but not too much.

Rounded Bob

The rounded bob has been a favorite of many celebrities and Stephanie Ruhle is no different.

She tried this haircut a few months back and rather than letting her hair be as natural as possible, she straightened her hair and styled it in a rounded bob hairstyle.

stephanie ruhle new look

A rounded bob flatters nearly all face shapes which makes it a hit among women. Its retro vibe is a true winner on any occasion.

Layered Bob

Stephanie Ruhle tried the layered bob where she had layers of hair that came together for the perfect bob haircut. The layers created more dimension even though she didn’t create any type of volume.

Stephanie Ruhle hairstyles
Stephanie Ruhle haircut

Her hair still looked beautiful and stylish. The layered bob is hands down one of the most effortlessly chic haircuts out there for women today.

Shaggy Bob

The shaggy bob haircut is just what it sounds like; it is a brilliant bob haircut minus the over-clean look. It is not exactly messy but it isn’t such a neat haircut because it is sophisticated in its unique way.

stephanie ruhle haircut

You can style it any way you want and you can give it a beach vibe by letting it be its wavy self or you can straighten it all out for the more standard haircut.

Steps In Getting a Shaggy Bob Haircut

You can get a shaggy bob haircut like Stephanie Ruhle at home. Here is how you can get one using the DIY method.

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Step 1: Work with clean hair

Your first step is to start with clean hair this will guarantee a cleaner cut. If you have hair that is oily or greasy or full of dust particles, then your haircut will be a total mess and you don’t want that at all! You can try this haircut on wet or dry hair as is comfortable for you.

Step 2: Part your hair

You want to part your hair sideways if you want the shaggy bob haircut like Stephanie Ruhle.

You can then make two ponytails on the sides of the part and then tie the hair using a hair tie to secure it in place. You want to make sure the ponytails are created at the lowest part of your head.

Step 3: Cut using hair scissors

Please do not use the normal scissors you use at home. You want proper hair cutting scissors that are sharp and made for hair cutting specifically.

You want to then bring your two ponytails in front for easy visibility. Then simply cut at an angle while holding your ponytail tightly by using your fingers.

Step 4: Trim and adjust

Open your hair and see the length difference. If you see a noticeable difference then trim bit by bit to avoid overcutting your hair.

Even if you have uneven hair strands, they can contribute to the overall shaggy bob haircut so you can let them be!

stephanie ruhle

How To Style A Shaggy Bob Hair Like Stephanie Ruhle?

You can easily style a shaggy bob haircut just like Stephanie Ruhle.

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Leave the longer locks in the front and gather the rest of the hair into a low bun. Use styling spray to take care of any flyaways.


Stephanie Ruhle’s undeniable skills got her so far and we are sure she will rule in the coming years as an excellent host and anchor.

Her love affair with the bob haircut has stuck around for years since she started television and we doubt anything will change this in the future.

Do you think she will grow her hair in the coming years or do you think she will maintain the bob haircuts?

We believe she will be sporting different bob haircuts in the future because bobs are so versatile and there are variations galore of this amazing haircut. Are you planning to get the shaggy bob haircut like Stephanie Ruhle?

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