Pat Benatar’s New Haircut 2023

by Helen Sroski

Want to know about Pat Benatar’s new haircut? Check out the photos for yourself and see what all the fuss is about.

Pat Benatar is an American singer and songwriter. She is the recipient of four Grammy Awards and will be inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in November 2022.

By following her passion for singing and music, she made a name for herself from the very start as she impressed people with her talent. Today, she is still singing and enthralling her audience.

Pat Benatar is not only impressive on the mic but her take on fashion is also what people love about her. Her haircuts and styles are an inspiration to many.

Pat Benatar’s New Haircut

Pat Benatar’s New Haircut

Who Is Pat Benatar?

Pat Benatar’s real name is Patricia Andrzejewski and she was born on January 10th, 1953 in Brooklyn, New York. Her love for singing started in elementary school and she has continued since.

She worked as a bank teller but quit in 1973 and pursued her singing career. She was part of the Coxon’s Army but quit the band in 1975. She opened the mic night at Catch a Rising Star in the same year and this is when the club’s owner realized her magical voice that had the crowd cheering.

Pat Benatar’s Haircut

In 1978, she performed at a New York City club Tramps which is when she caught the attention of many record companies.

She signed to Chrysalis Records and her professional musical career began. Her debut album which was released in 1979 became a hit, particularly in Canada. Her second album released in 1980 became the most successful album of her career.

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Today she has five platinum albums and two multi-platinum albums in America. 15 of her songs have gone to make it to the top 40 list of singles on Billboard. She has made a mark in Canada too as eight albums have gone platinum. She has successfully sold more than 35 million albums worldwide.

What Is The Name Of The Latest Pat Benatar Haircut?

Pat Benatar has a rounded bob with bangs at the moment. The bangs are long as they fall a little below her eyebrows’ level. She is rocking her gray hair like a queen and we are here for it. Bob with bangs is probably the best combination of hairstyles for women who want to keep it classy yet pretty.

Pat Benatar

Plus, the haircut is versatile. You can do a half-up and half-down updo, you can make a ponytail, and you can use hair accessories to clip away some of your hair while leaving the rest open. The options are endless!

Famous Haircuts Of Pat Benatar

Pat Benatar had a slew of amazing haircuts throughout her illustrious career. Here are some of the best haircuts of the icon.

Curly Bob With Straight Bangs

Pat Benatar’s curly hair paired with straight bangs was a haircut that looked striking. The contrasting curly hair with straight bangs right above her eyebrow level gave a chic look.

pat benatar net worth

The bangs had volume and they went well with the curly hair. If you want to try bangs with curly hair then just take inspiration from Pat Benatar who knows how it is done.

Choppy Blunt Pixie

The choppy blunt pixie consists of uneven pixie layers that are quite textured. So if you are looking for a textured pixie cut this is the one.

pat benatar love is a battlefield wikipedia

Rather than keep it simple, Pat Benatar’s highlights make the haircut pop and it looks even better with all the layers and colors. It is among the most unforgettable haircuts of Pat Benatar.

Wispy Pixie

The rocker-style pixie has a cult following of its own because it is inspired by the love of rock and roll. It is super stylish and the layering frames the face to bring out your best features.

pat benatar hairstyle

Pat Benatar’s uneven bangs along with the way she styled them look amazing and attractive. If you want to go for a super trendy haircut then try this haircut. 

Steps In Getting A Round Bob With Bangs Haircut

Here is how you can get a round bob with bangs at home.

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Step 1: Work on clean hair and section

You want to shampoo your hair and then detangle it to ensure it is free of knots. You want to comb through the hair using a vent brush. Then create a center part of your hair using the comb.

Then go perpendicular to your center part so that the second part falls right behind your ear and do the same on the other side. You should have three sections now and secure the sections with clips.

Step 2: Start cutting from the back

Next, extend the center part all the way to the back and clip the hair away. You want to then create another section that consists of a thin layer of hair at the nape of the neck.

You want to take an equal length of hair from both sides so that it falls in a straight line. Then using the fine teeth of the comb run it through your hair and then keep it there and cut your hair across.

Step 3: Keep cutting

You want to then take sections of your hair from the clipped sides and cut them across for a uniform length. Keep doing this with small sections of hair so that the length is the same throughout.

You could potentially cut the entire section at once but there is a higher room for error if you go that route so it is better to do it this way.

Step 4: Cut bangs

You want to section your hair from ear to ear so that a thin section from across your head is taken to create the bangs. Then comb the hair and start trimming your hair with scissors first until the bangs are a little below your eyebrows.

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Then starting from one end to the next, using a comb, cut your bangs without too much pressure as that may move the hair and cause an uneven cut.

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Pat Benatar’s bold haircuts throughout her career have been so interesting and full of life. Which haircut do you like the most on her? Her latest haircut of a round bob and bangs is perhaps the simplest of them all yet she carries it so well.

As you saw it is not impossible to get a round bob haircut with bangs at home. When are you planning to cut your hair like Pat’s? Do you want to copy any other haircuts of Pat?

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