Guy Hovis New Haircut 2024

by Helen Sroski

Wondering about Guy Hovis new haircut? Check it out here and see for yourself why this new style is a must-have.

Guy Hovis is popularly known for appearing on ‘The Lawrence Welk Show’ where he sang with his then-wife Ralna English.

He has recorded 15 albums in his career and has appeared in numerous ads, game shows, and charities.

The Gospel Music Association nominated him as a producer and artist. Guy Hovis is a member of the Mississippi Musicians Hall of Fame.

Guy Hovis New Haircut

Apart from his singing talent, Guy Hovis’s haircuts get plenty of attention because of his thick hair ever since he came into the limelight. Even today he has enviable hair that is thick and healthy.

Guy Hovis New Haircut

Who Is Guy Hovis?

Guy Lee Hovis, Jr. was born on September 25th, 1941 in Tupelo, Mississippi. He has a degree in Bachelor of Science from the University of Mississippi at Oxford. He was part of the U.S.

Army for two years but later decided that he wanted to try his luck with music. His interest in music began when he was a child as he sang at church.

He first appeared in ‘Art Linkletter’s House Party’ on CBS. Then he soon got a contract from ABC Records after he sang with David Blaylock.

After some time, the duo didn’t sing together anymore and this is when Guy Hovis went his own way and performed at nightclubs in Los Angeles. This is when he met Ralna English and they got married.

guy hovis today

Ralna joined ‘The Lawrence Welk Show’ as a singer and eventually, Guy Hovis joined after Ralna convinced Welk to let them sing together.

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When Welk saw how great they sang together, Guy Hovis became a regular. Guy & Ralna became quite popular on the show and once the series ended Guy Hovis continued to perform as a singer.

He also became a record producer. The couple divorced in 1984 but they sometimes perform together. Guy Hovis remarried in 2002. Guy Hovis was also U.S. Senator Trent Lott’s state director for 17 years from 1990.

What Is The Name Of The Latest Guy Hovis Haircut?

Guy Hovis is known for his head full of hair and that is no different today. However, earlier he used to flaunt his thick hair by ensuring that it had an afro-like look where no part was visible.

Today, he does the same because you cannot see his part. Instead, he combs his hair back neatly giving a slicked-back hair look.

guy hovis net worth

All his hair seems to be the same length and so uniformity is present when you look at his haircut today. It gives a polished and dapper appearance to the talented singer.

Even the front of his hair is slicked back, accentuating his hair and facial features. This retro look looks stylishly good on him.

Famous Haircuts Of Guy Hovis

Guy Hovis is known as the star of ‘The Lawrence Welk Show’ where his magical soothing voice along with Ralna’s was appreciated by everyone.

He did not change his hairstyle much but there are two popular haircuts that he loved to sport.

Thick Curly Hair With Sideburns

This haircut is similar to an afro and many might even call it that because of the voluminous appearance of the hairstyle.

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As the hair is really thick, you can see that the haircut is very well put together as there is an equal amount of hair throughout the head.

guy hovis

You can also see he has curly hair which is probably why his hair looks even thicker.

He often had this haircut when he was in ‘The Lawrence Welk Show’. He tried variations of this haircut where rather than let the hair take its shape, he combed the hair in a certain direction.

Slicked Back Hair

He has slicked back hair but he doesn’t use any product to do so. The hair looks like it has been naturally slicked back using a comb.

He has shorter length hair now probably because it is much easier to manage it and take care of it. But the volume of his hair hasn’t changed as he still has thick hair that many people desire.

Due to the shortened length, the hair ends are visible when he combs them back. This haircut gives him a sharp look and as he has naturally great hair, the haircut does wonders for him.

Steps In Getting Slicked Back Hairstyle

The slicked-back hairstyle isn’t impossible to do at home and here is how you can achieve the look at home.

guy hovis haircut styles

Step 1: Prep hair

For slicked back hairstyle to work, you need thick hair and need to have a certain length of hair otherwise there is nothing to slick back.

If you have hair of different lengths then make sure you cut the longer ones to match the shorter length hair or just grow hair so that you can try the slicked back hair. You can use trimmers or clippers to ensure you have same length hair.

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Step 2: Style on clean hair

Before you style your hair into a slick back, your hair has to be clean. You want to take a shower and then ensure it is styled soon after to ensure no grease is left in your hair.

If you wait too long, it will completely dry. You want to also condition your hair. Then use a wide tooth comb to slick it back. For more volume, you can use a product. That’s it!

If you want you can use a hair dryer but make sure it is on the low heat setting. This will ensure the slick back style stays for a longer time and the volume doesn’t disappear.


Guy Hovis has been a legendary singer who will always be remembered for his soulful voice. His haircuts are another part of him that are always loved because he has been consistent with them.

Guy Hovis did not change his look much and instead stuck to showing off his healthy and thick hair in simple hairdos.

What do you think of his haircuts? Do you think he should have maintained the afro-like haircut he had earlier in his career? Or do you think that his current haircut is much better than the previous ones?

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