Pablo Escobar’s Famous Haircuts 2024

by Helen Sroski

Wondering about Pablo Escobar’s famous haircuts? Here is a compilation of some of the most famous haircuts of the infamous drug lord.

Pablo Escobar was a narco-terrorist and a drug trafficker. His criminal career took off after he took part in drug trafficking after eliminating one of the top drug organization’s leaders.

He formed an organization for drug trafficking and as the demand for cocaine boomed in the U.S., his organization started doing well and he accumulated billions of dollars.

He has inspired many TV projects, books, and movies because of his persona, his life, and how lavishly he lived. He was philanthropic but his murderous ways got him in trouble along with drug trafficking which eventually led to his demise.  

Pablo Escobar’s Famous Haircuts
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Pablo Escobar’s Famous Haircuts

Who Is Pablo Escobar?

Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria was born on 1st December 1949 in Rionegro, Antioquia, Colombia, and was raised in Medellin. His father was a farmer while his mother was a teacher.

He was a high school dropout who went back to school after leaving it for two years. He became a bully by the time he went back to high school but he didn’t give up on his dreams even though his cousin did.

He went to college and wanted to become a criminal lawyer and a politician. But he couldn’t fulfill his dreams because of the bad financial state of his family. His criminal career began in 1966.

Pablo Escobar
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Pablo Escobar was involved in selling diplomas, street fraud, stealing cars, and selling car parts. The first time he was arrested was in 1974. He founded the Medellin cartel which was a criminal organization in the mid-70s after becoming involved in drug smuggling.

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He became the organization head and looked over the cocaine transport, production, and sale. Fast forward to 10 years and the organization was flourishing which brought him substantial wealth and power.

His worth was billions at that time and he even had a zoo on his property. He helped the poor too which enabled him to win the election in 1982.

Pablo Escobar’s Haircuts
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Pablo Escobar didn’t think twice when it came to killing people; whether it was civilians, police personnel, or government officials. His enemies were the Cali cartel. He was threatened to be extradited to the U.S. but Pablo Escobar said he would rather die in Colombia than spend time in a U.S. jail.

As the murders were increasing at an alarming rate, a manhunt was on to find him. He surrendered in June 1991 although not much changed about his lifestyle.

After celebrating his 40th birthday, Colombian authorities found his hiding place and shot him. Pablo Escobar died on 2nd December 1993 in Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia.

Famous haircuts of Pablo Escobar

Pablo Escobar had two popular haircuts. He sported his first haircut in his young days while the second one is the haircut he sported until he died in 1993.

Short Haircut

pablo escobar hairstyle
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When Pablo Escobar was younger, he had a short men’s haircut and he always wore his hair parted on the side. The neat cut made him look refined even though by that time he was well advanced in his criminal career.

Pixie Haircut

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Pablo Escobar had a pixie haircut for most of his life especially after he became involved in drug trafficking. As he had curly hair it looked like he had a layered pixie haircut but he didn’t. He let his hair part naturally on the side which elevated the look. It was his iconic look.

Steps In Getting A Curly Pixie Haircut

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Pablo Escobar had curly hair and his haircut shows his beautiful curls. Here is how you can get the pixie haircut he had in his prime.

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Step 1: Cut long hair into a bob

If you have long hair then it is best to use a hair tie and make a ponytail at the nape. Now cut it all off so that you have less bulk to work with and can cut your hair into a pixie much faster.

You can cut your hair just with scissors but you can cut too much so it is best to make a ponytail and then cut it.

Step 2: Cut hair at the back

Cutting the hair at the back is challenging so it is best if you have mirrors to see the back of your head. Cut your hair straight using a comb as your guide and hair-cutting scissors. You want to do this for the hair that falls on the back of your head.

Step 3: Cut hair at the front

Now cut the hair at the front by lifting it and then trimming it straight using scissors. Depending on how you are going to style it, ensure that you get the length right.

If you plan on wearing it in a side part then cut it so that it is longer and can be combed to the side.

Step 4: Cut hair near the ears

When cutting the hair near your ears you want to be extra careful. Trim a little at a time but ensure there is enough length so that it can be styled on your sideburns. It is best if you keep checking as you trim. Do the same on the hair near the other ear area.

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Step 5: Blend it all

Blend your haircut by ensuring that your haircut blends. You should cut at an angle so that the front blends with the hair near your ears.

The hair near your ears should blend with the back of your head. If this is not happening then take sections of hair at an angle and cut them so that it looks polished.

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Pablo Escobar had the men’s pixie haircut where he kept the hair longer near his ear areas. Due to his curly hair, the haircut looked like a grown-out pixie haircut.

While the pixie haircut can be a little difficult for beginners because it requires cutting the back of your hair short, you can still attempt it at home as long as you are cutting carefully and following the instructions precisely.

As you can see from the tutorial, you can use hair-cutting scissors to get the look. As long as you have sufficient mirrors so that you can see the back clearly, you should not have to worry about messing up the haircut. Do you think you are going to try the men’s pixie haircut?

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