6 Trendy Matthew McConaughey Hairstyles 2024

by Helen Sroski

Are you looking for Matthew McConaughey Hairstyles? Check out Matthew McConaughey’s latest style and see how it can help you stand out from the crowd.

Matthew McConaughey is one of the most celebrated American actors of the generation who is known for his role in films like A Time To Kill or How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days.

He has been on the list of top 100 Most Influential People In The World and has even displayed his involvement in politics and philanthropy.

He has been versatile with his looks, especially in the 2000s; here are a few hairstyles of McConaughey that you can definitely recreate. 

Amazing Matthew McConaughey Hairstyles

Short Back And Sides 

If you like a shorter hairstyle, McConaughey’s short hairstyle is a good option if you don’t like the shaggy look. Basic cut with short back and sides with a lot of extra volume at the top make up the cut.

His hair is curly, which takes the style to the next level. If you need to keep your hair short for work or if you want to dress things up for a big occasion, this is a terrific look to pull off. It complements a suit incredibly well and is both timeless and classic.

Short Haircut With Side Part 

This is another amazing Matthew McConaughey hairstyle. His natural curls with the side part look absolutely handsome. This is a great slicked-back hairstyle for curly hair. It looks super neat for formal events. And you can ruffle it up a bit if you want it to look more casual.  

Beachy Swirls 

McConaughey is known for his remarkable romantic-comedy roles and in most of them, you would find him sporting textured waves. This hairstyle is more suitable for men with medium to long hair.

Matthew McConaughey Hairstyles
Source: @Twitter

It gives one of those surfer vibes that tourists admire. The look would be easier to achieve if your natural hair is not entirely straight. The density and thickness of the hair has a lot to do with the overall feel as well. 

To get this look, start by growing it out for two or three months depending on how fast your hair grows. While visiting your hairstylist, ask them to remove the excessive weight around the hair and texture it.

matthew mcconaughey haircut name
Source: @Twitter

The layers have to be added within five to six inches of length. After the cut, the hair will appear sharper. Apply some hair wax to your slightly damp hair and make sure that it is evenly spread out from roots to tip.

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You can even scrunch up those strands to add definition to the look. Use a hairdryer but do not comb through it as it may disrupt the softness of curls. You can use hair spray to ensure it stays the same. 

If you want to retain the hairstyle for a longer duration, make sure to get it trimmed regularly in the same shape. 

The Charmer 

This hairstyle is perfect for black tie events or even a prom night. This hairstyle looks voluminous and wavy from the front and gets shorter towards the back. McConaughey’s brunette hair accentuated the look. 

matthew mcconaughey long hair style
Source: @Twitter

For a sharper look, you can ask your barber to start shaping from the bottom of your neck gradually moving up. The top portion needs to look grown out, so it can be textured for a flaky effect.

While moving from front, the hair can be shredded for about five to six inches and tapered towards the back. After getting the desired shape, the hair around the ears can be trimmed for a polished look. 

Just like the previous one, start by applying some hair wax on your towel dried damp hair. You can also use those styling wax products that help add shine to the hair.

matthew mcconaughey haircut tutorial
Source: @Twitter

Apply the wax with your fingers to settle the hair in your desired shape. When you use the hair dryer, the trick is to blow-dry with medium heat and leave it slightly damp so that it retains the natural wavy shape.

This helps with the volume on the top as well. You can use a small amount of styling gel after your hairstyle is completely set, but make sure to not press your hair while doing so, because it may become sleek and pulled back then. 

Military Look

After the release of his film Edtv in 1999, McConaughey was seen surprising the press during its premiere with his buzz cut military look.

It was a sleek and masculine look that drew attention to his chiselled clean shaved face and cheekbones. It is one of those looks that help reveal the frame of your face.

One of the advantages of this hairstyle is that it is completely low maintenance and can be styled instantly since you don’t have to grow out much of your hair. It is also a good look for people with receding hairlines. 

The point of this look is that the hair remains the same length around the skull. There are several variations of this cut that you can go for depending on the density and length of your hair or bumps on your head.

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McConaughey has gone for a thicker crown that is trimmed along the edges. Make sure to ask your barber to bring out a subtle fade around the ears. To style it, you can apply some hair wax for shine and smooth finishing.

If you do not have a thick hair structure, you can minimise the dense portion and start cleanly fading it from a little above the temples. 

Swept Back Finish

In 2005, McConaughey donned a slicked back hair look for his film Two For The Money which was a bold move for the actor.

It is a sophisticated look and suited the New York professional vibe that he was going for in the film. The hairstyle is better suited for men with medium to long hair length.

matthew mcconaughey curly hair
Source: @Twitter

But if you use the right products, you can also attain it with shorter hair. It works better with a clean shaven face. 

Do not be fooled by how simple and minimalist it looks, because there is a surprisingly elaborate styling process in place.

If you have an undercut, your job will be a lot easier. But once you are done with the styling, make sure to reduce the frequency of shampooing your hair as it takes away the nourishing minerals from your scalp and thereby reduces the sleekness. 

It would help if your strands are not extremely textured or short in a way that you might have to oil it further. You can either uniformly pull them back or have a side partition.

matthew mcconaughey young
Source: @Twitter

Once you wash your hair, leave it slightly damp. While applying the hair wax or any other styling gel, distribute the product evenly and gently pat the strands to settle it in the swept back position.

Then use a comb with thin bristles to cleanly push back every strand. You can also take a section of your top hair and brush it backwards (from tips to roots) for a pompadour effect. Finally, apply some hairspray to secure the look. 

Tousled Look

Soft curls added on to McConaughey’s reputation as a romantic heartthrob. He has been spotted going for tousled looks with both brunette and blonde hair.

matthew mcconaughey hairstyle the gentlemen
Source: @Twitter

You need medium length hair to pull off this look, so you can grow out your hair for a month or two in the beginning. Ask your barber to trim the edges for a textured look.

If your hair is curly naturally, you would not require too many products to carry the look. For other hair types, start with a deep hair cleanse and leave your hair damp.

matthew mcconaughey young
Source: @Twitter

Apply some hair wax and scrunch every strand for the messy vibe. Let it dry naturally so that the hair retains the effect. You can reverse brush several strands (tip to root) for intense tousle.

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Applying hair spray at the end is optional too. To maintain the look for a longer period, do not wash your hair too often. 

Golden Curls

McConaughey’s blonde hairdo did have a lasting impression on his audience. It has an ombre effect while also being smooth and shiny, and might we add, dreamy. You need long hair to make the most of this style.

matthew mcconaughey young
Source: @Twitter

Many fans suspected that he used to get a perm, but his curls were looser than that. He usually went for this look during red-carpet events. 

You can start the process with damp hair. Use a heat protection product and dry it a little. Then tie the hair into a ponytail. Take a section of hair individually and use a curler to attain soft curls.

You can also use your straightener and swirl the strands for a similar effect. After styling the hair, you can opt for a middle partition to get a look similar to that of the actor.

matthew mcconaughey hairstyle the gentlemen
Source: @Twitter

Make sure you apply some hair gel at the end and scrunch the bottom parts of the curled strands for it to appear more playful. Shiny hair is key here, so go for a product that also helps with the same.

Matthew McConaughey Hairstyles: FAQs

What does Matthew McConaughey use in hair? 

As it appears, most of the hairstyles he goes for requires tremendous use of styling products and its maintenance can be tricky too.

Regular folks can recreate the looks with their natural texture. McConaughey has always been vocal about his use of Regenix for hair growth.

While it may be for endorsement purposes, the product does have several benefits. The solution of Regenix is rich in nutrients, vitamins and plant-based extracts to nourish the hair from within.

Since he goes for voluminous and dense textured looks, hair growth products make complete sense.

What was up with Matthew McConaughey’s hair?

Fans suspected that Matthew McConaughey had opted for a hair transplant courtesy of his long and fuller-looking hairstyles.

He had gone completely bald during the 1990s and he opened up about it saying that it was a medical condition leading to significant hair loss.

Since he started his hair journey from scratch once again, he took better care of it and it led to healthy hair growth. He oils and cares for his hair more frequently since then. 

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