Lesley Stahl’s New Haircut 2024

by Helen Sroski

Lesley Stahl’s new haircut is so controversial, you don’t even know where to start! You either love it or you hate it, but we’re here to tell you all about it. Check out the latest news and reviews on Lesley Stahl’s new haircut.

Lesley Stahl is best known for her appearance on 60 Minutes for more than three decades. Her contribution to journalism has won her several awards and honors.

She was the voice of the newscaster in Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa and she played herself in Frasier show in season 5, episode 8. She has starred in the 2021 film titled Marcel the Shell with Shoes On playing herself.

She is the author of the books Reporting Live (1999) and Becoming Grandma: the Joy and Science of the New Grandparenting (2016) which is based on her two granddaughters.

Lesley Stahl’s New Haircut
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Lesley Stahl’s New Haircut

Who Is Lesley Stahl?

Lesley Rene Stahl was born on December 16th, 1941 in Lynn, Massachusetts. She majored in history honors and attended Wheaton College. Her TV broadcasting career began when she joined WHDH-TV as an on-air reporter and producer.

She became part of CBS News in 1971. In 1974, she became a correspondent. Her coverage of the Watergate scandal pushed her into the limelight. She became the White House correspondent and was the moderator of Face of the Nation prior to that until 1991.

She appeared on Frasier, an NBC sitcom in 1998, where she played herself. In the 2000s, she hosted 48 Hours Investigates for two years from 2002.

Lesley Stahl
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She has been the 60 Minutes correspondent from March 1991 until now. She has won several awards and honors for her contribution to the journalism field. Some of these are as follows.

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She won 13 Emmy Awards one of which is a Lifetime Achievement award. She won The Radio Television Digital News Association’s Paul White Award in 2015, The International Center For Journalists Founders Award for Journalistic Excellence in 2014, and The Edward R.

Murrow Award for Overall Excellence in Television in 2013. She won The Gold Plate Award of the American Academy of Achievement in 1994 and The Dennis Kauff Journalism Award for lifetime achievement.

What Is The Name Of The Latest Lesley Stahl Haircut?

Lesley Stahl’s Haircut
Source: Facebook

Lesley Stahl has a bob haircut with bangs. We love her choppy bangs look because of all the texture and dimension that is going on there. The one-length bob haircut is a classy haircut for women and it suits every person out there.

Whether you have curly hair, straight hair, or wavy hair, it is a haircut that is unstoppable because it goes well with any texture of hair. You can change the look by changing the length of the bangs.

You can opt for curtain bangs or slightly shorter bangs than your eyebrows if you want your bangs to get equal attention.

Famous haircuts of Lesley Stahl

Lesley Stahl had some inspiring haircuts. Here are some top haircuts.

Lob With Curtain Bangs

Lesley Stahl’s haircuts
Source: Instagram

She had a beautiful lob haircut that reached her shoulders with curtain bangs that were neatly styled to the side. She styled it by curling the tips inward and this gave a very classic yet edgy look. One of the best haircuts!

Retro Feathered Haircut

Lesley Stahl’s New Hairstyles
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This haircut was quite popular back in the day. It is basically a feathered haircut that relies entirely on volume. The side-swept styled haircut shows there are plenty of layers without making it too obvious thanks to the styling. An iconic cut!

Layered Bob Haircut

Lesley Stahl’s Haircut Photos
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She had some amazing layers that added volume to her already fantastic hair that was always in the limelight. A layered bob haircut is best for women who want face-framing layers. Get the inspo from Lesley Stahl!

Steps In Getting A Bob Haircut With Bangs

The following is a simple tutorial to get a bob haircut with bangs.

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Step 1: Part your hair

Make sure your hair is washed and conditioned. It is best if it is fully dry before you cut it. Next, part your hair like you normally wear it and continue the part all the way to the nape. Now you have two sections; one on the left and the other on the right.

Step 2: Section your hair

Take the left section and part it into two sections. Start the part at the highest point of your head and then run down behind your ear.

Clip sections to keep them separated. Repeat this in the right section. You should have four sections in total now.

Step 3: Put hair ties as a guide

Unclip the front section and then tie it with a hair tie on the level where you wish to cut your hair. Pull your hair towards the shoulder rather than forward so that you cut uniformly. Make sure the hair tie is tightly wrapped around that section.

Step 4: Align the hair ties

Now with the second section behind the one you just tied with a hair tie, do the same. Don’t pull the hair forward but let it lie flat on your back.

Minimal movement is key for precise cutting. The two sections on the same side of your head with the hair ties should be aligned with each other.

Step 5: Clean up the placement

Repeat on the other side. You should now have four sections with hair ties. Make sure the two sections on each side are aligned otherwise it will take you longer to clean up your haircut. Use more than one mirror if necessary.

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Step 6: Start cutting hair

Grab a section of your hair and then pinch it between your fingers. Using haircutting scissors, cut your hair vertically to about 1 inch from the hair tie.

Then cut closer to your hair tie. Do this for all the sections. When cutting the sections at the back, make sure you are not pulling on the hair tie.

Step 7: Cut bangs

Remove all the hair ties to see how the cut has come out. Then using the hair-cutting scissors vertically, refine your bob haircut. For the bangs, use a comb to section your hair and then cut it across. It is better to be longer so that you can take off later if required.  

Lesley Stahl's hair
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The tutorial above outlines the basic way to get a bob haircut for someone with straight hair like Lesley Stahl. A bob haircut is perfect if you want a short-length haircut that is trendy and will always be in vogue.

It can be customized to highlight different features of your face which makes it one of the most versatile haircuts out there for women. Adding bangs is an excellent way to turn the haircut glam and you can get some inspiration from Lesley Stahl in this department!

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