Paula Zahn’s New Haircut 2024

by Helen Sroski

Check out Paula Zahn’s new haircut and decide for yourself if it’s worth getting your hair cut by the Hollywood icon!

Paula Zahn is a newscaster and journalist who has worked at ABC News, CBC News, Fox News, and CNN. She is the producer and host of On the Case with Paula Zahn which airs on the Investigation Discovery channel since October 2009.

It is a true crime documentary series. She hosted the anthology series Great Performances on PBS, From Vienna: The New Year’s Celebration in 2011. She has received several awards.

She is the winner of several Emmy Awards over the years and she is also the recipient of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine Spirit Achievement Award.

Paula Zahn's New Haircut
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Paula Zahn’s New Haircut

Who Is Paula Zahn?

Paula Ann Zahn was born on February 24th, 1956 in Omaha, Nebraska. She was a participant in many beauty pageants. She received a cello scholarship and attended Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri.

She worked as an intern at WBBM-TV in Chicago. She graduated with a journalism degree in 1978. She started working soon after for 10 years on local stations in the U.S. such as KCBC-TV and KFMB-TV.

She started working at ABC News in 1987. She was an anchor of The Health Show. After a few months, she took the position of co-anchor on World News This Morning.

Paula Zahn's Haircut
Source: Facebook

She started working on CBS News in 1990 and was a co-anchor of CBC This Morning until 1996 when she left. She worked as an anchor for CBS Evening News and substituted for Dan Rather on weekdays.

She joined Fox News Channel in 1999 and started anchoring Fox Report. She then launched her news program The Edge with Paula Zahn. On September 11, 2001, she started working for CNN.

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She launched American Morning with Paula Zahn from 2002 until 2007. She became the producer of On the Case with Paula Zahn in 2009 which is still airing to this day on Investigation Discovery.

What Is The Name Of The Latest Paula Zahn Haircut?

Paula Zahn's new hairstyles
Source: Instagram

Paula Zahn currently has a layered haircut and she looks stunning in it. The layered haircut looks gorgeous on any type of hair although it is most visible on straight hair.

She has a layered lob haircut where the longest layer reaches her shoulders. She also has bangs in addition to the layered lob haircut which adds more charm to the haircut.

If you want a face-framing haircut then get a layered haircut because it can do a lot to make your face look slimmer or fuller. A layered lob is never going out of fashion so now is the time to try it!

Famous haircuts of Paula Zahn

Here are some famous haircuts of Paula Zahn.

Choppy Bob

The choppy bob has been hot then and it is now so if you want tons of layers with a short haircut then this is the go-to style you should choose! And don’t forget to add those bangs because they will make a difference.

Paula Zahn
Source: Pinterest

Bob With Curtain Bangs

Paula Zahn's Haircuts
Source: Instagram

Paula Zahn sure knows how to rock a bob with curtain bangs because she was doing it before it became a thing. Here you can see her voluminous hair with wispy side-swept bangs. Try this haircut if you want the best of a bob.

Feathered Haircut

The feathered haircut looks like it was made for Paula Zahn. The many layers that are the essence of the feathered haircut can be seen here. It is among the top haircuts that will always stay on top of the fashion charts.

Steps In Getting A Layered Lob Haircut

This is how you can get a layered lob haircut at home with some scissors and clips.

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Step 1: Section hair at the front

Make sure you work on damp hair as that hair is easiest to work with for cutting. You want to them make 4 quadrants. Make a center part and take it to the nape.

Then section from high point to downward (this may be in front of your ear or behind your ear). Do the same on the other side and then put on a clip on the front sections.

Step 2: Section the back and cut

Section the remaining hair at the back. At the back of your head, take the center part as your guide. Then part diagonally to both sides.

One part will be from the center to the left while the other part will be starting from the center part point to the right. Clip these two sections. There should be some hair left at the back. This is the first area you will cut.

Step 3: Cut the longest layer

Cut your hair to shoulder-length hair. To do this, pull your hair using your fingers until the point where you want to cut it. If you have long hair then bring it forward without losing the grip on your hair otherwise the layer won’t be straight.

Take the clips off the sections at the back. Then comb through your hair once and then cut at the same length as the previous layer.

Step 4: Cut the shortest layer

Take a triangular section right where the front sections end on the top of your head; about 1 inch on two sides and two inches across.

Then take a little piece from the section while clipping the remaining triangular section. Put it down so that you can see the length of your face then cut it. Cut the triangular section at the same length as the piece that you cut earlier. This is the shortest layer.

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Step 5: Blend the layers

Part the back area again by extending the center part until the nape. Take a section from the left large section of the back and then cut the next layer to the same length as the last section.

When you pull up the section upward you should see two lengths, cut the longer hair to the shorter length. Repeat this for the entire left side. Then repeat on the right side.

Step 6: Cut the front section

On the left side, take a triangle section that has the base on the center part you created. Then take a small piece from the top which falls on the back area that you cut earlier.

Then cut your hair using that as a guide. Repeat this by taking triangular sections and then cutting the hair. Repeat on the other side as well.

For the bangs, simply take some hair at the front and then cut across depending on the length you need.

Paula Zahn's hairstyles
Source: Instagram


Paula Zahn’s layered lob haircut with bangs is a haircut that is suitable for everyone. She likes to pair the lob haircut with bangs and it adds more to the haircut. Although layered haircuts are already perfect as they are, the extra bangs can add more character to the haircut.

The type of bangs is entirely up to your preference and comfort level because any type of bangs will go with this haircut. Are you planning to get a layered lob with bangs haircut?

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