Whatever the occasion is, you always want to have a go-to hairstyle at hand to prep. But of course this is not the same for everyone. The hairstyle has to come in handy with your style, your personality and your bodily features. With a bunch of options and guidance, you will be set to discover your look. We are here to help you with that, with this compilation of some easy good hairstyles for girls that you can try out.

Quick Easy Hairstyles For Girls

#1 – Easy low bun easy hairstyle for girls 

low bun easy hairstyle

This is by far the easiest hairstyle for girls to do for any occasion. The rest of the look depends on how you carry yourself with the hairstyle. This can be worn on a lazy day at home and can also be worn for a party with your sequin dress. If you accessorise it right and explore the exact steps to pull off this look. This is one of those easy hairstyles you can do yourself. 

How to do a low ponytail

  • Comb your hair and brush out the tangles. 
  • Gather it and clutch it with a thin band. Avoid scrunchies if you have thin hair. But if you have thick hair, a scrunchie will be the perfect choice. 
  • You can use a hairspray or a hair gel to get a slicked look. 
hair gel for hair styles

This hair gel from Paul Mitchell has quite the reputation with how effectively it works across different hair types. It has the ability to tame frizzy and curly hair. Even though it is slightly expensive, it is worth the buy since the product is very safe and does not negatively affect your strands in any way. 

#2 – Easy space bun hairstyle for girl 

easy hairstyles for wavy hairstyles

This is the perfect hairstyle for when you have a bad hair day. The space bun hairstyle is cute and quirky effortlessly. The reason this style is booming is because it has both styles in one. There are so many looks you can pull off with this hairstyle. Even though it may look like a lot of work, it can be achieved as simple as pulling your hair up into a bun. This is an easy hairstyle for medium hair. 

How to do a space bun

  • Apply hair spray, in the beginning, to set your hair for the perfect hairstyle. 
  • Part your hair in the middle and pull your hair up into a bun on either side. 
  • You will need good accessories to hold your hair well and to also add onto the look. 
  • Here are some good accessories that will help you achieve the space bun easily. 
easy hairstyles

Using a hair bun maker is the easiest way to make sure your hair sits right and also, your bun will appear impeccable! This hair bun maker is from Okdeals and has positive reviews that state the durability of the product. 

#3 – Easy side swept curls hairstyle 

curly easy hairstyles

As seen above, this does not much effect when it comes to accessorising. However, you will need to spend a couple of minutes styling it. The whole intention of this hairstyle is to flaunt curls and let out a very casual vibe. By using the right product for your hair and blow drying it, you will be ready to nail any outfit you want! This is an easy hairstyle for long hair. 

How to get side swept curls

easy good hairstyles

This hairspray fro, John Freida is everybody’s dream styling product. Not only is it safe to use on the hair, it also favours different types of hair. You will love the effectiveness of this product and swear by it. 

#4 – Easy hair pins hairstyle for girls 

hairstyles for short hair

This hairstyle has to do with accessories and can be worn on any special occasion. The only thing you need to keep in mind before you try this is that you need the perfect set of accessories. We suggest you go bling and use it minimally. Our favourite is the let-loose hair with bling hair pins in front. 

How to wear the hair pins 

  • Wash and condition your hair before you try out this hairstyle as it requires the hair to be silky smooth. 
  • You can choose to wear the hair pins by pulling your hair onto one side or create a crown using these hair pins. 
  • Check out these super blingy hairpins. 
products for easy hairstyles

These are super cute hair pins that will make your party look fancier. You could go easy on the bling and use one or use all four on one side of your hair. We promise you, it will be worth it! 

#5 – Easy topknot hairstyle for girls 

best hairstyles for girls

The topknot hairstyle is both classy and casual. The beauty of this hairstyle is that it suits the way. It brings out the best features and it is super easy to achieve. You will need enough accessories to keep this hairstyle and an appropriate style. This is one of the cute hairstyles for girls with medium hair. You can style it with accessories if you like but it looks awesome even without it. 

How to get top knot hairstyle

  • Part your hair. Top and bottom. 
  • Brush the top part of your hair and apply some hairspray or styling gel on it. 
  • Blow dry the top part and clutch it with a thin scrunchie or rubber band and tie it up as a knot. 
  • You can make it a proper bun or you can make two folds and leave it as it is depending on your hair length. 
hairspray for easy hairstyles

This hair spray from CHI will help you achieve any hairstyle with ease. You don’t even need the dryer when this product is around. It has the ability to keep the hair intact. 

#6 – Easy ponytail hairstyle  for short hair 

easy good hairstyles for girls

Ponytails are generic and can be achieved without any tutorial or guidance. But there are so many ways a ponytail can benefit your looks. For one, a ponytail for short hair looks super elegant and stylish. Even if it has to clutch your ponytail and loosen some strands from the sides, it does not fail to look perfect. 

If you want to wear a ponytail for an event and don’t know how far you can go with the styling, here are some tips. 

  • Wear some fancy clips to hold the shorter strands of hair. 
  • Wearing a hairband with glitter can also go a long way in making the style look whole. 
  •  Scrunchies that have props on it are also an amazing addition to this ponytail look. 

#7 – Easy twisted bun hairstyle for girls 

easy hairstyles for short hair

Wearing a high bun can really evoke different moods. One is as shown as above. With Kendal Jenner’s high bun and fringe combo it brings out a couture and high fashion mode. It can be styled with all your party clothes. Kohl your eyes and add some lipstick and complete the look. This bun hairstyle works the best with medium length hair and even with short hair. Make sure not to make the bun looking too clumpy. 


  • If you have bangs in front, make sure you straighten it to make the look more 
  • Try using a hair serum to make your hair look smoother. Check out this from Hair chemist. 
easy hairstyles for girls

#8 – Easy ponytail hairstyle for girls 

Easy hairstyles to do yourself

Wearing a ponytail for medium length hair may not seem like anything special but it can have a great impact on how you appear when styled right. There are so many ways to wear a ponytail and once you have tried them, ponytails won’t be boring after all! 

Ways to wear a ponytail for medium length hair 

  • Twist your hair from the slides and fix it in your ponytail. It works better with low ponytails as it is difficult to master this with high ponytails. 
  • After you have tied your hair into a pony, you can separate your ponytail in two and pull it inside out. This will give a braided illusion which looks amazing for a night out! 
  • Braid your head from the forehead and continue till you have tied the rest of your hair into a ponytail towards the end. 

#9 – Easy rope braided hairstyle for girls 

Easy hairstyles for school

If you are someone who is familiar with braids, then this should be a piece of cake for you. Not only does it look functional, it also has the ability to exude volume to your hair. This is one of the exotic looks that we have. Even though it may take longer than the rest of our styles, it is still easy and it is worth the time that you take to master this look. This is one of the best hairstyles for back to school. 


This hairstyle will look exceptionally good on summer clothes and is a relief as well as it keeps the hair off your neck. 

#10 – Easy braided updo for girls 

Easy hairstyles to do at home

When compared to the hairstyles that we have listed, this might take a little more time to achieve but once you have achieved it, you will realise it is worth it! 

This is without doubt our favourite from our list. The hairstyle looks so elegant that it can transform even the most mundane outfit into something beautiful and functional. 

How to do a braided updo

  • Start doing your regular braids around the head. 
  • An easier way would be to put the upper half of your hair onto the side so that the direction of the braids would be right. 
  • Once you are done braiding, you can tie the rest of your hair into a bun. 

#11 – Triple hairdos easy hairstyle for girls 

Easy hairstyles for medium hair

#12 – Side dutch braids 

Easy hairstyles for long hair

#13 – Floral crown easy hairstyle for girls 

Simple hairstyles for girls

#14 – Cool knotted braid easy hairstyles for girls 

Easy hairstyles for girls

#15 – Braided ponytail easy hairstyles for girls 

Easy hairstyles

#16 – Scarf hairstyles 

scarf hairstyle for women

#17 – Messy easy bun hairstyles

easy bun hairstyle

#18 – Side swept hairstyle 

deep waves

#19 – Deep waves hairstyles 

loose hairstyle

#20 – Topknot bun hairstyle 

creative easy hairstyles

With these easy hair do ideas you will be able to achieve amazing looks for almost any occasion. It is important to consider the factors we have listed before you go for each of these looks. Each of these hairstyles cater to a wide number of factors. We hope you find yours. 

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