15 Easy Hairstyles With Pre-Stretched Braiding Hair To Try

by Helen Sroski

If you’ve bought a fresh pack or 2 of pre-stretced hair, here are some hairstyles with pre-stretched braiding hair that you can try!

Imagine the horror of braiding your super-long hair and then as you reach out for an elastic band you mistakenly lose hold of the braid and the end unravels. 

The result? All your hard work is in vain. This can be the case if you use non-stretched braiding hair. 

If you want to stay safe from such experiences then use pre-stretched or feathered hair which is made to ensure your braid stays put even in the case you leave it by mistake.

Can you use pre stretched braiding hair?

Yes, you can use pre-stretched braiding hair for your braids. Pre-stretched braiding hair is a type of synthetic hair that has been stretched and prepped for braiding, making it easier and quicker to use. It is also less prone to tangling and breakage, which can help to reduce the time and effort required to complete your braids.

Pre-stretched braiding hair is available in a variety of lengths, colors, and textures, so you can choose the type that best suits your needs and preferences. It is also relatively affordable and widely available at beauty supply stores and online retailers.

When using pre-stretched braiding hair, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and to use the right tools and techniques to achieve the best results. It is also important to take care of your braids and your scalp, by moisturizing regularly and avoiding excessive tension or pulling on the hair.

Hairstyles With Pre-Stretched Braiding Hair 2023

Want to try some hairstyles with pre-stretched braiding hair? Here is some inspiration from Instagram for you. 

Whether you want to try a hairstyle by yourself or you want to assign the task to your stylist, there is loads of inspiration here!

Pearl wonder quick easy hairstyles with braiding hair

Spice up your braid game by adding pearls instead of beads and see the magic unfold. 

Pearls are a sign of beauty, grandeur, and everything fabulous. If you want all eyes on you, then the next time you get box braids, add some pearl clips or hair accessories like the ones worn by Tessa Thompson. 

Sure, this level of intricate braiding will take time, but the result is so much worth it! Whether you are going for a meeting or going to a wedding, this hairstyle is a definite winner for any event.

Super-long braids

Leave your tresses open but cover your head with a hat for that carefree appeal. 

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This style works perfectly when you are using super-long pre-stretched hair on top of your natural hair.

You can switch up the colors of your braids by having some in blonde, while others in darker shades, and so on for a more playful hairstyle. 

The super-long braid hairstyle works well for parties and work alike as it can be further styled into a bun or ponytail.

Reverse French-braid

Why settle for one color of pre-stretched hair pack when you can have many at once? 

If you love color and want to flaunt it on your hair, then use different colors of pre-stretched hair for braiding. 

Then like in cornrow fashion, take sections of your hair and make a reverse French braid with each. 

Instead of an entire cornrow, you can also section off hair and braid each section like in the picture above. 

It is an excellent way to showcase different colors and mix it in with your natural-colored hair.

Jeweled braids

Get inspired by this piece of braiding art. You don’t need a lot of pre-stretched hair to achieve this look. 

But rather than leave your natural hair in kinky curly fashion, you can braid that side like the left side. 

Don’t forget to add hanging jewelry that makes it more aesthetically appealing. 

Even if you cannot find hanging jewelry that you can confidently hang on your braids, you can use other hair accessories for that purpose.

Braided and not-braided

While the whole braided look is fabulous, you can try something different like this hairstyle. 

Rather than use the pre-stretched hair to braid all the hair, you can curl it and add it to the braid so it looks like a part of the braid. It will give a flowy texture to your braid look. 

Like in the picture above, you can add hair that is different than the one you used to braid your hair because it will make the hairstyle pop even more and make it look more attractive.

Jumbo ponytail

Don’t have much time in the morning for your hair? Then put your time to good use! Rather than go for complex styles, simply use the pre-stretched braiding hair to create a jumbo braid hairstyle. 

A jumbo braid in a high ponytail goes incredibly well. Remember to carefully style the baby hairs so they go well with the rest of your look. 

A classic head-turner yet one that demands lesser time compared to other ones on this list as the braids are easy to create and maintain.

Micro box braids with a top knot

Achieve this stunning look by creating micro box braids with pre-stretched braiding hair. 

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Then, take the upper portion of the box braids and create a neat top knot so that not a single braid is out of place. 

Next, braid in cornrow fashion so that it creates an appealing design. Instead of braiding it until the ends of hair, you can stop braiding some of the hair mid-way.

As you are using pre-stretched hair, the hair won’t just unravel. It will create a marvelous pattern.

Fulani braids with beads

Get this uniformly braided Fulani braid hairstyle on your next hair appointment and you will be impressed. 

You can add color by using color beads or if you want the beads to be subtle then use transparent ones that shine but aren’t too dramatic. 

Fulani braids give off a warrior vibe and so if you are looking for a way to feel super-confident then this hairstyle is the way to go. 

Using short pre-stretched braiding hair, you can easily achieve this look. But if you’ve already bought your kanekalon hairs, you can cut it short as well. 

Undercut box braids

Did you know that you can use pre-stretched hair for braiding to create the perfect look for undercut box braids? 

If you are ready for commitment and if you have been dreaming of an undercut, now is the time to do it. 

This stellar hairstyle stands apart from the others because of the sheer contrast of voluminous hair and then little hair on the lower portion of the scalp. It is an edgy take on box braids, but one that is bold and beautiful. 

Want to take it up a notch? Use golden cuffs on braids. It will give you the ultimate party look.

Rope drama

Who doesn’t like a bit of drama? If you want your hairstyle to reveal how you feel, then try the rope braid hairstyle which is among the most stylish braids out there. Yet, it doesn’t require too much time. 

With pre-stretched braiding hair, you can create rope braids and flaunt them like you mean it. 

Rope braids look cool on their own due to the texture they create, but still if you want something extra, then you can always add some bling to them to take them to another level.

Reverse braid

When you have a head full of braids, you can tie them up in a reverse braid fashion while leaving the rest of the braids as they are on your back. 

Loosely making the reverse braid will make your hair appear much thicker. If you want to play around with this look, you can add flowers in the space or even wires to make the style stand out even more. 

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But if you want to go for a casual yet chic hairstyle, then this one is the one for you.

Mohawk buns

Mohawk is an expressive hairstyle and add to it purple hair, you have a winning hairstyle right there. 

This gorgeous hairstyle is one to behold not only because of the excellent use of color but also because of the use of a scarf. It adds more character to the hairstyle and gives it a funky feel. 

If you choose to get pre-stretched hair, then get one in purple and ask your stylist to make this edgy hairstyle that you and everyone else will absolutely love.

Knotted braids

Another way to style your braids is using the knotted braids method. While it is best done by a stylist, this style is for those who are brave enough to try them out! 

Yes, they are complicated but your stylist can turn your braids into knots for you. It is a colorful display of braid creativity and it goes well with minimal makeup if you want your hair to be the center of attention. 

Minimal jewellery is also recommended so all eyes are glued on your hair only!

Platinum blonde bob braids with pre-streched hair

This hairstyle is for those who want to get noticed. The platinum blonde bob hairstyle is a short-length hairstyle that will suit all face shapes. 

I like how even if you just go with light eye makeup or a nude lip, the hairstyle acts a focal point and gives you a glam look.  

Rather than go all platinum blonde, mix it with your natural hair for the braids to look seamless.

Messy top knot

Stand out with a hairstyle like this one that looks incredible on Simone Biles. 

You can achieve this look by asking your stylist to braid the pre-stretched hair onto your original hair and create a messy top knot. 

Don’t include all the hair in the bun and let some strands have fun on their own by letting them rest on your shoulder or letting them extend to your back. There is something extremely confident and distinct about a messy bun.

Pre-stretched braiding hair lets you get that natural hair look which is why so many women prefer it over non-pre-stretched hair. 

It saves time, effort, and makes braiding an easier task. Which hairstyle are you planning to make next with pre-stretched braiding hair? 

Have you already tried any of the above? Some of these are probably on your list now. 

Hopefully, you found some great inspiration for your next hair appointment! 

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